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31 April 7th, 2014 Alicia Leigh Willis IN at Days of our Lives!

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Looks Like Alicia Leigh Willis has been added to the cast of Days of our Lives and will figure into the diabolical Liam’s (Mark Collier) storyline!

According to Soap Opera Digest look for Willis to begin a stint on the NBC soap opera starting on April 22nd.  Soap fans know Alicia best for her role as Courtney on General Hospital!  Apparently the DAYS producer have been wanting to get Willis in a role in Salem after she was asked to sub for Nadia Bjorlin’s Chloe, but those scenes never made it to air!

So could Alicia be playing an ex, or a woman from Liam’s past?  Glad to see Alicia back on daytime?  Do you hope it’s not just short term, but could be more long term?  What do you think of Liam’s storyline thus far and his hatred of Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) and Daniel (Shawn Christian)?  Let us know!

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  1. Marc R. Jimenez says:

    Yeahhhhhh Please shes a definately a keeper with a strong following from GH she be perfect in the DAYS cast & a possible Love Interest for Brady Black !!!!!!!!!! please give her a Contract all these new strong Talented Actors & Actress from previous Soaps ….. Yo Go DAYS !!!!!!!!! Yeahhhhh


  2. Jake NJ says:

    I think she will be his ex


  3. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Im not too interested in Liams storyline…we already had Anne, and then Teressa causing Jen havoc and now two more…i like Days but Jen and Danial need another storyline! I thought Liam shouldve been someone from Jordans mysterious past…a storyline that is going nowhere! Im not too familiar with the actress…didnt watch GH when she was there…i suppose her character will make a play for Danial to help Liam break Dan and Jen up but this has already been done with Teressa…however, ill wait and see how it goes…it might be better than i think…i hope!


  4. Ray says:

    I think she would have made a great Belle.


    RICARDO replied

    Yes I agree with you Ray, Belle Black would have been a better role for her.


    katieK replied

    Spot on! She would have been great as Belle, & Belle & Shawn are much needed back in Salem.


  5. Reagan says:

    Maybe she will get paired at some point with Lucas!


  6. David Evan Smith says:

    Never liked her. She was somber and mopey and just a complete wet blanket through her entire run on GH. Best day ever was when Courtney died in the outbreak.

    Maybe she’ll have more personality in a new role…


  7. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    I kind of hope she sticks around for a while, since I am a fan of Alicia’s work. Though, would love for her to go back to DAYS, too. Also could imagine her as an Eve Donovan recast, but Kassie is filling that role.


  8. Libby says:

    I am shocked #DAYS would hire ALW even for a short term recurring role. She was not well regarded as an actress at GH.

    I had hoped Liam and this gaslight / kidnap tale would have ended by now in mid April. This story has appeared as filler and ultimate throw away since the start of Mark Collier’s run.

    It would seem in order to secure renewal into 2016. Days is cutting salaries of cast to keep bottom line low into 50th anniversary year. I can understand the strategy.But it doesnt equal to great story and entertainment for viewer.

    The interesting stories of 2013 seem very far away now. We are knee deep in filler. The Wilson wedding should have been in Feb. But everything is being drawn out.

    Godpeed to Ali Sweeney and I think soon to James Scott. These are not the was not the worst #Days we have seen – but not good. Hoping for for Happy Ever After for EJ and Sami – best story told over last 8 years.

    Otherwise filler. And I am very bored. Not upset just bored. Hiring of ALW certainly doesnt change the show’s trajectory.


  9. Jules says:

    I love you Days. I really, really do.

    But what is it with you and this C-list casting???

    Soaps have so much unused talented floating around. I don’t mean to knock anyone, but Mark Collier, Daniel Cosgrove, Alicia Willis? There are much bigger names from soaps who have larger fanbases and can offer so much more than these folks, and not all of them come with exorbitant price tags either. You should be tapping into THAT well, not this one. You need people who will generate buzz on social media and media in general. While it’s lovely and good you’re looking at the role and who is best suited for it, can’t you find one that does this AND stirs up excitement in fans? Kassie DePaiva is a good example. Do THAT again.

    Again I don’t want to offend anyone, and everyone needs a job. But it just seems a little loopy to me. Don’t do stunt casting like GH or YR, or BB for that matter. But get in the game and make some plays for the bigger fish!


    Libby replied

    Agreed, Jules. I just cannot imagine the show hiring yet another short term recurring actor to supplement this short term Liam story. I felt like Liam’s story jumped the shark when he inexplicably became engaged in Nicole’s story.

    Also, it is amazing no one knew she had been filming. Ari Zucker ‘s contract was up in March. No word on her status. Hope ALW is not a substitute for the talented Zucker. They are same age, coloring etc. Ericole looked like it was finally ready to launch in fall and now it is circling without real sense.


    Patrick replied

    I agree with you, Jules… as well… “what’s with the C – list casting”

    and… here, here.. it’s for the love and betterment of OUR DAYS.

    my gut tells me… not so much… the vibe with this actor….

    had to google her… I wasn’t watching GH when she was ON…
    ie: from 2001 to 2006… and had two consecutive emmy noms….

    so be it… all relative…. right?

    I am still missing Sheryl… SHE was the newbie add that I was so excited for… and for whatever reason… DOOL production… didn’t see the potential… for Sheryl and Lucas

    I loved them

    so I’m still smarting…
    I didn’t watch Liam’ Mark Collier… on ATWT… so… or didn’t pay much attention… so i’m a little skeptical… as it’s more Daniel and Jenn… AGAIN… so… if this brings out the acting chops of other cast members.. and it always does…

    I don’t mind the creepy will watch – gotta see some Liam… if this just wrings Jenns scrawny neck… and puts Daniel in his place

    you dig? you understand DOOL production… MOVE it



  10. Johnny says:

    She is a lovely engaging performer! Loved her on Another World and loved her on GH with AJ. But then she was written as just another mob loving moll and it turned me right off. I hope she is a long term viable character. She would have made a good Taylor. But yes…her and Brady sound good!


