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28 September 7th, 2013 Alicia Minshew Chats On An AMC Finale Return That Did Not Happen! And, Playing Angelica on Tainted Dreams!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Fan favorite Alicia Minshew dished with Tainted Dreams exclusive blogger and noted soap opera journalist, Carolyn Hinsey, shortly after wrapping her scenes in Sonia Blangiardo’s upcoming series Tainted Dreams!

Minshew who let fans in on the fact that ‘Dreams’ is, “sexy and funny and sad and deals with social situations like bullying and autism”,  also shared that she was asked to come back to film scenes for the All My Children season finale.  However, things did not work out sharing she was approached by AMC EP Ginger Smith to, “Tape a few episodes at the end, a fun little thing that would be part of the season finale. I said, ‘Sure, I’ll do it.’  But that taped a long time ago, so I guess I’m not a part of the finale (laughs). I get it, things happen.’”

As far as the character of Angelica, the Senior Producer in Tainted Dreams, and how the rest of the fictitious on-screen production team would kind of stack-up job wise to real life comparisons, Minshew noted, “Angelica is the hands-on producer of Tainted Dreams. To compare it to (the old) All My Children, I’m the Ginger Smith, Grant Aleksander is Julie Carruthers, and Bobbie Eakes is Brian Frons (and Nathan Purdee is Anne Sweeney). I can’t say that I modeled Angelica after any one person. I took bits and pieces of everybody like Sonia and Ginger, people that are caretakers – myself included.”

So would you have liked to see Kendall return for more episodes of All My Children in season one?  Are you looking forward to seeing Tainted Dreams?  Has Alicia’s comments piqued your interest even more to see what is in store when Tainted Dreams is finally released?  Share your thoughts!

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  1. blake says:

    Stupid of AMC not to use her when they could use her!


  2. su0000 says:

    There is no reason for Kendall to be in the new AMC, she is not available and could not be full time or even part time..
    There is no sense to a couple scenes appearance..
    lol it would be for ‘lokk-see” , only … So why not look at her once again, and wish her luck with her project. :)


    Toni replied

    Kendall has been an integral part of Pine Valley and AMC for many, many years. She’s also a Kane, and she shot a scene that started to explain where she has been recently but left anything else open ended, so there are many reasons for her to be there–just as much as there is for Tad who made a brief appearance in the finale but other than a few mentions, hasn’t been on the whole season. As for her availability, she wasn’t available when the show started to film, but she has been since, so there’s a very good possibility she can and will be around part time, or even full time, in the future.


  3. Elizabeth says:

    Absolutely I would have liked to have seen Alicia return as Kendall for more of AMC’s first season, but I’m hopeful we’ll get to see a lot more of her in season 2. I’m happy for her that she got to have so much fun playing a role that is different than Kendall and look forward to seeing her in Tainted Dreams as well.


  4. Mary says:

    I can’t wait for Tainted Dreams, the show sounds really good. I would like to see Alicia back on AMC for Season 2,. I want to see team Slater reunited. Thanks


  5. Cin says:

    I hope to see Alicia on AMC as a regular, PV needs her and so does Zach. I miss her gorgeous face and what she brings to the table as Kendall. I’m glad Alicia enjoyed her time on TD. I look forward to seeing it.


  6. AbbyS. says:

    I’m looking forward to Tainted Dreams and happy that she has a starring role on the show, but Alicia will always be Kendall to me and I wish she had taped those additional scenes! Still, I’m hopeful that there’s more to Kendall’s illness and Bianca taking care of her for the new season than we’ve seen so far. I love that Alicia is so loyal to AMC even when her schedule is busy. As long as she’s willing to show up from time to time, I’ll be happy to see Kendall on AMC, and hopefully reunited with Zach!


  7. Kim says:

    loved her as Kendall !!


  8. Chris says:

    I am also hopeful that we will see her in Season 2. I would love to see her and Thorsten together again. I have missed my favorite couple. It was great to hear that she had a great time filming Tainted Dreams and I look forward to seeing the show.


  9. Kathy says:

    Absolutely I would have loved Alicia to be in AMC and still hope she will be in season 2. I also look forward to seeing her in Tainted Dreams. It may be possible for her to do both due to staggered shooting schedules . Hope so! Can’t wait to see her


  10. Debbie says:

    Really looking forward to Tainted Dreams. The show is on facebook and @TaintedDreamsTS on twitter.


  11. moshane58 says:

    Love to see it.Hope that got the soap hater Anne Sweeney right.


  12. Rita says:

    I love Alicia and loved seeing Kendall, however brief, on the new AMC. I wish both she and Bianca could have been on more. I hope to see Kendall next season and hope she and Zach reunite.


  13. Arielle says:

    So when and where does this “Tainted Dreams” begin? It sounds interesting.


