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16 May 8th, 2012 Add Brett Butler to the List of Guest Stars on The Young and the Restless!


Another primetime television drama and/or sitcom star has landed a guest stint on the number one sudser, The Young and the Restless! announced today that comedienne Butler is taping scenes today, as well as yesterday, for a two day guest stint airing on June 12 and June 14th.  Reportedly,  she will play “Beth the neighbor” in scenes with Doug Davidson’s Paul Williams.

Butler also just wrapped production May 1 on Anger Management, the new comedy from  FX that stars Charlie Sheen. Butler plays Brett, a friend to Charlie (Sheen) who is a bartender at his favorite watering hole, The Merry Peasant.

Anger Management will air on Thursday nights starting June 28. The show will be part of the cable network’s new comedy block.

So what do you think of the constant guest stints on Y&R?  Do you think it spices thing up? Or, are you not interested? Let us know!

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  1. kim zimmer says:

    A lot of out of work ex-soapers out here who could use the work for health benefits! C’mon Maria! Get with the program….


    gloria replied

    Agree-would love to see our soap stars any day over ANYONE else! Miss you!


    Devoted Fan replied

    Kim Zimmer, I love you and I miss you and GL and ATWT so much. It was like 2 deaths, as I remember first watching both soaps with my grandmother.

    I was so disappointed when you turned down the role of Katherine’s faux daughter and I was equally disappointed with the short-lived air-time Maura West was given. That said, I did and do enjoy Marcy Rylan and Jeff Branson on Y&R.

    I would much rather see former CBS soap stars in new or recast roles on Y&R instead of vets from other networks, but I understand other network fans probably appreciate it.

    I loved seeing Jon Hensley on B&B. I tuned in on that day for that reason. I would love to see Tom Pelphrey, Martha Byrne, Maura West [in a role worthy of her], Michael Park, Elizabeth Hubbard, Larry Bryggman, Daniel Cosgrove, Jon Hensley, etc. and of course YOU rather than Genie Francis and others who are not and never will be the faces of Y&R. I am looking forward to Jennifer Landon coming aboard but I think bringing back Vail Bloom would have worked as well.

    I appreciate so much being able to reply to your comment. Thanks Michael Fairman.


    Devoted Fan replied

    Oops. Sorry, I forgot to also mention John Driscoll and perhaps others.


  2. Blake says:

    Cool, love Brett Butler!


  3. Derrick says:

    Oh dear……………………MAB!!!!????????
    Don’t know what to say or think! See how well she plays!


  4. Lynn says:

    Do you think there is anyway Oprah would consider NOW putting OLTL and AMC on her network? It would give her the viewership she wants!!!!!


    Christine replied

    Yawn. Tired of hearing about Oprah’s problems.

    There is another thread devoted to this subject already.


    Heather replied

    I doubt she will.


  5. Christine says:

    I miss Michael Muhney.

    Let HIM don a wig and play the part. Give him some work!!


  6. lew says:

    MAB drives me NUTS!!! As Miss Zimmer said, there are a lot of ex-soap stars looking for work. She also has actors on her own show with nothing to do!!! What will it take to make this woman see the mess she is making of this once great soap?


    kay killgore replied

    Lew, their is nothing ! Her last name is Bell she to my knowledge has no writing experience she has arrogance and I am never wrong attitude! You know why she hired Catherine Bach she knew her from children’s daycare, oh wow what a resume. I hate talking this woman down as much as I do but with soaps dying and we are down to 4 people. CBS, Sony somebody step up and STOP THE MADNESS!!! By the way Ms. Zimmer would have knocked the role Catherine Bach got out of the ballpark, her & Eric Braeden dynamite.


  7. Shaton says:

    Where she been have not seen her in long time


  8. Jared says:

    MAB is clueless. I don’t mean to be mean, but she and her minions are destroying this treasure of a show. When will the madness stop? When will the decision makers save Y&R before it becomes too late?


  9. MBmomof3 says:

    Like Brett Butler, but Y&R has a big, bloated cast. Also agree with Kim Zimmer (The Kim Zimmer!?) there are ALOT of talented, missed, loved, soap actors who could use the gig. As a viewer, i would prefer to see these soap stars, even for a brief stint.


  10. Rodd says:

    Really? Like this is supposed to be worthy of news? Give me one of my beloved soap stars without a sopa home and THAT will be news worth crowing about; not an I-haven’t-seen-her-for so-long-I-almost-forgot-who-she-is-”star”. Yawn.


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