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9 June 9th, 2014 Alison Sweeney Talks Her Emotional Final Tape Day At DAYS, How The Door Is Left Open For A Return, Her New Book Scared Scriptless on Access Hollywood Live!


Alison Sweeney (Sami, DAYS) was a guest on Access Hollywood Live  today promoting her new novel in stores now Scared Scriptless! While speaking with hosts Billy Bush and Kit Hoover, the subject of Sweeney’s departure after nearly 22 years from Days of our Lives was discussed.

In an emotional moment as Alison was recounting what went down on her final tape day at DAYS, Kit asked her if she was scared or nervous about moving on with her career which did not include playing Sami  to which Sweeney answered: “I’m not scared. I’m sad, but I know that I will miss Sami. And I will miss my friends and the family that I have at the DAYS set… They’re my family and I’ve been doing it for almost 22 years.”

As to how the show will be writing off Sami, Alison confirmed again that the door will be left open for a possible return down the line should she want to at some point return to the soap opera:  “Yes, the door is open. There’s potential.  And I hope I come back — I would love to.”

Watch Alison’s segment from Access Hollywood Live after the jump! Then, let us know if you are happy that the door will be left open for the character of Sami to return to Salem?  How do you think she will be written off the canvas?  What did you think about Alison retelling the story from her final moment on the set and how everyone gathered around to be there as she shot her final scene?   Let us know!

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  1. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    I hope if she ever returns as a guest or full time they write something far better than what they have done with the sad, pathetic, pointless return of John Black…Days is still the best of the four remaining soaps but its starting to loose some steam…imo…hopefully that will change with Eves arrival and Kristens return…could care less if Rafe, Jordan and Ben left town…this trios storyline is very slow and going nowhere for me…nuBen wouldve made a better Chad!!! Come on American producers and writers…check out Britains Coronation Street and see how a great soap is done…you can see it on youtube if not in your area…bet our soaps would do better if they were more like Britains character driven close to real life plotlines!!!…IMO!!!


  2. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    I have a feeling Sami will be back occasionally for guest visits around the holidays, etc. And then in about five years or so, she’ll come back full time.


  3. DaysFan says:

    I’m glad that they are leaving the door open for her to come back for special events and things down the road.
    I want to know what item she stole from the Days set! They never addressed it in the clip (that I saw).


  4. Mary SF says:

    Okay what did she take from the set that she wasn’t supposed to? Gave the tease and never got back to it– LOL. But the sounds of it she isn’t slowing down any, but after 22 years of doing anything, don’t blame for wanting to take a break. Have no idea how they write her off since the story is so far in the future– maybe they will have her become a PI and her first case is to track down Bo, but she disappears along with him.


  5. Johnny says:

    I certainly wish her all the best. She is a dynamo with being a busy career woman, wife and mother!! With regards to the character of Sami I feel differently. Maybe its because she was written as such a one note psychopath under Jim Reilly’s pen…I have never been a big fan of the character. The last year or so I have liked her the most I ever have. But with that said…I feel it is a good time for her to go. The show is in good shape with both veterans and newcomers and her exit will not leave a gaping void. No doubt she will be back next year in some form for the shows’s 50th. We will see her again!


  6. Britney says:

    I Will miss Sami only! Good luck AS! I defiantly think when Sami comes back we will finally get a LUMI REUNION!!!!!! Sami belongs with lucas not her obsessive stalking sick rapist


  7. 4ever DAYS says:

    Good story. Now, give us stories of Kassie DePaiva’s debut and the return of Eileen Davidson!!


  8. dmr says:

    I’m not a huge fan of Sami Brady; but, I admire Ali Sweeney a lot. She is very driven, focused, and successful. I admire those qualities in a woman. I also admire how honest she appears to be about being a working wife and mother. I wish her the very best in her future endeavors!


  9. Rj says:

    Glad they will leave the door open for her to visit periodically. She was a central character, and seeing her once in awhile will add a spark and pizazz when the show needs a little bit of a boost. I hope the show will still be on in 5 years, and it would be fine to have her come back, but one never knows if the show will be on that long, and also Allison may be on to many other projects and venues. With all of the said, I wish Allison all of the best she seems to be a dynamo!


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