  11. swag says:

    As long as she never comes back to Port Charles I am happy!


  12. Chaz says:

    Maybe she could be Daniel’s “dead” wife….or a look-a-like that freaks him out. Maybe freak out Jennifer enough that she needs to be committed! The Daniel/Jennifer pairing is the most boring thing ever.


    Tom Polar replied

    I have to agree that although I like Jennifer and Daniel, their storyline IS a little on the “who cares” chart. I’ve been watching Days of Our Lives for only a few months, to get my soap fix now that AMC and OLTL are gone, and it’s a nice show, but it needs something. Everyone is either at Brady’s pub or in that same stupid park set up – they need to mix it up a little. I thought the storyline ended rather abruptly (or did it?) between Abby and EJ – first it seemed like she was pregnant, then no, then yes, then no – sorry to go off topic but I do agree that the Daniel/Jennifer coupling is a tad on the dull side.


  13. Robert says:

    She looks a lot like Melissa Reeves so she could be his ex wife, would explain Liam ‘ S fascination with Jennifer or she could be someone hired by him as Jennifer ‘ S double in another of his schemes.


  14. denisefan says:

    What a waste of Mark Collier’s talent. Shame on DOOL writing team. As far as Alicia’s future on the show…. unless she is a Horton or DiMera, her character will be short-term.


  15. Jimmy says:

    I’m hoping they keep her around for a while, I’ve always thought she’d do well on the show. Before Natalia Livingston, and later Tamara Braun, were hired as Taylor, I thought she would be good for that role. And I also thought she’d be good as Belle. I don’t know about bringing on another new character though, DAYS seems to be doing that a lot lately.

    I’m happy she’s here now, though. ALW is a good actress.


  16. Ricardo says:

    THIS IS BS. I dont like her at all, please days producers bring back Vivian Alamain, Louise SOREL. I MISS Vivian so much. Vivian had charm with her side kick Ivan. Those were the days of our lives. The only storyline, I like right now is will and sonny. I loved the wedding, it was so good and the entire acting. Looking forward to kristen and eve, returning in the summer.


    steven replied

    i agree..please bring back vivian alamain!!


  17. andrew hass says:

    I’m happy for Alicia that she’s back on soaps.For i could see it been a short term stint to see how it goes before it turns into something long term.


  18. damien says:

    wow! another addition to the days of jenn and dans lives! sorry I almost fell asleep even as I was writing this! im sorry but if Kristen di mera and eve Donavan don’t get on our screens asap I don’t kno how long I can endure this drivel days is dragging on our screens. I swear they ve scrapping the bottom of the writers room garbage for months now. tersea and brady have been toying with alcohol for months now, Nicole, whos on screen every day it seems like just shredded those documents that can clear father eric, another pointless obstacle for doc dan and jenn has been shoved down our throats, some horrible ( sorry) new will and sonny just got married, T is on screen more as a filler for the teen scene, Jordan is still looking at past id cards from her past personas, stupid gabi thinks nick has changed for the tenth time! ugghhh, did I miss any repetitive boring plot days has dragged on since Kristen was exposed months ago!!
    enough already! days your killing me with our recycling of plots! pls. I ve taken days off my pvr but when I pass by it its the same shit! and while days should get some better stories can they please get some new sets! all the offices sub for each
    other as if we re blind, that ridiculous park bench with bushes everywhere even in the dead of winter is complte ass. I ve seen better sets at school plays! c mon hire some new writers and set designers.
    Days you re reaching so I wont be wasting my days watching until Kirsten and eve come back. p.s since doc dan is not cutting it even though he s been given more than enough chances , and eve is returning any chance Frankie, billy warlock can come back too?!


    4everDAYS replied

    Those are evergreen bushes. They don’t go to sleep, but I may if DAYS gets any slower. I do see many good things on the horizon. May sweeps will be HUGE!


    Omar replied

    I do have to agree with you Damien, poor spelling and all..I though it was me since i am not a long time fan..I been a DOOL fan for about three years now and its been A1.. but the last few months, boy has it been dragging on..I have like 10 episodes on my DVR because of lack of interest, and finally today started watching..And it just the same old thing.

    I know the show is getting the return of Kristen and the debut of the wonderful Kassie Depaiva as Eve, but this show is kind of stuck in the mud now…I will continue to watch and hope the show turns it around and becomes the show I got hooked on a couple of years ago.


  19. Mo says:

    I’m liking nasty Liam. Don’t know about adding more peeps though. We’ll see. Days is pretty good right now, unlike Y&R.


  20. Kate says:

    Oh, good. Days continues it’s long tradition of hiring bad actors. Don’t get me wrong, there have been some great actors on Days, but there have been some really bad ones too.

    I was never impressed with ALW on GH and I’m glad I no longer watch Days.


    Holly replied

    ICAM!! Courtney’s character was awful… didn’t miss her after she died. And I doubt she will be anything great on DAYS.


  21. dmr says:

    Congratulations to Alicia. Please, no more Dannifer air-time. So incredibly boring. Daniel deserves a beautiful, exciting, vibrant woman. There is no excitement between him and Jennifer. Zilch.


  22. Jo says:

    Ya, Liam has a nasty felonious way of dealing with people. So, I’m thinking Alicia will likely be an ex of Liam’s that he “met his match” with and he couldn’t get away with his stunts. She’ll show up and spill it on his evil ways. Maybe. Or not, maybe she’ll have no clue. But an ex for sure.


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