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41 May 9th, 2015 Alison Sweeney Previews Her DAYS Return: “I Think I Can Say That It’s Definitely An Emotional Homecoming …”


Alison Sweeney who returned to Days of our Lives recently to tape episodes surrounding the shows 50th anniversary that kicks-off in the fall and into November, chatted with about being back at the saddle on a daytime drama series, after being gone from the show for over a year.

The recently Daytime Emmy nominated actress, who also has on her resume: host/author/director, previewed what may go down when Sami returns to Salem: “I think I can say that it’s definitely an emotional homecoming and with family there is always going to be. Let me just say that it’s been over a year since I’ve had a tantrum or slapped anybody so I’m out of practice, I might need a refresher.”

After her almost 22-year run on DAYS, Sweeney who has been doing movies made for television, and hosting Biggest Loser among a myriad of projects, said she was challenged coming back to the rigors of soap operas:  “Doing movies we do like eight pages a day, and than I have to go back and do like 50 pages in a day. Oh my gosh. I said to the producer, ‘You know I’m really out of practice, right? Just so you’re aware it’s a really long time since I’ve memorized anything like that.’ I’m freaking out a little but am very excited to see my friends and be family again.”

What will bring Sami back in story to Salem? Share your thoughts on Sweeney’s return below!


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  1. mzemma says:

    Can’t say I have missed Sami at all. And since she evidently is not bringing her children, guess it is a short visit. Either a wedding, or an illness/funeral is probably on the agenda.
    Too bad Sami isn’t returning right now, as her son, Will, needs a wake up call.
    Whatever the reason for the return, I pray it is better than the inane reason she went to CA (the movie on Sami’s life).


    dmr replied

    I agree with you, mzemma. I hope that she takes nuWill back to California with her…


    Patrick replied

    I couldn’t agree more… take Guy Wilson back to hollywood… to ply his craft

    in order for him to “be” in Salem

    his job… for thee denizen to act at ???

    and respond to Freddie Smith… ???

    that’s not acting with… and for

    his contribution to Salem … lulls… lacks.. and languor

    sorry… has to be said…

    I can’t help but think… this was a part of the reason Freddie Smith exited… although.. I had to google just how much his participation.. and invest in that facial cream… reaps



    and this pairing

    hope the trio… : Sony / Days / NBC prop and reinvent

    SZima replied

    Say WHAAAAT? You haven’t missed Sami? This show has been pretty much complete CRAP since she and EJ left.
    Sami gave the show so much energy; now it’s a snooze-fest!


  2. Ashleigh says:

    Ok this is really mean, but why do they always come back? It’s like a vicious painful game of whack-a-mole. Just when you get used to them being gone, they come back and then leave again just to rip the band-aid off our poor wounded flesh. Why? Let us move on! I don’t watch Days too often, but I’ve been through favorite character whack-a-mole multiple times with other soaps, and the fans are the ones getting slammed on the head.


    sharron replied

    Agree! Stay or go! They always go to do “other projects”. Then, those projects seem to fizzle, and they return. Just stick with the show, like all the veterans have!


    Mary SF replied

    It is not mean, and agree in general, but in AS case it is a bit unfair. She was only sixteen when she started on the show, she stayed for 22 years– far longer than most of the young ones who leave thinking there are bigger pastures out there only to return a few years later.

    Also, this is the 50th anniversary year– Sami was big part of the show, and I think AS would want to be a part of this milestone year. In this case, her returning is more like a family reunion, than an actress who left, realized there was nothing out there and is coming back. If it wasn’t the 50th anniversary year and she came back I might think it was bit too soon, but for this event I think her coming back for part of it is justified.


    Dottie replied

    Agreed! And very well stated

    Chrystie Delancey replied

    Plus, she said all along that she would come back now and again, so this should not come as a surprise.

    Patrick replied

    have to agree : “it’s not mean”

    I didn’t even think of Sami… after the demise of EJ

    yes, granted, he may still be alive

    should the trio: production unify

    re-invent EJ with Michael Muhney… or another actor capable of stratosphere.. then have at it

  3. 4ever DAYS says:

    Caroline Brady’s illness and/or death will bring Sami back.


  4. Cindy says:

    She has to find out EJ IS ALIVE & save him from Stefano !


    Patrick replied




    from Abs… senses dull.. with her… Keep her looking like a woman… ??? !!!! she’s done it before

    this thing going on with .. pairing her with Chad… doesn’t work… I just balked at the scenes with Chad … throwing himself at… and she runs back to BEN… when her sanctimonious self declared DiMera less

    BRING BACK Sheryl… ie: the hottest woman to be paired with Lucas.. since Sami… and Chad takes an interest… now .. heres… a HOTTEST trio… to spark


  5. Blake says:

    I’m glad Sami is back. It has been a nice break with her off the show but hopefully she will come back again.


  6. linda dupuis says:

    It will be good to see Sami back she always added some spice to the show and please don’t let Kristen be alive that would be really stupid she fell 100 feet no one survives that


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Cats do…lol


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Due to illness…ill take the rest of the month off to comment…see you all in June…i hope!!!

