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16 May 20th, 2010 Adrienne Frantz’s return to B&B, “Brad Bell and I had been talking about this for a year!”

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Adrienne Frantz first day back on the set of The Bold and the Beautiful was this past Tuesday.  Her character, Amber Moore, will first reappear on the series on July 1st.  On-Air On-Soaps spoke to Adrienne today, to talk about “crossing over” back to her original home at B&B, and to fill us in on what went on behind-the-scenes.  Here are some excerpts:

Frantz on her return to B&B and that it was a well-planned out career move: “Brad Bell (exec prod, and head writer, B&B) and I have actually been talking about this for a year.  And it was all in talks, and I knew everything that was happening.  I knew I was going over to B&B right away, but I could not say anything to anyone.  It was hush-hush.  And, it was hard not to tell anybody, because I wanted to share my excitement with everyone.  I read somewhere the other day, that I had announced I was coming to B&B months ago on my Twitter account, but I don’t have a Twitter account.  So, I was like, “That is funny? I don’t twitter!”

Frantz clarifying it was her decision to head back to B&B:  “I wanted to go back to B&B.  And there were no hard feelings on Y&R, or anywhere. They didn’t have much for my character at Y&R, and Brad has a thing for Amber, and he knows exactly what he is doing with her, and how to write for her.  He knows the crazy Amber that she is, because he created her.  Amber needs to be spiced up a little, and that is what Brad intends on doing. ”

Frantz that there is one more episode with Amber coming, and Little D! “There will be another episode coming up on Y&R soon that will explain the transitional period of coming over to B&B.  So it explains it all.  You will see that.   Regarding Little D - I can’t give that away quite yet as to what happens there. You will just have to watch!”

Frantz on her big Y&R break-up scenes with Daniel:  “I liked the scenes.  I thought it was great.  Everyone felt like super emotional.  Michael Graziadei (Daniel) is one of my really good friends.  You know it’s funny. I went to work the other day and saw all the Y&R people and they said, “No one had to say goodbye to you because you are right here.”  My dressing room is next to Jess Walton. (Jill, Y&R)

Frantz on if she is at all concerned that once on the half hour soap, that even though others have come on like gangbusters,  it usually reverts back (most of the time) to the drama with the four main characters. “I am not concerned.  She is Amber and she will find her niche.  It may take awhile to meld into the storylines, but right off the bat from the first day you can see where she is going with it all.  I can say this much – Whip offers her a job at Jackie M.   She will be back in the fashion world.  And, this will be about Amber coming here and trying to start her life all over again. And she is really excited about doing that, and she is her happy self again.  Yes, she is going to miss Daniel, but she is interested in starting her life again.”

Frantz on starting her first tape day back at B&B on the same day the soap was being recognized by Guinness Book of World Records for Most Popular TV Soap. “My first day, and the show gets into the Guinness Book of World Records. It’s almost as important (Laughs).”

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  1. bottomchef says:

    Frantz still comes forth as how obnoxious she was when she first joined B&B. She was such an egomaniac in her past interviews. It was her decision to leave Y&R and go to B&B? Yeah, because an employer has no say in who he hires. Even her little “joke” comparing her return to the Guiness announcement is typical of Frantz. Years ago she claimed that it was her decision to quit SuBe yet TPTB at SuBe told tvguide magazine that she was fired. The apex of her rudeness in her first run as Scamber was when she proclaimed that she should have won the Emmy because Amber had a baby while Camryn Grimes (who rightfully beat her as Y&R’s and Daytime’s only decent child actress at the time: Cassie) is a baby. Such class from Frantz! No one is deserving of an Emmy because your character gave birth. And Emmys are not a reflection of good acting since, hello Frantz has 1. What’s even funnier is Jennifer Finnigan joined the younger set, and held the perfect, unbeatable record of 3 wins, 0 loses for B&B. Finnigan beat Frantz and the very hyped, groundbreaking and talented Eden Reigel, who portrayed AMC’s and daytime’s first lesbian Bianca! The saddest part of Frantz’s first run on B&B is when she wasn’t part of the Portofino remote. Amber had just been kidnapped by Mary/Erica and Sheila, and the Portofino storyline didn’t need her since it focused on other characters. The Portofino remote was abt Bridget/Ridge/Brooke, Massimo revealing Ridge’s paternity (w/c was an afterthought at that pt. and meant to push Ridge to Bridget), Forresters vs. Spectra fashion show and the return of Macy (a return that was actually welcomed by many B&B fans). It was reported that Brad bell gave Frantz flowers and a note for not including her in the Portofino remote. The employer appeases the employee for not bringing her to Italy?! LOL! Before that, Frantz also claimed that Brad bell hired Sarah Buxton because of her. If those instances are true, as reported in the soap press, then what kind of control does Brad bell have on his storylines and casting decisions?

    The first time Frantz joined B&B, Brad bell committed the most massive bloodbath in B&B’s history. He fired excellent actors Barbara Crampton, Kimberlin Brown, Ian Buchanan, Paul Williams and Tracey Bregman to focus on Frantz/Amber. Mediocre actors Paul Satterfield and the actor that portrayed Grant were also fired. He killed off Marissa Tate’s Becky to “redeem” Amber. He sacrificed popular and campy Andrea Evans’s Tawney to be Amber’s “scapegoat” in the baby switch. LOL, if this is the kind of attitude Brad bell still has w/ Frantz, then the B&B actors better be shaking in their boots at this pt. Will history repeat itself and will Brad bell fire actors left and right all for more storylines for Frantz/Amber, considering how B&B’s cast is very bloated?

