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41 May 27th, 2014 Alison Sweeney’s Wrap-Party At DAYS Brings Back Familiar Faces & Deidre Hall Posts Emotional Message!

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After over 20 years last week Alison Sweeney wrapped up her run as Samantha Gene Brady!  For those who watched the NBC soap opera for those two decades, they have seen Alison grown before their eyes from a teenager to a woman who became the centerpiece more often than not of the series.

Alison will be seen on episodes into the fall, since DAYS tapes so far in advance, but when it was time for the on-set farewell party on Friday, she was in for a surprise when none other than Wayne Northrup (Ex-Roman), Christie Clark (Ex-Carrie) and Patrick Muldoon (Ex-Austin) where in attendance to wish her well and congratulate Ali on a job well-done!

The actress/author/host told Soap Opera Digest about the party on Friday: “That gathering and Ken Corday, executive producer. talking and seeing everyone there meant so much to me, in particular that people who came so far, like Wayne, and Christie flying all the way down form Northern California, and Patrick picking her up at the airport.”  Sweeney also revealed, as one would expect that knowing this was the end of her run:  “My last day was such an emotional day,” It was so difficult and sad, but also really wonderful and special. ”

Deidre Hall, who for years has played Alison’s mother, Marlena on DAYS for decades wrote on her own facebook page on Friday. “Dearest Ali.  I don’t know how we will get through today, much less all the Days to follow. For years I have stood arms-length from you, finding our light, watching the greatest show of all. It has been your breathtaking journey to womanhood. I am unspeakably proud.  My love and respect for you go beyond words. You are the daughter I never had.  I always knew you would walk, I never dreamed you would fly. Clear skies, little one. Deidre”

So, this week Alison Sweeney is no longer taping at DAYS, hard to imagine!  What do you think of Wayne, Christie and Patrick showing up for Ali’s swan song? And the words in Deidre’s post to honor Alison?   How do you feel knowing that Alison has officially left the building to continue with her other projects and spend more time with her children?  Share your thoughts below!

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  1. andrew hass says:

    I’m glad that the show threw Allison a fareweel party and that some of her former cast mates came to say goodbye to her.As for Allison leaving the show i can understand that after 20 years she needs a break to do other stuff and spend more time with her family.However it wouldn’t surprise if she returns one day even if it is just for short visits from time to time.So she could come back for holiday episodes or for the show’s 50th anniversary next year.So finally i wish her all the best in whatever she does next.


  2. Mo says:

    That was so nice that former castmates showed up. Deidre’s message is wonderful. It all just shows how highly people think of her.

    I remember when Ali/Sami first showed up in Salem. I have enjoyed watching her all the Days of my Life. I’ll miss her, but the show will go on!


  3. dmr says:

    Deidre Hall is always such a class act. I absolutely adore her; I love when she is on-air and am so happy to see Marlena give John the boot! She’s incredibly beautiful and classy. Best of luch to Ali.


    Patrick replied

    “the divorce is preceding”

    “there was no reason for you to come back”


    woah, hold the horses one dang minute
    let me get my bearings

    this is coming from Marlena at John

    as she walks out

    scene end



    DAYS writing stirs up continually within that cast everything gells

    I just couldn’t be happier


    I admire Deidre Hall immensely

    she sees the big picture and helps her lot….
    she’s magnanimous in her being their…
    her part in the DAYS production is rock….

    “like the daugher I never had”

    even I don’t know what will become of John and Marlena… but I know they caught me off guard and I”m up and waiting for MORE

    I really like that Lucas is a suspect… he just props his dig in and runs away with show…

    Now, if only they would start featuring Mary Beth Evens’ Kayla….
    then give me some Bev
    then start T (tad)

    so many avenues and outlets – it’s rich beyond – the cast cull…..

    DAYS is healthy, out their… and

    well you know…. Days of OUR Lives is in command, must watch mode


    dmr replied

    DOOL has really shown a vast amount of improvement since the ’90′s. The writers are back to writing about the core families and the legacy characters. The storylines have balance. The cast is a good size. I love how the show is now being recognized at the Daytime Emmys. I also watch General Hospital, which has seen a decline with too many characters and storylines not getting enough plug. The show is all over the place. Back to DOOL, I would love to see the actress who plays Kate Roberts be nominated for an Emmy, as well as, Deidre Hall. Two beautiful and talented woman with a lot of class and sophistication. I can’t wait for Gabi to leave. Wish she would take Rafe with her, too. “Wil-Son” nauseates me. I don’t care for nuWill. To each their own, I suppose!

