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7 February 6th, 2018 All My Children Alum Kim Delaney Joins The Cast of CHICAGO FIRE!

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Pine Valley’s Jenny Gardner, who is all grown up and had a successful career in primetime television and films, has landed a primo role on NBC’s hit drama, Chicago Fire!

Casting news has revealed that Kim Delaney is joining the show in Season 6 where she will play the role of Jennifer Sheridan, the mother of Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney).

According to Deadline, Kim’s new role as Jennifer Sheridan is described as “warm, scripture-quoting and church-going. At one point she may have partied like it was 1979, but now it looks like she’s on the path of the straight and narrow. If you ask her, she’s moved on from the past, namely her messy divorce from her ex-husband Benny (Treat Williams), but old habits die very hard.”

Chicago Fire is currently on hiatus until after the Winter Olympics, when it begins again on March 1st.  As viewers know, in the last episode prior to the break, Kelly and Casey (Jesse Spenver) were seen jumping off a roof of a building while it was in flames in an exciting cliffhanger.

So, glad to know Kim is back on TV in a primetime role, following her last regular series gig on Army Wives? Comment below!

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  1. dmr says:

    Oh, how I loved, loved, loved Jenny and Greg from All My Children. I was only a toddler-plus when I used to watch the show with my mother, but I thought Jenny Gardner was the most beautiful girl on television! My childish heart was devastated when she died in the jet ski accident. I always wished that she would return as a regular to the daytime series. I just adored Jenny! What memories!!


  2. Alan says:

    Loved Kim on AMC — her 3 year story arc was one of the show’s all time best. Jenny and Greg, Jenny and Jesse running away to New York, Jenny getting mixed up with pornographer Jackie Diamond which inadvertently led to Greg’s paralysis when the doctored tape was shown at the student union, and Jenny’s modeling career forced me to buy my first VCR so I wouldn’t miss a minute. Every time I hear “Just You and I” I think of Greg and Jenny.

    She was also a standout on NYPD BLUE paired with Jimmy Smits.


    dmr replied

    What great memories of what daytime television used to be-recording it everyday on VHS, character development, relationships (friendships and love stories), true life stories that people could relate to, social issues, cliff-hanger Fridays, etc. I loved Jenny and Greg, too. They were the first super couple that I loved to watch, followed by Frisco and Felicia on General Hospital. What great memories.


  3. Satan says:

    Doesn’t seem likely that she’s old enough to be Severide’s mom. Yeah, he probably looks older than he is with the prematurely gray hair and all, but I’m having a hard time picturing those two as mother & son.


    k/kay replied

    She is 56 and he is 36


  4. jaybird369 says:

    I don’t watch Chicago Fire. But…since I’ve been such a big fan of Kim Delaney ever since her All My Children days, I’ll give it a look.



  5. 4ever DAYS says:

    Jet ski Jenny!

    My sister was a huge AMC fan and truly never got over Jenny’s death.


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