    This is typical B&B. It’s 1 step forward w/ Pam’s storyline since Alley Mills is a great, campy actress that can do the comedy and the psychotic material. But it’s 2 steps back w/ Frantz’s return. Amber is hated and there are enough women and far too many neglected characters on B&B!


  2. bottomchef says:

    SID is reporting that Harmon, Spears and Hearst will be axed for cast cuts. I called it. The minute Frantz’s return was official, Brad bell would get rid of some actors to make way for her return. Awful! Brad bell is repeating history again by axing actors that should be on B&B instead of airtime hoarder Frantz and hated Amber.

    They have not used Thorne for years now, and he’s only there to reunite Eric/Steph. They could have recasted Thorne w/ an actor w/o a texan accent. Thorne should have married Tay, and then Alexandra could have been this demon child trying to drive Tay crazy for killing Darla. Instead, Tay/Whip are in a boring pairing. Nick should have gone after Brooke to bring the character back to who the audience likes. Whip could have been paired w/ Bridget, w/c would have brought up her feelings abt Whip lying abt Hope’s paternity and creating conflict based on the show’s history. Instead, Brad bell stuck Hearst in dumb storylines while he never used Harmon. Yet Thorne and Whip are far better characters than Amber ever will be!

    Spears actually has potential and can act a lot better than many cast members, despite what little they give him. But Bell can’t write for racial minority characters. Not a single racial minority character has lasted on B&B ever. Justin could have challenged Eric for Donna, and he could have pressured Donna to leave Eric, w/c would have reached a boiling pt when Beth died. But brad bell did not utilize him at all.

    Leave it to Brad bell to actually remove 3 men, when the cast has too many women! Brad bell fires Spears, who can act, but keeps Frantz, Matula, Conroy, Jones, Beemer, Wagner, Downe, Moss, Tyler Bell, Lowder, Diamont and Gareis in the cast.


    Jim Kelley replied

    the above caption should “bottom feeder” instead of bottom chef, some people have nothing better to do than condemn others instead of taking care of their own faults.


  3. Rob says:

    The show is virtually unwatchable as it is. They need to expand to an hour if they want to accomadate all these bad actors and even worse storylines.


  4. Doe says:

    Well, I hope the character will fare better on B&B then she did on Y&R. I never cared about her and could never picture her with Daniel. So. I wish her well and hope not to see her whining again….


  5. jennifer says:

    I am elated that Amber is coming back. I hope she is around forever!! She makes any soap shine!!!


    Louise replied

    I am happy Amber is coming back where she belongs. I love this character and


  6. Mirko di Wallenberg says:

    Having watched B&B since it original air date but losing intrest after the last Sheila storyline although I love Susan Flannery as actress. Since then I followed the show only on paper and internet and sometimes in a lost moment watching a single episode. Unfortunately the show was getting worse with each passing year and is just becoming one long drag of stories and characters with no development at all. At the moment is just unbearable to see how a 23 minutes show has so many characters with no storylines at all. And what I hate the most about the show now is the fact that Bradley Bell is not capable of writing a storyline with a beginning , middle and satisfying end. Most of his storylines end in fizzle or end not at all. Having Frantz return with her character is just the last thing that is ailing show needs. After having endured her on the Y&R for three years I am glad to not see her again and I hope that she stays on the B&B for a long period of time so her face does not show up on any other show. Working as an actor/actress in Hollywood today is a very hard job and I now that being on a soap is for many a necessity to survive as actor/actress but I pity them having to perform with her and the bad storylines that are going to filmed with a sobbing Amber!


    bottomchef replied

    Brad bell really needs to step down as headwriter. I would not be surprised if the show does not even mention how Justin is writter off the show, or if Thorne leaves town or is there but not part of the storylines since Brad bell has done the same for so many characters. The show will be even worse w/ Amber set to hog all the storylines.


  7. Margo says:

    Good ridiance……pile all crap over to B&B …. It should win prize as the Jerry Springer of soaps. Take Malcolm with you. The original Malcolm was great and went on to bigger things.. this guy is a thug!


  8. lovestolovesoaps says:

    go AMBER!!!! she will definately turn up the heat on that show.


  9. bottomchef says:

    The Dish hosted by danielle Fisher recently dissed Amber/Daniel on Y&R. Anyone watch it? The dish host was hilarious and Frantz was awful, unrealistic and OTT as usual in her clip.


  10. bottomchef says:

    Why isn’t Michael fairman on air on soaps reporting that Harmon is now officially recurring? The blood bath on B&B has officially begun now that Frantz has been hired back to further drag B&B down. Thorne is a legacy character that has been on since day 1, and the audience would rather have Thorne in storylines than Amber! It’s easy to keep B&B focusing on the Forresters, so putting Thorne on recurring is a bad move while people like Rick, Ridge, Hope, Steffy are on contract and Amber is returning and this new guy Liam is joining. Harmon is a bad actor, but the thorne chaarcter is useful, so they should have recasted him.


    Michael Fairman replied

    Hello bottomchef:
    Our MF soaps team took a short three day holiday which is why no new “news” postings to the site as of Friday. But we knew about Winsor before, and his item is up today. We will be updating the site more this evening as well.
    Thank you for your comment.


  11. Tallulah says:

    B&B used to be such a great show….not anymore……Steffy is a cartoon,Taylor/Whip are boring, the Bridget/Nick/Jackie/Owen/Aggie saga is dreadful,Hope and Oliver (who?) are just stupid and now they bring that bitch Amber back??? Days of our Lives here I come!


  12. Camilla says:

    Where is Amber on B&B ?


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