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14 September 17th, 2011 Alicia Minshew on AMC’ s last day of shooting, Prospect Park, and the finale cliffhanger!


Alicia Minshew (Kendall Hart Slater, AMC) is in the news again with an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.  Earlier last week, we learned through THR, that Minshew would be interested in staying with All My Children when it moves online in a recurring capacity, as she is eager to try other acting roles in her blossoming career.

However Minshew in this new THR post discussed the final tape date of the shows 41-year run on ABC, the last week of airshows and the network television finale cliffhanger, and her thoughts on how the Prospect Park deal with AMC is coming along!  Here are some excerpts from what Lish had to say!

Minshew on being part of the final day of shooting at AMC : “Well, it was surreal. The whole cast was in it, and it is always fun when the whole cast was around. It is almost like we are just getting ready to go to a big party… So we were all in a great mood, having fun, we were all together. And then as it got closer and closer to the final scene, when they said, ‘Item last,’ we all kind of looked at each other… I think maybe that’s when it sunk in, like wow. And I looked over at Susan Lucci, she looked sad. I mean, she was very quiet and I looked over at her and that’s when it kind of hit me. I thought, ‘This is really happening,’ and I was trying to figure how Susan was feeling in that moment, being that she had been on the show for, you know, 40 years. I thought, ‘If I’m feeling sad, I cannot even imagine how she is feeling.’

So, we did the scene and I had a moment or two with my friend, Rebecca Budig and cried a little bit. And then Agnes Nixon, the creator of the show came out and brought us this beautiful cake and we did a champagne toast, and the whole cast and crew were there. There were hundreds of us. And I think that is when everybody realized this is a big deal. This is the end of an era. So, then it became emotional, I mean even some of the guys were crying. We just said see you later, because we all feel like we are always going to be friends. We are always going to be connected.”

Minshew on the latest that she has heard on the Prospect Park deal with AMC cast members: “Well, from what we’ve been told… they have the ability to use the same people, they want to shoot it the same way. They have already bought the sets from us. They basically want to pick up where we left off… If they’re completely capable of doing that, I don’t know. I mean, they seem like really smart guys, because we’ve met them. But, they’ve told us they’re hoping to be on the air by January. They hope to be starting to tape by late November, and they will contact people on an individual basis and let them know what they wanted from them. And that is kind of where they sort of left us. So, again, this is what we’ve been told and it is kind of up in the air at this point.

I don’t know if they are going to do a small group or a large group, if they are going to kill some people off. Honestly, we haven’t been told much. So, that’s why we are just sort of waiting to see what happens. And that’s why in my mind, I’m looking ahead. And, again, even if they do come to me, we’ll see what can be worked out. But I’m still looking ahead to do other things.”


Minshew on what fans can expect the final week of airshows leading up to the finale on Friday, September 23rd!: “They are going to see a lot of familiar, familiar faces. We’re just going to make them very happy because of people from the past, people that have been gone. I think they are going to be happy seeing some faces that they have not been seeing in a while. And they are going to see some closure on different story lines. My character and her husband, Zach , are going to have some nice moments. It is the kind of moments that the fans have always wanted. They want Zach and Kendall to have sort of things be good.

They want Adam and Dixie to have things be good, so you will see some story lines wrapping up in a very lovely way. Like, a lot of these couples will come to live happily every after. Of course, there’s a cliffhanger, and of course, I can’t tell you what that is. But, even though the show is going off the air, they had to leave you with something. They had to leave you with something where you are going, ‘Hmm, I wonder what that means.’ But it does not just end happily ever after for everybody, maybe for some people it does.”

So soapers, are you ready for the final week of AMC on ABC? How do you think the Prospect Park/AMC deal is shaping up?  And what do you think could be the cliffhanger? Let us know!

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  1. sarah blume says:

    i am still so upset about this. i will not watch the screw. i will not be able to watch it on the internet because i can’t get high speed internet where i live. it just sucks. i hate ABC FOR DOING THIS TO THE FANS. THEY WILL BE SORRY BECAUSE THE FANS WILL NOT WATCH THE SCREW.


    Julie Davis replied

    I’m in the same boat…no high speed internet where I live either. I’m so disappointed. I hope by January PP finagles a deal with a tv station like USA or Bravo. I’ve heard there have been talks, I pray that they work it out by then. I won’t watch ABC either. I hope their ratings drop like a loud thud when the soaps go off the air!!


    debsafan replied

    I will not watch the Chew are anything that replaces a Soap. I’m afraid all this talk about AMC being put on the internet is just to shut the Soap fans up until AMC goes off the air. Then they’ll tell us, sorry the deal fell through. I’ve been crying for over a week now. Every time I think about the show going off the air, I just get sick. I hope a lot of people lose there jobs at ABC for this Stupid move. You may think people over 49 don’t spend money on products, but we do. When I find out who’s sponsoring the Chew, I will boycott their products. And ABC is off my TV during the day when OLTL goes off. I hate this. There is so little going on in the world to make people happy and now just one more thing to be sad about.


