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43 September 29th, 2016 All My Children and Edge Of Night Star Larkin Malloy Dead At 62

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More heartbreaking news following the passing of AMC and OLTL creator and soap icon, Agnes Nixon on Wednesday.  Late Thursday afternoon came word that Larkin Malloy, best known for his roles as Travis Montgomery on All My Children, and Schuyler “Sky” Whitney on Edge of Night died of complications from heart surgery he suffered over the weekend.  The popular fan favorite died at only 62 years of age.

Two of Malloy’s longtime scene partners were the first to share the news and their grief at the passing of their friend and colleague.  AMC’s Walt Willey, who played Larkin’s on-screen brother, Jack Montgomery on All My Children, and the one and only Sharon Gabet who played Raven Whitney, Malloy’s on-screen lady love on Edge of Night.

Willey shared via Facebook: “Just got word that Larkin Malloy, who played my brother Travis on All My Children, died of complications from a heart attack he suffered on Saturday. Larkin Malloy welcomed me like a brother when I joined the cast in 1987. We worked together, did appearances together, partied together, vacationed together. He was an actor’s actor, spending many years teaching the craft, and a gentleman in the Old World style. We spent many hours together, both on set and off, and truly were ‘Irish brothers from another mother.’ Tommy, you will be missed. Love you, brother.”

Gabet shared via Facebook: “Just received official word that Larkin Malloy has died today after a massive coronary event on Saturday, his birthday. I am heartbroken. Love and prayers to his beautiful soul and to his family.  Forever my dear beloved and friend. ”

Later, Guiding Light legacy star Kim Zimmer (Reva) shared her sorrow at the passing of  Malloy, who played Kyle Sampson on the series: “The “Light” has dimmed today with the news of the passing of one of my dearest, funniest, talented and just plan awesome leading men, Larkin Malloy! Sweet dreams my Love!”"

Susan Lucci (Erica, AMC) posted via Instagram: “Farewell, Larkin–fond memories of AMC with you as “Travis”–race cars and midnight waltzes in Charleston–and, most importantly ‘Bianca’. May you rest in peace. “

ABC in a statement on Larkin’s passing expressed: “We are deeply saddened to hear the news of the death of actor Larkin Malloy. He will forever be remembered to our ABC audience for his captivating portrayals of Travis Montgomery on All My Children and Schuyler Whitney on The Edge of Night.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.”

As for Malloy’s career he also appeared on Loving and As The World Turns.  Larkin received a Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Leading Actor in a Drama Series for his role of “Sky on Edge of Night.  He was most recently seen in Sonia Blangiardo’s web series, Tainted Dreams.

Malloy also worked behind the scenes in daytime television. He directed for Another World and at one point became the on set acting coach at As the World Turns. During his seven years working with actors at ATWT, nine of his actors were nominated for Daytime Emmys.  Larkin also taught soap operaa on-camera acting class at the Weist-Barron School, and served on the faculty of The New York Conservatory for the Dramatic Arts.

Share your thoughts and condolences on the death of Larkin Malloy and let us know what role do you remember him the most for in the comment section below.

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  1. Kimmy says:

    RIP Larkin! I remember you from All My Children and you were such a good looking and talented actor! What your friend and fellow actor Walt Whiley said about you was awesome as someone who knew you well…..


  2. Lou Piikes says:

    I’m in a bad place at the moment because of the passing of Agnes Nixon and now Larkin Malloy. I’ve been binge watching EON on YouTube and have fallen head over heels for Sky Whitney.


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    i always enjoyed him on Edge Of Night as Sky paired with Sharon Gabet’s Raven Alexander Jamison Swift Whitney Whitney and later with Susan Lucci as Travis on AMC…a fine actor who will always be sorely missed!!!


    Dylan replied

    Why would you be in a bad place??


    Lou Piikes replied

    I’m sad because of the loss of Agnes Nixon and then Larkin Malloy on top of that.

    Andy G. replied

    What a coincidence! I’ve also been binge-watching EON on YouTube over the past several months, though my “dead guy crush” is on Joel Crothers, who played Dr. Miles Cavanaugh.


    k/kay replied

    I remember the awful accident he was in I think a car hit him in NY? We thought he was going to die and I prayed he would come back to Edge of Night he was replaced while he was recuperating and he was so missed

    blake replied

    I need to watch his scenes on Guiding Light again. Can’t believe that was thirty years ago, but it’s still great to watch!