  4. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Sami will be back one day…i guess Chandler Massey wasnt there!!!


  5. Ces says:

    I haven’t watched the show in over a year but as a big fan of Days for many, many years and watching Alison Sweeney since day one on the show, I think it’s a great send-off for her. How awesome that Wayne, Christie & Patrick all made a special visit too!
    Nice message from Deidre as well.


  6. 4everDAYS says:

    AS can always come back. I wish WN would come back as Roman.


    Joel replied

    Wayne will always be Roman to me!!


    Ces replied

    agreed. Drake is John Black. Josh Taylor is CHRIS KOSTICHEK! Can’t believe he has “played” Roman this long. ridiculous.

    Elizabeth replied

    Agreed. It was really a shame to see Josh as Roman Brady. Although not as bad as when DOOL fired Natasha Livingston as Taylor and replaced her with Tamara Braun. Loved her as Carly Corinthos, but her chemistry with James Scott was downright terrible.

  7. MBmomof3 says:

    I can remember her first episodes. Loved that naughty little character. Love Samir now and can’t imagine DOOL without her. All the best to Allison Sweeney. You’ll be missed.


  8. k/kay says:

    I haven’t watched this show in years but boy was AS a find I can remember ML from TV Guide writing an article on her and how great she was he was right. To my knowledge she has never had a emmy nomination this is why I think the emmys are a big joke! I saw a picture of Wayne Northup on the set to visit her he looked wonderful. I am sure she will be missed. Best wishes AS!


  9. Johmny says:

    I will miss Alison so much, she is a wonderful actress. Days should fire Josh Taylor and bring. back Wayne Northrop.


    Ces replied



  10. janet says:

    good luck to her. I don’t watch days anymore but I did .Nice of her *family*,to show up. Wish her the best.


  11. Tracey says:

    I knew Allison was leaving DAYS but I thought she was taping through December. It won’t be the same but I hope they don’t ever recast and leave it open for both her and James to return anytime.


    andrew hass replied

    Allison said she would be willing to come back to the show for weddings,funerals and big events like the 50th anniversary next year.However if the show decided to recast Sami Allison said it would break her heart but would understand that the show would have to do what’s best for them.Plus she said if the show did recast Sami she would wish the new actress luck.However i think before the show recasted Sami they would make every attempt to get Allison back first.


    Tracey replied

    Thank you for the update. If TBL becomes canceled at some point, I am sure Days would welcome her back with open arms if Allison wanted to return.

  12. jean sheppard says:

    I will miss Allison as Sammie I do not know how the show will ever be the same. She was such an important part of the show. I really was hoping she would change her mind and stay but I do wish her good luck in what ever she does.I know she wants to spend time with her family and also wants to do other things. I hope to see her back on dool some time in the future


    4everDAYS replied

    The show never is and never has been the same. It is forever evolving, as it should. It can be just as good or better than ever with her exit. Many things come into play. Not being the same does not automatically mean it will be worse. The show will go on. I’ll be watching until the end of time.


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Ive seen many comings and goings(the worse in 1980 during the shows mass firings) since the 1960s(with a few breaks over the years but i came back,) and ill probably continue to watch until the hour glass stops!!!

  13. Omar says:

    She will bes sorely miss but I am sure she will come back one way or the other..Good luck to her..I been watching for close to 3 years, and I always get giddy when she comes on screen..A soilid actress who delivers..Those who do not watch DAYS are missing out on a damn good soap..The best in the business for the last couple of years and I watch 3 of the 4..Started boycotting B&B for the last few weeks.


  14. Mark says:

    Days Deidre and Ali are just so classy! There is no better show than Days!!!!!


  15. boes says:

    I can’t think of anyone who deserves a great sendoff party more than her. Like the character or hate her, I don’t think anyone could ever say that AS doesn’t put her ALL into each and every scene.
    I’m really going to miss her and I’m only a newish viewer. I can’t imagine how long time fans must feel.


  16. Max says:

    Thank you Allison for so many wonderful scenes. My Family and I have watched you from the beginning. You will be missed at our house.


  17. damien says:

    could Christie and Patrick or Austin peck stay!!!!!!!!!! love carrie and Austin!!!


    Ces replied

    after a 10 year hiatus from Days, I returned for Christie, Patrick and Matthew only for them to be dumped …. continued to watch due to Dee, Drake, Ali, Eileen, Chandler, Kristian & Peter but gave up anyway …. just couldn’t stay interested in the Daniel, Jennifer, her icky son, Abigail, Chloe and Hope’s backburner status.


