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16 May 7th, 2011 Alison Sweeney on how DAYS is fighting to stay alive in dwindling soap genre!

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The star of Days of our Lives and The Biggest Loser, Alison Sweeney (Sami Brady) spoke to on her recent tour to promote  the Hill Science Diet for Pets called Million Pound Pledge. When asked about the recent cancellations of All My Children and One Life to Live, Sweeney commented, “It hits close to home. It’s really sad.  I know, like many soap opera actors do, when you meet fans, that soaps have been a part of their family for generations. They’ve watched it with their mom or their grandma and it’s close to their heart… It’s hard to say goodbye.”

However, the very wise Sweeney, also knows that  soaps and daytime are stuck in an economics game with the networks, and that it is tough to keep a long-running soap still viable and on the air.  Sweeney elaborated about how DAYS is trying to make it work during these difficult times. “They have to find a way to make money. And at Days of our Lives, we’re working really hard to fight to be a financially good decision for those people who make those decisions and hopefully we tell good enough stories that the fans want to keep watching. At DAYS it’s clearly a different place to work than it was 18 years ago when I first started.We don’t have a lot of rehearsal time and we have to keep going. And the writers have to work harder and be able to write very simple scenes that are easier to shoot, inexpensive, without any fancy special effects, but still tell really compelling stories. Ultimately, most of the responsibility falls on the writers to tell really good stories and the actors to have to turn it around and bring it to life with a lot of constraints.”

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  1. Jason says:

    I can say one thing that can help Days. Get rid of Higley.


  2. sweetsherry30 says:

    Wow, this explains alot why Dool is coming last for the 7th week in a row!! The problem is that the stories are not bringing in the viewership because they have no flow, they are all plot storied based instead of writing for the characters. They have all the wrong pairings, that simply do not bring compelling dynamics on our screens enough to draw in high viewership. The current storylines are beyond terrible, the dual Rafe storyline has proven to be a total waste of money, airtime and the ratings are proof that viewers are not tunning in to watch this and it is basically taking over about 50% of the show’s airtime. Along with that we have one of dool’s most favourite character the compelling Ej DiMera acting like a total love fool with no brains and the way they have simply erased all that we have endured through his journey as Ej in Salem “saying he has never been heart broken” is a slap in the face to all his fans who have cried over his numerous heartaches for 4 years. This kind of lack of integrity and history in the show frustrates fans and viewers to a point where they simply just stop watching as they do not recognize their favourite characters anymore. All the stories are all flops for Feb sweeps and now May sweeps is not looking good so far. I will admit that I am an Ejami fan, and believe that if this show is truly trying to make money in very rough economic climat for soaps in general then why are they wasting money on new castings?? Frankly there is nothing wrong with most of their actors, that is the only good thing left going for this show is the talented cast. However, the problem is that they are not being written to allow them to deliver in a way that makes them shine at their best. Like Ali and James they have a very natural and electrical chemistry that has not been forced or contrived, thus allowing this show to capitalize on their chemistry as the powerful grey couple Ejami, because for the last 5 years this couple have never been given a real chance and they have never been written for as a proper couple. However, Ejami sells itself. It doesn’t need pimping and primping in magazines, and forcing synthetic props to make us believe they should be a couple like “Safe”. Ejami can have the most simplest and natural scenes full of simple dialogue no special effects etc and Jamison bring it to every scene they are on together. They make “tomatos and tamatos” the hottest and funniest conversation!! Ali is right, but so far they are not making the right decisions in fact they are going against what the viewers want over and over. How about they start listening to their viewers for once, and allow us to sell their show for them.


  3. Days says:

    IMO Days has been dead sence 2006,maybe if they would bring Bryan Dattilo/Lucas Horton and the charecter John Black back,things would be good again???


  4. kazzy says:

    It’d be nice if Days didn’t keep alienating it’s fans. Like the Lucas and Sami fans for instance. Breaking up a super couple like Lucas and Sami and then Jack and Jenn didn’t help. This soap is dying because of the many new faces that none of us have grown up with. We feel like why is there even a need to care? Characters like Melanie and Dario for instance? I’m supposed to care about them why?