    Sunni replied

    @k/kay – yes, I remember that, too. He was crossing the street and was off the show for awhile. It was back before the internet covered everything like they do now, and I bought one of the daytime magazines to see how he was doing. The person who found him got him to a better hospital rather than the nearest one, which helped save him and also his leg, which was broken in the accident.

  3. Claudio says:

    Very sad news, Larkin Mallory was a very talented actor. I am in shock, that he passed away. Larkin was only 62 years old. Loved him on AMC as Travis. Susan Lucci and Larkin Mallory had great chemistry together. May he rest in peace.


    Dylan replied

    Why would you be in shock??


    John Gordon replied

    Tell ya what, Dylan – No one’s in shock, no one is in a “bad Place” – it’s just great that he’s gone, is THAT what you expect to hear? You must have the heart of a stone. People are just expressing their sorrow over hearing sad news of a well-known soap actor’s passing.
    When YOU die maybe we’ll all post something that we’re in a “great Place” and that no one at all is in shock.

    Claudio replied

    Because Larkin was not old, he was only 62 years old. The soap world lost a very talented actor.

    Dylan replied

    John Gordon…please do not presume to know me or my heart. You have no idea what I have been through. I lost my two oldest brothers within a month and a day of each other. A year and a half later, I lost my my mom. In a year and a half I lost half of my immediate family. Thoseare REAL losses. So to hear people whining and caterwauling about the “shocking tragedy” and the “heartbreaking loss” etc of Larkin Malloy ….. Just rings a little psychotic to me. Yes…its sad when anyone dies. I enjoyed his work in soaps too. The people posting this did not know this man. Maybe if people would focus that type of love and attention on their own families and friends….this world would be a better place!

  4. Paige says:

    I have had the great fortune over the past year of getting to speak with Mr. Malloy over Facebook. He’s as lovely and witty as any of his debonair characters ever were. I remember him best as Jeff Brown AND Sky Whitney on Edge of Night, as well as Kyle Sampson on Guiding Light.
    It was a great gift getting to know someone I crushed on in my younger years and really respect as an actor now.


  5. Ces says:

    I am so sad to hear about Larkin. I remember him from the Edge of Night and the few years I watched GL, I loved Kyle & Reva together. What a presence onscreen. RIP Mr. Malloy.


  6. mark says:

    He was so good on guiding light I’m very sad


    blake replied

    yeah he really was.


  7. mollie says:

    I am truly sorry to hear this. He was great as “Travis” and I always rooted for him :) with Erika. Handsome fellow. Seemed like a lovely man.


  8. Rebecca1 says:

    Very sad news. Still young; so sudden from the info shared. I remember him as Travis on AMC. I hadn’t kept up with AMC but I do remember his face…handsome..debonair. Just plain sad news…RIP.


  9. Mary says:

    Rest in Peace!


  10. Harry says:

    “Thou we had a minute, eternity was in it.”
    He was a beautiful man and evocative of the silent film stars from the 20′s.
    He died way too young.


  11. Phyllis Scott says:

    What a crush I had on Larkin! I wanted to marry that man. I drove many miles to see him in a New Jersey mall. I was thrilled to ask him two questions: How did he land the cover of ALFRED HITCHCOCK? He said a friend photographer recommended him. 2ND question: Would he consider the role of James Bond? He said he would not mind it. He called me a nice lady and I swooned. It took me years to get over the cancellation of THE EDGE OF NIGHT. I was in London at the time and missed the last episodes. Luckily the USA network showed the last year. A lot of the EDGE actors have died. Dr Cavana ugh, Calvin Stoner, the first Sky Whitney, etc. He was a beautiful man.


  12. Tivette says:

    I so loved Larkin as Travis…God Bless him for all that he came to give to this world!


  13. Ric says:

    Such a handsome man, Loved him as Sky on Edge of Night! RIP


  14. Mackenzie Grey says:

    He’ll always be Sky Whitney to me. Loved EON and Raven and Sky.


  15. 4ever DAYS says:

    R.I.P., Larkin Malloy.

