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27 October 1st, 2016 All Her Children: Agnes Nixon’s Funeral Service Brings Touching & Bittersweet Reunion

Photo: Kim Delaney Instagram

Saturday morning funeral services were held for the iconic Agnes Nixon (creator All My Children and One Life to Live) who passed away earlier this week at the age  93 in Philadelphia.

Throughout the day, several touching posts made their way via social media from those who attended the service, and gathered together following the service, to celebrate the life and times of this remarkable woman whose mark on daytime soaps is unparalled.

In one of the most beautiful moments, former OLTL head writer, Ron Carlivati, shared with everyone of his followers on Twitter, the program from the funeral service, which included photos of Agnes, plus the now legendary quote from Nixon’s original bible of All My Children: “The Great and the Least, The Weak and the Strong, The Rich and the Poor, In Joy and Sorrow, In Triumph and Tragedy, You are All My Children.” 

Carlivati’s words accompany the images in his tweet were: “Celebrating the life of Agnes Nixon today and wanted to share this with all her children…”

Photo: RCarlivati Twitter

Former All My Children stars: Kim Delaney (Ex-Jenny Gardner), Darnell Williams (Ex-Jesse) and Susan Lucci (Ex-Erica) were in attendance. Delaney and Lucci shared some images of the reunion with their former co-stars and AMC producers gathered to remember Agnes, including: Francesca James (Ex-Kitty/Kelly) who later went on to be the EP of the series, Ginger Smith, who was Supervising Producer on ABC’s All My Children and later EP of Prospect Park’s reboot version, and former AMC producer, Carol Shure, former AMC head writer, Lorraine Broderick. former Consulting Producer and ABC Daytime executive consultant and EP, Randi Subarksy, AMC’s production team’s Rusty Swoop. and in the very front Agnes Nixon’s great-granddaughter. Fay.

Susan Lucci shared via Instagram shared: ” All Her Children–as some of us gathered today to say God speed and celebrate our beloved Agnes Nixon.”

Kim Delaney posted:  “Bittersweet reunion, RIP Agnes”

Carol Shure posted: “Celebrated the extraordinary life of Agnes Nixon with ALL her Children. She touched the lives of so many. I am blessed by her kindness, guidance, and love.”

Share your thoughts via the comment section below on the heartfelt images and posts from Carlivati, Lucci, and Delaney as we honor the life of Agnes Nixon this weekend, a woman who meant so much to so many.

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  1. Lew S. says:

    A true legend and a talented writer/creator. She will be sorely missed. Soap writers of today, take a page from Ms. Nixon. The word visionary totally describes her.


    Llanviewer717 replied

    Very well said Lew S. I agree with you 100%.


    Lin replied

    amen, Lew S.

    JK replied



  2. su0000 says:

    I stop-in and read both FV & RC twitter..
    - RC– has soooo much great reminiscing soap pictures etc..
    He no longer writes for a soap but reading his twitter page he has never forgotten, let go, of his love for all the soaps he wrote for…. I really enjoyed all his pics etc of days gone bye.
    it’s worth a look-see ..

    Agnes was greatly respected and loved..
    It was wonderful so many that loved her gave her a great send off ..
    A great Lady, indeed ..


  3. Jodi Roeschen says:

    All My Children and One Life To Live( along with General Hospital) were my childhood and into my college years and when I married and had my children and was a stay at home mom, I watched them everyday! Rest in Peace to Agnes Nixon who brought so many amazing stories to life! Thank You


  4. Tivette says:

    The one and only…she is the singular greatest gift to daytime television that only one comes along in a lifetime. God Bless and thank you for all you came to give dear Agnes.


  5. Lin says:

    This made me cry. What more can be said.


  6. mark says:

    I was never a huge fan of her abc shows but she was a legend


  7. soapqueenforever says:

    Truly the end of an era. Ms Nixon changed the face of the American soap opera. And as long as social media stays with us, we can always look at a clip of her work and be reminded of the incredible legacy she left behind. Rest in peace Ms Nixon. Thank you for sharing your one life with us.


  8. Kit says:

    And the story never ends.


  9. SZima says:

    AMC was the first soap I watched as an adult, after my son was born, and I was home during the day.
    Agnes conceived and wrote the most compelling stories which few others have ever matched.
    So sorry she’s passed.
    So sorry her wonderful shows were shamefully dumped by ABC!


  10. jeremy says:

    RIP, Agnes Love Ya!!! You was the best storyteller of Daytime….


  11. clb says:

    Agnes Nixon and Irna Phillips were 2 of a kind — daytime visionaries! We will miss Agnes. Sad that she saw ABC cancel AMC and OLTL.


  12. davlestev1 says:

    la and ed hall..vinnie and wanda wolek..the original rachel on another world who later became dorian lord..ruth and joe..billy clyde tuggle..donna beck..marco and tina…karen wolek…amazing well thought out characters and towns..back history galore..claudette montgomery and her mother..the amazing phoebe tyler ..langley..jesse and angie..jeff and mary…riveting on the edge of your seat shout at the screen drama…and that was daytime..R.I.P. a legend among many…a true standout.


