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35 May 3rd, 2013 All My Children and One Life to Live Top The Hulu and iTunes Charts In Their Debut Week!

The Online Network’s (TOLN)  has issued a press release stating that both All My Children and One Life To Live topped all charts in its debut week and earned rave reviews across the board.

The shows maintained an average of #2 across both iTunes and Hulu, along with 4.5/5 star audience review on all platforms! Below is a summary of key statistics:

Day One (Launch Day):

  • “AMC” #1 on both iTunes TV Seasons (dethroned “Mad Men” from #1 position) and #1 most popular episodes on Hulu
  • “OLTL” #2 on iTunes TV Seasons and Most Popular episodes on Hulu

Day Two:

  • “AMC” #1 on both iTunes TV Seasons and #1 most popular episodes on Hulu
  • “OLTL” #2 on iTunes TV Seasons and Most Popular episodes on Hulu

Day Three:

  • “AMC” #2 and “OLTL”  #4 on iTunes (dethroned only by “Dexter”)
  • “AMC” #3 and “OLTL”  #5 on Hulu

Day Four:

  • “AMC” #2 and “OLTL” #4 on iTunes
  • “AMC” #5 and “OLTL” #6 on Hulu

Recap shows air today and numbers are strong heading into the weekend as viewers are likely to binge view.

AMC and OLTL fans what do you think of the first week’s numbers? Are you prepared to do it all again next week and keep these numbers knocking it out of the park to ensure the success of the soaps you missed and fought so hard to have come back to life? Let us know!

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  1. Becky Z says:

    I’m curious what this means the total number of viewers are for each show.


    su0000 replied

    I read a 100 times, there are no numbers just popularity ..


  2. Johnny says:

    I will keep watching – I’m even watching OLTL (which I haven’t watched for years) and some of the scenes between Vicki and Dorian are almost cartoonish compared to years ago and it’s a little hard to take their love/hate relationship seriously after all these years. THAT is not to say that Erica Slezak isn’t great, because she is, but sometimes the tension between the characters of Vicki and Dorian seems a little forced and over-the-top – as for AMC, thrilled to have it back but am hoping for more familiar faces to return to Pine Valley.


    Patrick replied

    i think they… the writers… like Vicki does… have a life… outside of their feud.

    need to give Dorian… a love interest… or show a lil’ more interest in her children… or her possessed… infatuation with self.

    spoiling her ego.

    not have Dorian so channeled.. with just Vicki.


    susan M. replied

    I disagree about the scenes between Viki & Dorian are cartoonish and the tenison
    between them doesn’t seems forced. I enjoy their cat fights. I have for years! Give it a chance it was only the first week. And will be watching the second week!


  3. James says:

    Ditto, how many viewers does this translate to?


  4. scott says:

    Ill be watching both everday lov them


  5. lenafreed says:

    I will be watching just as avidly next week! So glad to have 2 of my favorite soaps back but I’m greedy – I want As the World Turns and Guiding Light back as well!


    vik replied

    Boy me too Lena, makes me so sad to see those R.I.P by my two fave soaps for forty five yrs. every time I come to this page! Lets hope the internet soap biz takes off and someone brings back ATWT and GL!


  6. Alley says:

    I’ll keep watching. I’m so thrilled to have OLTL back. I wake up thirty minutes early to watch it before I go to work. Llanview lives and I couldn’t be happier.


  7. kim says:

    I watched some episodes twice…are they both counted or just the first time i watched? How accurate are they? I mean if they count the episodes i watched the first time as well as the ones i watched over(had trouble hearing dialogue like some others had so i watched again to see if i missed something)then not as many might be watching like those numbers suggest, im just saying!


  8. Max says:

    I can’t even find episode 5 of AMC or OLTL on the hulu web site. They are mislabeled – what shows as episode 5 is actually something else. Hulu needs to fix this for us! They have no customer support phone number to call. Was looking forward to watching my shows today!


    Blake replied

    Episode 5 is the recap and special episode, they are doing that each Friday. So that is considered episode 5.


  9. sammiluvsOLTL says:

    This makes me so happy! Congrats PP, AMC, and OLTL.


  10. AJ says:

    I wanna see numbers.. which they should have an exact number of viewers. If it’s topped 1 million on any given day, then it’s a great success!

    CW primetime doesn’t average one million viewers for any of their shows, the average number of viewers for any primetime show is around 3-4 million. So if a internet show is able to achieve 1/3 or a quarter of a primetime network show.. that’s big!

