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6 March 7th, 2016 Alison Sweeney Posts Video Fighting Back Against Company Claiming She Is Endorsing Their Diet Product!

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Former Days of our Lives star Alison Sweeney (Sami), who has been a spokesperson for many products, especially those in the health and wellness field, is firing back on Monday morning for a company using her likeness and creating a bogus Instagram claiming its from her, and a fake article that is ascerting things Sweeney has never said.

Sweeney posted a video to alert all of her fans to the situation and the deception: “They are lying to sell their product.  I would never endorse or support a product that doesn’t believe in living a healthy lifestyle.  I absolutely continue to believe that the way to achieve a healthy lifestyle is to eat right and work out. And that is the kind of thing I want to share with my fans, and I continue to do so.”

The actress/author/producer noted that this use of her name and saying she is endorsing this product is “identity theft” and she has vowed to fight back.   The diet supplement in question is from the makers of Garcinia Cambogia.

Watch Alison’s video after the jump, and then let us know what you think of this fraudalent deception from this company.

Please take the time to watch. Thanks.

Posted by Alison Sweeney on Monday, March 7, 2016

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  1. Chrystie_Delancey says:

    Those jerks using her likeness better watch out. I see the Sami Brady coming out of her. Go get ‘em. Horrible how “people” do these things.


    CeeCee replied

    Yup. Spreading rumors and twisting words….only people without morals do that, Chrystie.
    I do hope Alison puts her Sami boxing gloves on, as you suggest. These trolls do need to be stopped, big time.


  2. Mo says:

    It’s wrong for them to imply or say she is endorsing it if she’s not. Good luck to her in her fight!


  3. su0000 says:

    I don’t know what she believes to be a fraudulent deception from the company because I have not seen, for myself, what she is talking about..
    good luck, to her ..


  4. 4ever DAYS says:

    Alison should sue and open a not-for-profit healthy living camp with her winnings.


  5. Michael (not Fairman) says:

    I’ve seen this with other celebrities: you click on a link to a story that’s supposed to be something like “Is Starlet X secretly back with with Actor Y?” and it turns out to be something allegedly about how Starlet X lost weight with garcinia cambogia so now she’s more alluring and thus Actor Y is madly in love with her again and she recommends it to all of her fans. Had not seen it pop up in stories with Alison, but good for her for fighting back. Aside from the flagrant misrepresentation, it’s annoying as hell.


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