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10 July 24th, 2014 All My Children Alum Finn Wittrock Cast In American Horror Story: Freak Show!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Ryan Murphy has added another stellar actor to his line-up with the addition announced today via The Wrap of former All My Children alum and Julliard grad, Finn Wittrock (Ex-Damon) to the cast of his FX anthology series, American Horror Story: Freak Show!

Murphy made the announcement via Twitter on Tuesday stating: “Thrilled to announce the very talented FINN WITTROCK has joined the cast of Freak Show!”   However, no character information as to whom Finn will play has been announced at this time, as per usual with the series!

It comes as no surprise that Murphy should choose Finn as the two worked together on HBO’s The Normal Heart!

The upcoming American Horror Story: Freak Show, is set in 1950′s Florida (although shooting is going on in New Orleans) and will bring back cast members including Kathy Bates, Sarah Paulson, and Evan Peters along with new series star Michael Chiklis!

What do you think of the success Finn has found in primetime and movies?  Let us know!

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  1. su0000 says:

    I’m a fan of American Horror Story..So looking forward to seeing Finn ..
    I can only imagine what role he would play ..


  2. KateA says:

    Great actor! Enjoyed watching him on AMC! I had to stop watching the reruns of AMC because I get so sad and depressed. Still boycotting ABC! I will never forgive ABC.


    su0000 replied

    ABC has the very best primetime soaps. awesome..!!
    You should boycott ABC daytime, and not prime time..
    AMC was canceled by the daytime peoples not by primetime..
    ABC has different departments.. It is huge..
    It was the daytime suites that had AMC canceled.. Not ABC in the whole, actually..
    They/daytime suits recommen, do their job and ABC does what they recommend..
    you are missing some really great primetime soaps, for sure..


    harry replied

    I miss Tadd and Adam. I wonder how David Canary and Michael E Knight are doing?


    Kevin replied

    You need to get over it, AMC deserved to get cancelled. The ratings were falling and the writing was terrible. One Life to Live was a good soap, the ratings were getting really good, but they got cancelled because of Brian frons. I am over it now, The Chew is getting better ratings, than AMC. I hope you are watching other soaps. I watch GH, Days Of Our Lives and The Young and The Restless. We all should be happy to have 4 soaps remaining on air.


    KateA replied

    The only reason Oltl was going up in ratings was because AMC folks were watching to try to show that we want our soaps. Please stop trying to make it a contest between our soaps. We need to be a team. I loved AMC and you loved OLTL. We are both sad! We need both of them back! I don’t see it happening because our actors are scattered everywhere now. I do wish someone would rerun our shows from the beginning. I would watch even though there are chunks missing. I watch Y&R. It concerns me that The Chew has that kind of viewership because I just see all of these people sitting and watching TV and eating while they are watching. I am concerned about the health issues. I have the same concern with Dr. oz and his many recommendations. However, we are a capitalist society, it is all about the money. IM0.

    William replied

    He stole the show in “The Normal Heart,” in my humblest of humble opinions …. but good gravy, could you have chosen a worse picture of him?!? Jeesh!


  3. harry says:

    I always thought this young man was a great talent–glad to know he is getting work.


  4. Omar says:

    He has a freakishly handsome look, so he will fit in perfect, lol..I LOVE American Horror Story..I really don’t remember him that well on AMC.


  5. Andy G. says:

    He was amazing in “The Normal Heart,” as was fellow daytime vet Matt Bomer.


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