    Mary SF replied

    Yeah, when they need Kristen she will live, just like every Dimera who “died” before her. Sorry to hear you are not well– keeping you in my prayers– these threads just won’t be the same without you, so I do hope you come back in June, in the meanwhile it is time to focus on yourself and your health– unlike like cats and Dimera’s we only have one life, so take care

    linda dupuis replied

    Hope do better thinking of you be well

    Patrick replied

    my sincere regards JimH

    take care…

    you’ve stamped and etched your presence w/FUN

  7. Renee Williams says:

    I think that when Will goes to find out info on Clyde, He comes up missing or hurt really bad and it brings Sami back to Salem.


  8. The Substitute says:

    My gosh the woman was on for 21years let her pay tribute to a soap she grew up on! Allison Sweeney is a spit fire she has a lot on the ball I was sorry that she did not win the emmy. The problem with this whole system is you have columnists who pitch for their favorites and interns that get paid to go on blogs and drivel at the mouth about scenery chewers!


    Patrick replied

    “I” was sorry too

    let the : finally lauded : nominated : forego… the WIN

    everyone in the industry knows… how equal… plus… Maura West contributes

    there has to be times.. when gift back… should be lauded

    Maura : if GH is smart… has plenty… and “ALL” the hierarchy at top

    22 years of dream… should have persevered


    Patrick replied

    I don’t want to denigrate or less than

    Ali Sweeney



    contributed the genre immense

    “Thank You, Ali”

    Patrick replied

    *there has to be times.. when gift back…

    take note, Anthony Geary

    “thank you”

    Sami replied

    What the hell is up with your punctuation and syntax? Trying to read your comments is like doing a puzzle.

  9. Tim S says:

    It is too early for her to comeback.. she needs to stay away.. she made her bed( and left Days) and she needs to stay away for at least a few years to let her fans miss her….


    Mary SF replied

    Under normal circumstances I would agree with you, but this is 50th anniversary of the show– and she was a big part of the show for 22 years. I think it would be silly to have 50th anniversary year without bring back Sami for some of it. It would upset her fan base more if they didn’t ask her back or if she said no. Those who are not fans of hers can rest assured the return will no doubt be brief.


    Laurie replied

    This is a different situation, Tim. Days is bringing many fan favorites back for their 50th Anniversary show. They are really pulling out the stops and it would be silly to NOT invite AS just because she just left a year ago. Quite frankly fans would be angry & disappointed.


  10. louisa says:

    Can’t wait to see her again. I SO hope EJ returns too!


  11. Kathy Lewis says:

    I grew up watching Days and Sami has certainly been one of the most interesting characters. I do hope that EJ is alive (he is a Dimera) and he and Sami can finally find the peace they deserve. They both went from conniving, manipulative people, to find their true love. Sami finally found some happiness and the scene in the morgue even brought me to tears. Now they can get rid of Serena, she’s lies to everyone all the time. At least, Sami did it with dignity. Also, Will needs a good slap for acting like a paranoid idiot. So, if Sami comes back maybe she can line up several of the characters.


  12. damien says:

    can carrie and austin come back too?!
    i miss the beautiful christie clark… her and rafe were soooo good together,as are her and austin. which makes it so hard to choose! maybe they can do a rafe/ carrie/ austin triangle for real this time!


    Patrick replied

    “beautiful” post


    this would be MAGICal

    “…i miss the beautiful christie clark… her and rafe were soooo good together ”

    you add this threesome
    w/ Stephen Nichols
    w/ Peter Reckell

    dang! this is serial recipe for fall all over in love again


  13. LUMILY says:

    I want Sami Horton to come back for Lucas and Will,they are family and please bring Allie Horton too.


    Patrick replied

    I don’t know what to think

    ie: Adrienne, Justin, and Lucas

    this is combustion drama unfold


    I can’t tell you who deserves Adri

    I love them

    tears, submission,for the fallout outcome, big reel

    thank you Wally Kurth, Judi Evans, Bryan Dattilo


    Patrick replied

    they should soras Ali…

    for Joey


    just to think of Kayla.. mixing… so much more.. and giving Lucas more air



    Sami replied

    Ali and Joey are cousins.

  14. Tim S says:

    Nick needs to come back and take Eve with him…Now that would be a good storyline…


    Aden replied

    Nick and Eve were one of the greasiest, sleaziest, most disgusting couples to ever appear on daytime t.v. second only to Kathie Lee and Hoda.


    Patrick replied

    I really do seperate Kassie DePaiva and Casey Moss

    two of the finest contributors in Salem



    I laud them

    they forego… bad writing… or audience vehement… and troop upward

    they love each other… and against the grain.. fan chagrin… they LOVE

    let it go

    these two carry


  15. Robin says:

    Bring EJ back with Sami to deal with Clyde. The big dogs all get into trouble and EJ comes back to save his father and Sami helps. Clyde, Stef and Kidockis get in to trouble together wtih some new villian they team up and the villian takes over and tries to kill them all and kipnapps their family members one by one, suddenly people are missing everywhere. EJ, Sami, Rafe, Hope, John swope in and take control after half the town feels the tremors of the evil surroundings. Interesting twist all over……….


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