    Side Note: Shouldn’t there be a R.I.P next to ‘Downton Abbey’ and ‘Revenge’?


  16. KansasGuest says:

    Sky & Raven were an amazing couple on EDGE OF NIGHT, and that was a fun soap to watch. It was mystery-based and had a very film noir feel to it. I was so disappointed that it was cancelled & wondered if I’d ever see Larkin Malloy again. Fortunately, talent & charisma won out & he was able to create two other memorable roles for daytime fans on GL & AMC. We were very lucky to have so much of him over the years. RIP, Mr. Malloy.


  17. Joe Haas says:

    I waited years for Kyle to come back to Guiding Light, to no avail. Saddened by news of this passing. I still remember his very brief run on As The World Turns as Dr. Weston.

    Perhaps somebody can confirm this bit of trivia – didn’t he also appear – unbilled – in the finale of Search for Tomorrow? I think he was a crowd extra in an airport scene in the final episode.


    Steve Ungrey replied

    He did, Joe. At the time, most of the crew for Search was the same crew that worked on Edge (Search taped in the same studio as Edge) so Larkin wanted to work with the Edge crew one last time. :)


  18. Jonathan says:

    Wow 2 legends of daytime in just afew days… just upon the 5th anniversary of the final AMC on ABC.


  19. Cat says:

    I read this several hours ago and was stunned by the news. I’ve been a fan of Larkin since EON. My respect for him increased over the years – especially after learning of his dedication to providing training for young actors at reasonable rates. Sharing your knowledge and empowering the next generation speaks volumes about his commitment to his craft.

    He will be missed. My sympathies to those who knew him and the lives he enriched.


  20. Anthony says:

    ‘Travis Montgomery’ was such a convincing character and ‘Larkin Malloy ‘was such a convincing actor. His talents will always live on as we reminisce. I am deeply saddened to hear of this news and sending my condolences to his family, friends and fans. Rest in Peace.


  21. Mark says:

    What a daytime career he had with the leading ladies who pay tribute to him above. The likes of which isn’t seen in any medium anymore unless they are the veterans like he was. I’ll forever cherish my tapes of EON, AMC & GL with his many wonderful performances; Adventurous, romantic, and often funny, he was like a classic movie star in the way he played these sophisticated characters, like somebody you’d see in black and white on TCM. There’s a special welcome in heaven for him and Agnes Nixon, and I’d like to think that Lois Kibbee, Larry Gates and Ruth Warrick were there to greet them.


  22. davlestev1 says:

    R. I. P. Larkin Malloy


  23. k/kay says:

    Lovely man played three prominent roles in Daytime and made each character his own had chemistry with all his leading ladies. You will be missed!


  24. blake says:

    I remember him as Kyle Sampson on Guiding Light. I was young then but who can forget Reva seeing Kyle marry Maeve and then she went and jumped off the bridge! But he was a great actor, that is unfortunate.


  25. Lulu says:

    I remember Larkin from The Guiding Light.


  26. sonniorsolita says:

    This article really downplays his contributions to GL, where he was a beloved leading man and worthy scene partner to Kim Zimmer. Wow, they had chemistry. RIP, Mr. Malloy,


  27. Patricio says:

    Testament to his ‘star qulity’ is seen by how many people remember him so fondly many years after he was a daytime fixture. He was amazing with the equally talented Sharon Gabet – again unforgetable. Miss my EON STILL TODAY


    George Gillespie replied

    I miss Edge of Night also


  28. George Gillespie says:

    I remember Larkin Malloy first and foremost as Schuyler Whitney, Geraldine Whitney’s nephew on The Edge of Night. He and Sharon Gabet, as Raven created magic on the tube. As Travis Montgomery on All My Children, he traded barbs with legend Susan Lucci as Erica Kane. Entangled in a love triangle on Guiding Light, his character, Kyle Sampson played the odd man out with Kim Zimmer’s Reva Shayne and her one and only true love Josh Lewis and his portrayer the ruggedly handsome Robert Newman. Thanks for the memories!!!!!!


  29. clb says:

    I was wondering where Larkin was in the past few years. Kyle Sampson, Maeve, and Reva were a great triangle on GL. Where has the time gone? Larkin was a great actor and certainly dominated the 70s and 80s in daytime.


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