  14. SZima says:

    If AMC comes back, and that’s a BIG IF, I’d love to see her as a regular member of the cast and not just a “drop-in”. I’ve really missed her on the show and if she did come back, I’d be sure to watch the next season. As it stands right now, I’m not sure if I’ll bother watching again.


  15. Susan says:

    Definitely looking forward to TD but truly hope she returns to AMC. Without a Zach/Kendall reunion AMC will not hold my interest.


    su0000 replied

    If you have been watching, then AMC has been holding your interest :)
    Time passes things change and one change is Zach/Kendall are no longer a couple..
    Enjoy AMC it is awesome, not all who once were are needed..
    AMC is rockin the top 10 without them :) ..

    I hope Zach finds a sophisticated high-roller woman who will challenge him and give him great stories, the FBI fluffy is beneath him, in many ways=DULL
    ((zach seems to be her babysitter lol)


    Beth replied

    And sometimes, things change back and couples reunite. It could happen. I’ve been watching and it’s holding my interest because Zach still loves Kendall and is still wearing his wedding ring. Kendall has always been a great challenge for Zach. She’s high-roller enough for Zach.

  16. Janice says:

    I’m thrilled that Alicia has other projects outside of AMC and she deserves to be successful (and she is). I’m very disappointed that AMC did not use the scenes in the Season 1 finale — I was so hoping she would be the surprise appearance that was hinted at. Let’s hope that AMC brings her back for Season 2 to tell the story of Zach and Kendall, and finally reunite this great couple. I miss Zendall very much and, for me, AMC is not the same without Kendall (of course with Zach). There is no doubt in my mind that AMC can’t work it out.


  17. Alan says:

    Never cared for Minshew’s Kendall. Sarah-Michelle Gellar owned that role and still does.


    Tony Polar replied

    Well by all means if you can get Sarah-Michelle Gellar to return as Kendall Hart Slater go for it.
    In the meantime, if Minshew can’t return as Kendall then they certainly should re-cast Kendall. I can understand that they can’t re-cast Tad so easily nor can they ever replace the iconic Susan Lucci as Erica, but I think fans would accept a new Kendall if necessary.
    At any rate, I would be happy to see AMC return regardless of who does, or does not play Kendall and right now I think all us AMC fans just would like to see the show return – I for one would like to know, what’s the deal, can’t Prospect Park at least give us an aproximate return date?


    Cindy replied

    I would not accept a recast of Kendall. and Sarah-Michelle Gellar never played Kendall as good as Minshew. And it’s Mnshew who has the great chemistry with Thorsten kaye, not Sarah-Michelle Gellar who I can take or leave.

    Jimmy the Kid replied

    Well, some people say they won’t accept a recast of Kendall on ALL MY CHILDREN. If the character re-emerges, chances are pretty good that the role will HAVE to be re-cast, since Alicia has gone on to several other projects.
    Of course, viewers of ALL MY CHILDREN will be thankful just to see if the show comes back and with Prospect Park’s “sketchy” remarks, who know if it will come back and when. Naturally, I am hoping it does return regardless of who plays Kendall.

  18. Dara says:

    I’m looking forward to watching “Tainted Dreams”. It has a wonderful cast of daytime actors and especially Alicia Minshew, who has a starring role. I’m disappointed that Kendall was not part of the final episode of AMC’s Season 1. I do hope that Alicia will be available for Season 2 and brings back Kendall to Pine Valley to reunite her with Thorsten Kaye’s Zach. AMC needs Zach and Kendall….it’s magical super couple.


  19. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    If Bobbie Eakes is playing a Brian Frons role, does this mean Tainted Dreams will be cancelled and replaced by the talk show reboot of The Revolution…lol


  20. No1_ILoveLucyFan says:

    So she shot some scenes that didn’t make it into the season finale, hmm? GOOD!!! That means they might use them next season. If she’s able to return, I hope she & Zach can light up the Zendall magic that captivated SO MANY fans – myself included. If she can’t return full-time, I hope they get some good soapy scenes of Zach holding Kendall as she dies in his arms, saying their good-byes and I love yous as tears stream down their faces (and ours), plenty of flashbacks, plenty of good soapy romance – AMC needs that, in my opinion. And if Alicia can’t return, then it’s not fair to hold Zach’s character in a romantic limbo because of it.


  21. Trevares says:

    I think Alicia is a TREMENDOUS talent and the PTB at AMC over at Prospect Park would be wise to find a way to re-introduce her into the Pine Valley canvas just as things begin to get hot and heavy between Zach and the new female lead (FBI Agent). I think that Kendall is the love of his life and this would make for an interesting dynamic once some of these other stories are meshed out in the upcoming season.


  22. Ricky Ortega says:

    Alicia Minshew is a multi talented actress and I am grateful she made the time to come back for AMC 2.0. It was so nice to see her and I hope we can see more of her for the second season. I look forward to seeing her on Tainted Dreams. Thank you Michael for this interview!!!!!!


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