  2. boes says:

    The show has been so good lately, it’s been so close to what it was for their first 30 years. I NEVER thought – ever – that the show would end. I’ve been watching since the beginning, and I remember thinking, years ago, that this show would just go on forever. And in a certain way, it will.

    I know it will continue on the net, and I’m so happy about that. And if they can continue with quality or writing, and the quality of characters we’ve been graced with again, thanks to Lorraine Broderick and Agnes Nixon, then how great will that be?

    So, for this final week, I’m going to enjoy the hell out of seeing Brooke and Adam, Joe and Ruth, and the members of the current cast. They are doing us proud right now.


  3. Karen Johnson says:

    I am so sad to see this come to an end. Feel like losing a family that has been there through thick and thin. When Mona died was same time my own mother passed. Seems Erica was going through a lot that I was. There has been so many things over the years that has been like being with family. I will truely miss them all and look forward to seeing them again on internet or back on tv…


  4. Brian Greene says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing how AMC ends on ABC. I’m admiring Alicia’s performances & I’m sending good wishes to her in her performing future! :)


  5. Rodnroch43 says:

    Gee I hope someone gets off the boat before it sinks. Yes, but remember when one door closes another is sure to open. Michael, whatever are you going to do??? You’re running out of Soaps to write about. Just think this time next year there will be just 3 if we are lucky. Well those are television soaps, not the ones on the internet. Who would have thought after all these years that this is where we would be. Good Luck to anybody that has sacrificed their whole life only to have it ripped apart by some TV executives who’s jobs are on the line if they don’t increase their gross margin. HEY CBS, HOW IS THE NEW FORMAT WORKING FOR YOU??


  6. Judy Eastham says:

    What a sad week, I have hated September 23, since my father died when I was 14 on that date. Now the show I have watched for the last 41 years is going to be gone. I will NEVER watch any show that replaces All My Children. And I will follow them to Prospect Park for as long as they are there. Also, THANK YOU to all the actors and crew for 41 wonderful years, IF we don’t get you back on the new show. And THANK YOU Prospect Park for coming to our rescue when nobody else did. We will stick by you.


  7. Esther says:

    I to am going to miss AMC amd have been dreading Sept 23rd. I wondered how CBS and NBC have fared with the shows they have replaced the soaps with. I have not watched any of the talk shows for I have gotten burned out on them.


  8. Rodnroch43 says:

    YAAAA!!!! Stuart Chandler is alive!!!!! That’s all I am gonna say!!


    wanda replied

    I totally agree with the stuart returning idea. When people start remembering someone,like scott and madison and marion not ever getting over his death,watch out here they come. I am only speaking my feelings, I think we have enough damn food shows like it is. I am more than just upset about amc ending its run on abc. In the last 25 years ,I may have missed 2 shows. I am heart broken that its over. I will follow the show to the internet,but what if the show is so chopped up I don’t reconize it. I am sobbing now just to think of the incredible loss. Of corse my family thinks its stupid. Humorous. Its just a show. The people to me are real,some times a little out there,but thats the beauty of it. For an hour a day, I don’t have to think about the light bill, How much I hate my job,the pile of laundry.

    Farewell to all the characters who persue other careers, Thank you for years of enjoyment and love.


  9. cookie says:

    I’m really sad to see All My Children going off the air. I have watched it almost from the beginning, so of course I’m really sad. I hope things can be worked out with Prospect Park and we will be able to enjoy the show once again. I don’t know if it will be the same or not. AMC has some great actresses and actors and with this economy basically in the toilet, I hate to see anymore people lose their jobs. Jobs are so hard to come by even in Hollywood. Good Luck to the cast of AMC hope to see you in January 2012.


  10. Brenda Clavin says:

    As I read all the post, I see there are alot of dissappointed fans, including myself. I was floored when I found out that AMC was being cancelled. I have been watching the show for 37 years, when the show comes to it’s end on friday I will loose a piece of me. Yes AMC has been a part of me since I was a kid. I hate to see it go. I hope that many of the actors will stick around for PP, if not, the show won’t be the same. BUT here’s to you ABC,,I hope that you are happy by pulling it off the air..What were you thinking by replacing it with another cooking show? THE CHEW,,come on ! do you really think that show is going to make it? I wont be watching it, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. WELL ABC, what goes around comes around..Remember karma is a bitch !! I will laugh my ass off when The Chew has no viewers…LOL ,,Good luck, cause I can tell you ,,,ABC just lost alot of viewers..


  11. Barb says:

    I for one will NOT watch anything ABC/Disney broadcasts after OLTL ends. Again, the only thing important anymore is the bottom line $$$. Hopefully daytime for ABC/Disney tanks! The LAST thing we need is ANOTHER food/talk show. I really feel bad for the people on the new shows because i really like all of them, but they belong on the original channels they came from. I will support PP and hopefully they will find a tv channel smart enough to pick up the pieces and continue on the long tradition of daytime soaps. Unfortunately, ABC/Disney will be charging PP alot of money whenever they do air the shows, how dare they? If they don’t think they are worth airing why charge someone else? Oh ya, the bottom line$$$$. I think ABC/Disney stinks! and I agree, I hope their loss of ratings creates a loud crash for them.


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