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14 July 22nd, 2013 Adonis 2013 Competition! Who Gets Your Vote? DAYS Scott, Martsolf, Massey, Vaughan? Y&R’s Dapper? OLTL’s Gorrie, Or AMC’s Wilson?

If you haven’t been rallying your soap stars fan bases, or checking out the shirtless pics of your favorite soap hunks, now is the time! It is’s tenth annual Adonis competition and voting is underway right now!

After several weeks of the competition, where one hottie gets voted off each week, we are down to just seven!

In the running still are from Days of our Lives, five-time winner, James Scott (EJ), another previous winner, Eric Martsolf (Brady), Chandler Massey (Will) and Greg Vaughan (Eric)!  Representing The Young and the Restless Marco Dapper (Carmine), and from One Life to Live, Robert Gorrie  (Matthew) and from All My Children, Rob Scott Wilson (Pete)!

This year there has been some changes to the voting rules.  Fans must vote for two guys, instead of one.   The two vote per week rule is in place and does not change till the final week when there are only two remaining men left standing.  This encourages a more fair voting process!

The bottom three is also key to be keeping an eye on each week, if your favorite lands there, better rally for him! For instance this week, Chandler Massey hit the bottom three for the first time! While, One Life to Live’s Robert Gorrie landed in the bottom three for the first five weeks, but still managed to survive!

Voting runs Sunday through Friday over the next several weeks! The voting results each week are announced on Sunday when the new ballot goes up with the remaining competitors.  You are allowed ONE vote per day from ONE IP address! Finalist profiles to help you make your selection are available by clicking here. To cast your vote click here!

So who do you think should win Adonis 2013 and why? Days of our Lives James Scott, Chandler Massey, Greg Vaughan or Eric Martsolf?  Y&R’s Marco Dapper?  OLTL’s Robert Gorrie? Or, All My Children’s Rob Scott Wilson?  Weigh-in on the hotties below!

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  1. su0000 says:

    All My Children, Rob Scott Wilson (Pete) = Adonis 2013 !!!!!!


  2. Sheryl Postin says:



  3. Patrick says:

    I can’t believe how attracted I am… to Marco Dapper – “Carmine”, Y&R. Woof!

    it’s so nice to see ALL the Days of Our Lives Men still in the running….

    heck.. need I say more why being a Salem’ite rules.

    have to give it up for Greg Vaughan… he’s too good … Father Eric is losing his shield… that guard…. his Father of the cloak… our cross to bear. my oh my he’s …


  4. CTwildheart says:

    I enjoyed reading about all 12 of the finalists. But I hope it goes to Robert Scott Wilson or Greg Vaughn.


  5. Mary SF says:

    Greg Vaughan — he is so pretty—- and looks so adorable in black and great shirtless. I don’t even care if they give him any lines– I’m happy just looking at him.


    mollie replied



  6. boes says:

    Billy Clyde Tuggle on AMC. He could run RINGS around Dipper – and as for Brady Black,,,,well, I’ve seen better looking rocks.

    Father Eric is another story!


  7. PatF says:

    Voted for Carmine and Petey. Obvious choices! :-)


  8. Leah says:



  9. denisefan says:

    Marco Dapper!


  10. Android says:

    Scott &Vaughan – they are the *real* men!
    None of those shaved-down gym-pumped WeHo-Boiz for this guy


  11. kalamaty says:

    Ummm…. Dapper; DUH!


  12. Katie says:

    Greg Vaughan or Eric Martsolf, definitely :) Seriously Eileen is the luckiest person ever.


  13. Elizabeth says:

    Def. Marco Dapper and Greg Vaughn <3


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