    I’m invested in characters like Lucas Horton<as played by Bryan Dattilo. I was invested in Jack<as played by Matt Ashford. If Days had gone ahead and made Johnny Lucas's, boy would that have made for some big time drama. I like Rafe okay, but he's not and never will be Lucas nor can he ever be John Black. I could also care less about Ej Dimera, whom I can not stand because he destroyed Lucas and Sami when he raped Sami on 12/26.

    Sami was my favorite with Lucas. They destroyed her with Ej and Safe is just not my cup of tea. We need John and Marlena, Belle and Shawn and Austin and Carrie back. Possibly turning Will gay just isn't helping. That is not what I watch soaps for. Please stop killing the show and the soap boards as well. Also reuniting Brady and Chloe would be nice. Taking Parker from Chloe, not cool. Sending Philip off with Parker, even less cool.

    This show is not even recognizable any more. Please do something about it, like maybe hire better writers and another producer. These are just my humble thoughts, I am entitled to them.


    Avelina replied

    I agree with you. I love Ali Sweeney but the writers at DAYS have not told a good story for over 3 years now. My favourte is EJAMI and I will not tune in to watch the paint-drying, boring old SAFE. The dual RAFE story was so awful that DAYS fired one of their writers for it.
    Im surprised DAYS is still on the air with their writing- they will be gone soon. I dont see them lasting particularly if they keep bringing in characters that are not part of theri history. Galen Gering came and has been bagging most of the airtime, no disrespect to him but his character is awful. If the GA wanted SAFE- why are their ratings down the drain. EJOLE was just a waste of time and now they expect us to believe that EJ stopped loving Sami and fell in love with Taylor at first sight.
    I love Bryan Dattilo and he was let go- his chemistry with EJ was much better than Rafe and EJ. He was funny and I would love to see him back on the show.
    If DAYS brought back Matt Ashford, Deidre, Drake and Thaao- their ratings would be better.
    May Sweeps look terrible and how about giving EJAMI a chance. They have gold with EJAMI but as always GG is pets with Gary Tomlin, who has had a hand in ruining this show.


    sweetsherry30 replied

    Avelina – I think they whole entire Hernandez family need to take a hike right out of Salem. None of them actually do anything for this show but drag it down, take over too much airtime, Sami has been totally ruined, and Rafe1/2 is a total flop just like Safe is the most uninspiring, old fashioned boring’s like watching paint dry, or the kettle boiling it really is that “snooze worthy”. Bring back Tanna, Jarlena and Nathan Mate was just the cutest couple..Reminded me of Rachel and Finn from Glee.

    sara replied

    Agree with you. Yeah, look what they did to Ej’s character MY GOD . Why did they started the whole beautiful story about “vendeta between the brady’s and dimera’s or Santo and Colleen if Ej & Sami were not going to be together. It’s all about Galen Gering now . They are trying so hard to make Sami & Rafe super couple. Sorry!!!! Why don’t give Rafe s/l without Sami or Ej in it coz he ruined Sami’s character for me. Ej & Nicole great together too love them.

  5. sweetsherry30 says:

    I think another point too is that the stories should be original, and not recycled stories. I truly believe that soaps in general are doing so bad in this day and age because they have not modernized their stories enough to match with what viewers enjoy nowadays. I hope that they do write a compelling and fresh gay story, if it is with Will and Chad then I give it my full support. Because, it would allow this show to venture into something completely different and Chill already have amazing chemistry. It would bring a new dimension to this show that I believe would bring it out of the dark ages and into the modern society we all live in today, where different sexual relationships are part of the norm. Look at Glee’s Kurt, he has brought in so much viewership because of such a compelling and sensitive issue that alot of people go through and can relate to. This is what Dool needs to start doing writing stories that their audience can relate and connect to. Unfortunately all the stories now on the show are so unrealstic, replayed over and over, and they are unbelievable, grotesque, unemotional, hypocritcal, no integrity. Another really popular trend is “Grey”, like in True blood’s Eric Northman, Dexter, Edward from twilight etc. These are all characters that are not necessarily pure good nor are they pure evil. However viewers love them because they bring more complexities to their over all dynamics and I believe that State, Ejami and Magic are good examples of Grey couples that this show really needs to start writing proper stories for them all so that it will bring wonderful compelling dyanmics, original stories that do not need to cost this show money as they have already the chemistry, history, and family which just makes them all “good soap material with a wonderful modern twist”.


