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10 September 15th, 2011 Alicia Minshew is ready to move on from AMC, but would consider recurring on Prospect Park venture!


The fabulous Alicia Minshew (Kendall Hart Slater) of All My Children revealed to the The Hollywood Reporter exclusively that she wouldn’t return full-time to the soap opera when it moves to the web with Prospect Park.

Minshew stated,“I know they are starting to approach people now. If they were to come to me and ask me to do it [and] if I could work it out where I could maybe be recurring, I could pop in every now and then, I could work with these people that I love and still be a part of this. I would be open to that.”

Otherwise, Minshew tells THR she is ready for some lighter fare. “I’d love to do a sitcom. You know, but I don’t really get a chance to do stuff like that when I’m on a soap, because it’s a daytime drama, so everything is very dramatic. So, I’m really open to kind of whatever the universe is going to lay my way, whatever it is… but I’m leaning towards doing something funny in life, because I enjoy that and because I know I can do it.  I’m craving something that’s completely the opposite of what I’ve been doing.”

In regards to her TV mother, Susan Lucci’s recent explosive statement on ABC and Brian Frons for the downward spiral of Pine Valley, Minshew commented, “I knew that she did not like it, but I did not know the level at which she was… I mean, she was really pissed.  But, you know what? Good for her. I mean, for God’s sakes the woman has been on that show for so long. It has been her life. And she should feel free to say however she feels.” 

Minshew went on to state as far as she knows, Lucci has said, “No” to being part of AMC’s Prospect Park venture.

So, how do you feel about AMC without a full-time Kendall? Let us know!

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  1. Torrey says:

    I don’t get the feeling that a lot of the stars want to or intend on staying with AMC, after the move online. But being that they’ve had several months to digest this information, and that the news of PP came much later after the initial announcement….maybe a lot of the talent, had already moved on, in their minds, and have already made other arrangements for their futures. You can’t blame them for looking out for themselves, but it is going to make Pine Valley much harder to watch, if all of the fan faves check out, before the premiere of AMC on the internet, in January.


  2. Emily says:

    Debbie’s gone, Jacob’s gone, Susan says no, Alicia doesn’t want to be a regular… this is not sounding good for AMC’s future. Has anyone said they would continue with the show?


  3. Iakovos says:

    Even though I am pleased AMC shall continue via Prospect Park, I instantly knew at the announcement an AMC 2.0 is coming. I do not expect to see too many legacy characters or popular actors for the long term. This saddens me, but there may be opportunity to bring back some characters/actors who have been off the canvas or to use the four decades of history to provide a strong basis for a new generation of Pine Valley stories. I remain hopeful.


    Torrey replied

    I completely agree with you. AMC & PP need to go to the drawing board and research the history of AMC. There are tons of people that could come back to the canvas to breathe new life into the show. I’m just gonna throw out a few names….Brooke, Ross, Derrick Frye & Mimi (love those two), Someone from the Cordtland clan (and yes, I know Ross is a Chandler & a Cordtland…lol) Anna Devane, bring back the character of Skye Chandler…I know Robin Christopher is on GH, but you’ve recast the role before, do it now! I know this sounds crazy, but I would like to see Janet Green come back, but in the version of Robin Mattson (I like her version better), Tim Dillon….give the Dillon Family a chance ( would love to see Amanda & Tim interact). Anyway, you get the point, PP do your research.


  4. Brian Greene says:

    Alicia–We Love You In NW Illinois. You’ll Probably Knock Us Out With A Good, Well-Written SitCom–Yessss! :)


  5. RICKIE says:

    It’s sounding more and more that this “All My Children” transition will NOT happen. Prospect Park hasn’t exactly earned much confidence among the actors. This is a shame because it’s terrible to jerk around fans like this. If the show has indeed ended, they need to state this instead of leaving things up in the air.

    I can foresee a future for the show without Erica Kane or Susan Lucci. Bringing back Julia Barr, Kathleen Noone and some newbies who can actually act would be a great restart. However, the whole thing seems to be dismantling before our very eyes…


    Torrey replied

    I feel the same way…. I don’t blame PP on this though. It just seems like the stars want nothing to do with this new endeavor, and I have a feeling they will regret it. Could be that most of them still have a bitter taste in their mouths from the cancellation. However, times are changing and internet programs can and most likely will be the next big thing. The same thing happened when shows transitioned from Radio to Television. Once some of them get out there and pound the pavement, with no luck, they may see that they shouldn’t have been so hasty about the online venture. I really think that AMC will probably go away, which is a shame. But if they were to bring back Julia Barr and let her be the leading lady of AMC, and you’re right Kathleen Noone would be a great return, as well….AMC could maybe return to their glory days. They just have to make some smart casting decisions….and get a Head Writer in place that’s going to honor the shows history. Just read an article that said that Frank Valentini, EP of OLTL has signed on for the PP deal….so, things are looking good for OLTL.


  6. adriana8900 says:

    i won’t watch if zendall and jamanda aren’t on the amc online version


  7. Angela says:

    Hi My Name is Angela and I think what going on with all my children is very sad
    so maybe you all should think about bringing kendell back on a funnier note. Susan’lucci
    should be mad she made the show what it is today the people or fans that watch that
    show are part of that family every day do not take it away from us please.


  8. Annie Banks says:

    Personally I do not think AM has the acting chops to do a sitcom. How and why she ever lasted on AMC is a mystery to a ton of fans of the show!


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