  18. Mary SF says:

    AS is the whole package– beauty, brains and talent. She is one of those soap actresses who has earned the right for her character to be retired if she is truly finished with Days. I suspect she will pop in now and then, can’t imagine they would kill off Sami.

    My favorite Sami moments were in her early days, kidnapping her baby sister, the love triangle between her, Carrie and Austin. Loved her with Lucas in those early days too– partners in crime those two were.

    But I think I respect her loyalty to the soap and to the character. Sad truth is many of the young ones, once they get a taste of fame, want out, to move on, but AS stayed put and we got a chance to grow up with her, and her character– quite the emotional investment for her and us as viewers.

    “Bon chance’ Allison– you will be missed.


  19. RLeternal says:

    I am going to miss AS so much. She is extremely beautiful and she is my favorite soap actress. Thank you! AS and Good Luck! DH’s tribute to AS was absolutely wonderful.


  20. code says:

    She is favorite actress and character, I will miss her character like crazy. Im glad they threw her farewell party. Alison is truly a great talent!


  21. RJS says:

    Hard to believe that both Ali and James are gone. They have been front and center for so long. With that said, I thank them for the entertainment, and wish them the best. Well, Days the ball is in your court to fill the void, and keep the drama going to draw us in. Look forward to see what you will do.


  22. Amy from Australia says:

    So completely devastated. In tears. Heart felt words from Deidre. So sad to see her go. EJAMI better have a happy ending!!!


  23. Keith Clark says:

    We love you Ali. Good luck and God bless you in future endeavors. I am PRAYING that Wayne Northrop came to the farewell not only to say goodbye to Ali but to maybe talk to the powers-that-be to reprise his role as THE REAL ROMAN BRADY. I am not being cruel here at all, but Josh Taylor is NOT Roman and NEVER has been in my opinion. We need Wayne back to show the true acting ability and stage presence that he personified as Roman Augustus Brady all those years ago. If they want to keep Josh Taylor, that’s fine. Bring back Chris Kositchek and let Josh take over his own original role. I honestly think the reason that Roman gets little screen time is that fans don’t get excited about the portrayal of the character by Taylor, As a man of 48 years old, I have watched this show since the early 80s. Deidre Hall & Wayne Northrop had chemistry that sizzled back in the day. If Wayne came back to the canvas as Roman, that would be an awesome way to get those two back together, especially now that John Black is being such a jerk. No offense, Drake, we still love you just not JOhn at the present time. LOL. Anyway, good luck Ali. WE WILL MISS YOU GREATLY> Hugs and love to you.


  24. nancy says:

    I will miss Alison i’m sad to see her go she reminds me of a poem she walks in beauty for so many years and throughout her years so beautiful with a lot of bite as sami think you for sami


    nancy replied

    I ment to say at the end thank you for sami


  25. Virginia says:

    I’ll miss seeing her because that “girl” can really act !!!! I have watched her from day one, she acts her ass off …..


  26. Tony Polar says:

    I am sorry to see her go even though the character she plays is one gigantic pain in the neck (of course, that’s the way she’s written I know) – with the characters of EJ and Sami going bye-bye I wonder how the writers will work around their absense.
    They are the focal point of the show it seems to me (I am a relatively new viewer)
    so it should be
    interesting to watch.


  27. MBmomof3 says:

    I’d love to see photos from the party. Anyone know where we can see some pics?


    fanny replied

    Go to Deidre Hall’s facebook fan page and you will see many photos of Alison’s last day.


  28. myke says:

    Ms. Sweeney,
    Thank you for the wonderful yrs that you’ve shared with us, your fans, you. Ive watch you on the show since you came on, and I must say, you have grown into a beautiful young lady. Good luck in the next chapter of your life, whatever that will be, you will be awesome in it. Sami, don’t stay away from Salem to long like your Uncle Bo, or Aunt Kim……………….
    There have been many awesome storylines that defined you, but the one that sticks out is when Sami saw mom n John on the table at da party… CLASSIC!!!! Did Sami ever forgive her mom??
    And Oct 232014 show. That hug between Sami n Nicole……….WOW!!! I freekn cried Allison!!!! lol. Finaly, the letter from Deidra Hall.. Only a **mom*** would know how to put things in order…….Awesome Doc.Evans…………..
    Again Samantha Gene Brady, aka Allison Sweeny, Thx and good luckin your new adventures.


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