    Avelina replied

    Hey Sweetsherry- I agree completely with your previous comment. Its all about Galen Gering now and its destroyed the show completely. Him and Sami are so boring, I actually feel like gagging at times. The way Ken Corday is trying to shove them down our throat is sickening.
    I dont see the point of bringing Dario to the show- just a complete waste of time when we could have our vets like Jack, John, Marlena back.
    Ive given up on this show and now Y&R is my favourite. If EJAMI are not given a chance, DAYS has lost my viewership!


  6. Days says:

    sami and Lucas was and still is my old time favorite, I want them back and their kids need them,
    and please dont make Will gay,,,,
    and no this show is not even recognizable,Maggie would never act this way,
    LUMILY forever Joanne


  7. Dorothy Galanis says:

    I have lost most of my interest in Days since they teased the Ejami fan base with Ejami. They are the hottest, most dynamic couple on Days or any daytime soap. They have an explosive chemistry together and the sparks fly whenever they are in the same room together. It just seems it comes so naturally and their eys lock together and speak in volumes. TPTB are not the most brightest of writers for not capitalizing on what Ejami have. I believe that is the reason there aren’t too many scenes between AS & JS…their chemistry is there and TIIC are so wrapped up in trying to make safe work that they are willing to destroy their show. Give Ejami a chance. With the ratings as they are since Sami and Ej aren’t together…dump the bore and give Ejami they chance they should have had five years ago. Ejamis are tired of the crumbs…we want the whole loaf or nothing!


    Avelina replied



  8. LUMILY says:

    Lucas and Sami :)
    Jenn and Jack
    John and Marlena
    Tony and Anna
    Bo and Hope
    EJ and Nicole LOVE THEM together
    their chemistry comes so naturally,so put them back together and the rattings will come up up up,,,,,


  9. LUMI says:

    Bryan Dattilo/Lucas Horton and Sami forever and always


  10. sweetsherry30 says:

    Michael : I love that you are making a comparison with British soaps and here in the states. I managed to find this clip and it truly is a good example why Corrie is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary!!

    Ok, Well reading about Michael Fairmans blogg this week about how US soaps are dropping like flies and the brits soaps are raking it in!! Well, Corronation Street is the “daddy” of Soap Dramas coming up to it’s 50th Anniversary only 5 years older than DOOL!! However, Corrie is as POPULAR when it first aired half a centry ago as it is today!! Here is a clip of why Corrie is doing so well!! Maybe this show could get a few tips from the Daddy of Soaps..and start a new soap revelation in the US!!

    This had me laughing till I cried, the dialogue was the best, Blanche is the oldest lady who unfortunatley passed away last year, well she certainly had “Spunk!!” Barlows represents what family drama is all about!! This clip had no special effects, no over the top primping and pimping, it was simple but full of what a daytime drama should be!! This is an example of how this show can create awesome drama scenes without having to get out the big bucks!!

    I can so imagine Ej and Sami going to therapy just like this with Stefano and Kate stirring up shit, and the Will being gay, Kate poisoning Chloe, Sami shooting Ej, Ej stealing Sydney etc!! It would be brilliant if only this show would see what we do!! Ejami, DiMeras are soapy goodness.

    I so wish this show could start injecting the much needed humour back into the show, this family reminds me of DiMERAs meaning Ej, Sami, Stefano, Kate, and their kids!! Please don’t forgive up on the potential of EJAMI as the new DiMERAs!! I get all excited just thinking about it!! LOL


  11. Connie says:

    I have been watching Days for years and the storylines are still excellent. I love the drama that is before each character and I am glad that some old characters are gone and that they consistantly bring in new characters to spice up the storylines. That is why they are still on. I would love it, if it went on at primetime or would be on soap net so they could get better ratings as alot of viewers work during the day and have to watch it by recording it.


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