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11 May 19th, 2011 Agnes Nixon on OLTL & AMC, “We’re ending them with a tune-in tomorrow attitude!”

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Legendary soap icon, Agnes Nixon, the woman responsible for creating All My Children and One Life to Live, spoke with the Penn Courant on the demise of her beloved soap operas and how she plans on helping the series have a fulfilling and graceful exit for the fans.  Nixon has donated thousands upon thousands of scripts  from these shows and some from Loving that are preserved at Penn University’s, Annenberg School of Communications.

Nixon who is in her 80′s, said to the Penn Courant, that she and her small writing staff are busy planning the final plot twists. “We’re ending them but we aren’t ending them, if you know what I mean. It’s possible that some other network might pick them up, so we are ending them with a tune-in-tomorrow attitude.”

The creator of AMC and OLTL, Nixon, also says that the announcement of the shows’ cancellations was not a complete surprise to her. “There had been great rumors that the cost factor had become an issue. People watch more things during the day now, and that means less income from the advertisers for daytime dramas. Meanwhile the cost of creating the shows doesn’t change. The unions don’t reduce their fees. You have to pay the actors and the writers. Bottom line, it’s money.”

She also told the college website that fans should expect to see long-lost characters return to Pine Valley and Llanview during the final episodes, she says. “We’ll have situations that will bring them back.”

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  1. Andrea Dawson says:

    Please someone pick them up!!!!!!


  2. Todd says:

    I hope they correct their mistakes and kish return for the end. Who cares who is offended now.


  3. Ellen says:

    Thank you Agnes, that sounds like a great plan, and I certainly hope another network does pick them up. I have no doubt that you are doing all you can to make that come to fruition. I look forward to seeing the storylines unfold and come together.


  4. Sue says:

    I guess that is a better way of looking at the job she has to do than thinking AMC & OLTL are on Hospice care and she is sheparding them to a graceful death.

    Still sad though.


  5. lisa says:

    Agnes -God love ya… you are the epitome of class and grace.
    Give it all you’ve got in these final ? months of your beloved shows.
    And we fans will continue to pray and fight for the shows to be picked up by another network.

    You’ve worked too hard for your legacy to daytime to end now.


  6. Nancy Wizner says:

    I cannot help but repeat myself a million times ~ “These soaps are a family tradition!” They have been on for 40+ years. I am referring to All My Children and One Life to Live. Please NBC, pick up these two soap operas. Your ratings will go sky high!


  7. Patti says:

    Im starting to lose hope that our soaps will be saved but I can promise unequivocally not to EVER watch The Chew (disgusting title by the way) and The Revolution. I have enough people telling me what to do without watching it on TV! No wonder everyone is going to cable! Save our soaps! I would pay for a soap channel just like my husband does to watch baseball! Save out soaps! Fire the dopes!


    Bailey replied

    Hey I never thought of paying for a soap channel. I would definitely pay, if it came to that. I will also not be watching the replacement shows either.


    brian replied

    Sign me up ! Yes, i would pay a cable fee to keep OLTL in production. I am a 30 yr loyal viewer from Canada.

  8. RITA says:

    SAVE OUR SOAPS!!!!!!!!! What about the soap network, can’t they keep airing the shows? Afterall, we pay for that channel, so why can’t they keep the shows going if one of the other networks doesn’t pick it up? Please stop this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. Peggy says:

    Why can’t all of the Soaps be on one network? IT WILL MAKE MONEY!


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