  13. Phyllis Sizemore says:

    Thank you , Agnes Nixon for the many, many Yeats of entertainment you gave us. All My Children was the best soap EVER! I wish so much it would return to weekday afternoons.


  14. Betty says:

    I’ll never forgive ABC for cancelling All My Children & One Life To Live simultaneously. Their ratings and replacements have never recovered those loyal audiences. Then CBS kills Guiding Light and As The World Turns. Just think of the losses of daytime viewers.


    JK replied



  15. Geoffrey-Martin Cyr says:

    Forever grateful how she touched my beloved CBS (P&G) shows: #AsTheWorldTurns, #GuidingLight and #SearchForTomorrow … and respectful of her creation and nurturing of her ABC serials #AllMyChildren, #Loving and #OneLifeToLive. Truly, the approaching end-of-an-era (…with only Lee Phillip Bell to connect us to that glorious past!) Safe passage, Aggie. #Godspeed


  16. Skater Boy says:

    Life ending no matter what has a touch of sadness and bittersweetness. She may not have solved poverty,hunger or AIDs but her talent brought us smiles, tears, some social awareness and some great escapism. Some may say she brought us, created, the one and only Erica Kane – enough said. She will be missed but has led a full life and her memoirs are now finished too. She is one of the few writers/creators that was so well known publicly. So full of life, class and style – putting her family first – rumour has it a great mentor to Susan Lucci who also put family first before her career. A chapter has ended but the cover will always be opened by generations to follow. – The greatest; the least – she was the greatest.


    Patricio replied

    Hello Skater Boy !

    You are correct. Two words alone tell the tale of a great lady – Erica Kane!


  17. Maureen McCarthey says:

    thank you for all your stories
    loved the soaps such a great release from world
    cheers to phoebe, charles, Mona and the Martins


  18. Windy B says:

    I have watched all of the ABC soaps since I was a child. I am now 52 and all that I have left to watch every day is General Hospital. I gasped when I saw their tribute of the October 4th, 2016 episode dedicated to her, as I had not heard that she had passed. That amazing woman created years of laughter, joy, tears. and love for me and all of her fans worldwide. I knew of Agnes Nixon fondly, and never have heard a negative word mentioned about her. May we all go through this life led by her example and grace. And by the fortitude that she showed by producing not one, but two of the greatest daytime hits of all time during an era when it wasn’t a woman’s “place” to be as wildly successful as she became. I grew up with All Her Children throughout my One Life to Live, and I have grown old with the rest of the cast and it has been a sheer joy. Thank you, Agnes Nixon, for all of the years of entertainment that you provided to us and a lifetime of companionship to me, with the one mainstay throughout my life- ABC soaps! Forever your fan, windy


    Patricio replied

    What a beautiful tribute Windy! My feeling are similar to yours as is my story. I’m 54 years old and like you, grew up watching the ABC soaps. We are left with GENERAL HOSPITAL which always had a big following but never was as great as Ms. Nixons creations.

    Wish you happiness Windi!


  19. Candi McMahan says:

    I was so saddened, to see the very last episode of OLTL, which I had watched/recorded, every single day, since 1992, and, wasn’t quite sure, just how I felt, about Prospect Park. Didn’t really matter, though, as I prefer television viewing to online viewing, so…that, for me, was the end of OLTL; however, I have become very attached to GH, and, enjoy every single episode.
    Agnes- you were blessed with such a gift…and, now…you have your wings!

    Rest In Peace,



  20. Rickie Boguille says:

    Who can forget her creations? Rachel, Ada, Sam, and Lahoma on “Another World”… Phoebe Tyler, Nick Davis, Margo Flax, madcap Edna Thornton, and Tyrone the Pimp on “All My Children”… Carla and Sadie Gray, Vinnie, Anna, and Larry Wolek on “One Life to Live”… What I’ll remember most is the humor she injected into the soaps. Who didn’t chuckle at Nick Davis’ natty and outrageous mid-1970s outfits? Margo’s obsession to reclaim her youth and to land Paul Martin? Sadie and Anna’s heart-to-hearts? Phoebe’s insufferable snobbishness? For me, these characters and friendships were secondary to the love stories and plot twists. She created characters that were indelible. Thank you, Ms Nixon…


  21. Patricio says:

    What strikes me of the millions of American women and to a lesser extent men who were her core audience in the 60′s, 70,s and 80′s have passed. That core audience was entertained and educated in the Empire begun by the great Ms Nixon.

    I was lucky enough to meet the great Ms. N which in New York in January 12 , 2012. The eve of OLTL last airing. She was with Ron Carlivati. She was weak but not frail. She clung to him like a loving mother, he caring for her like he was the watchman of a priceless jewel. They must have loved each other so.


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