    I think i’m going to watch the week over for both shows.. love OLTL. I didn’t watch AMC towards the end of their run on ABC, but i’m hooked back in.


  11. heidi says:

    Congratulations TOLN, PP, AMC, and OLTL!!!


  12. AJ says:

    According to Prospect Park, AMC and OLTL’s break-even point is 500K viewers.. anything over 500K, means the shows are successful. Couldn’t find any numbers yet.


  13. Kathy says:

    I will be watching both soaps. Can’t wait.


    susan M. replied



  14. su0000 says:

    Well, of course our soaps are up on top, I had no doubts .. :)


  15. Rodd says:

    I will watch on every gadget I can to help keep the numbers up.

    I mean, we cannot forget that many soap fans (and others) fought very hard to bring these shows back to us, while many of us (me included) just wished they’d return. Now a miracle has occurred and OLTL and AMC are with us again. This is a new format and there are bound to be both good and bad. We ALL must promote and support these shows as they learn to stand in a different medium; brand new just like when soaps went from radio to TV. For every little complaint I want to see fixed, I stop myself from remaining so critical and thank TPTB that my show is back where I can visit with these characters several times a week.

    I have to wonder how many fans of other defunct soaps wish their soaps had been brought back to life. I know I sure have my Wish List for back from the dead soaps.

    My sleeves are rolled up and my clicker-finger is ready to watch OLTL and AMC for years to come on my computer if that’s what it takes.

    I can’t say THANK YOU enough to those who fought so hard to bring these shows back to us and to the actors and production team members who came back to bring us our favs.


    kay replied

    yep I’ve been letting them run every available way I can. Hopefully those count as separate views. It’s still not fully sunk in that my shows are really back. Will support however I can to keep them back now.


  16. daph says:

    I am so happy. i will keep watching for sure though those recap shows are kind of lame!


  17. su0000 says:

    I have searched on line to find out how to get/see numbers for the soaps’
    there are no numbers at HuLu, none..

    So, people maybe should stop asking for numbers because they will get the same answer; there are no numbers.
    If, PP gets the numbers and shares them with us., it would be the only way will ever see numbers..
    The internet is different than Network TV, for one thing, Nielsen is not on the internet counting, and that is a very good thing that the Nielsen Ratings are not at HuLu..
    Everything I found on-line about numbers at HuLu, there are none, and that it is all about popularity.


  18. Llanviewer717 says:

    This is wonderful news. I hope the trend continues. I know I’ll be watching both shows everyday.


  19. Bruce says:

    Both shows everyday!! Love prospect park for saving this project! Well worth it. Both shows amazing!!


  20. Tali(not Smith) says:

    Isn’t it great!


  21. Irene says:

    I am watching. Both good. I actually prefer watching on huluplus thru tv. Click and there they are.

    I do hope the fans of these shows get more like the primetime soap fans. I think the daytime fans have gotten where they feel comfortable criticizing everything. Saying they are loyal just doesn’t fit anymore. There has to be change there for this venture to work. Just compare the Scandal/Dallas fans to daytime. It is sometimes embarrassing how the daytime fans have gotten. Go back to enjoying and even though I hate saying this I will, If you don’t like what you are seeing, don’t watch.

    I do see viewing going more and more this way. It is just matter of time. Not sure how sports will fit in. I still watch with huluplus and tv. I like huge screen. Went back to basic cable. Hope the ratings continue to rise on these two shows. I think they have advantage of pulling in younger viewers because of viewing venue.


    Char replied

    I agree. I’m so sick of all the couch potato criticism. If you want things to go exactly the way you want, and characters to speak to you personally, I say to these type of fans to write fan fiction. There’s many people, many tastes, and shows can’t cater to just one fan’s or even a particular group’s pov. Its just gross to me. My theory is that if anyone is to blame for Disney not wanting to deal with a soap opera on its network, these fans, who can take a look in the mirror, and own it. If a fan has to see things their way, they should not watch television at all, let alone single out a show that knocks itself out to care about the fans.


  22. Cathy says:

    Love having AMC back, bought the ITunes season and will continue to watch and renew as long as it is available. Are they charging for the recap episode?


  23. Cathy says:

    One negative for me though, not a fan of the foul words, especially coming from the veteran characters. Not necessary.


    susan M. replied

    Oh well.. They can say things on line that they could never say when they were on the T.V. I think it isn’t necessary either.


  24. Jen says:

    I will be watching every single day! :)


  25. MBmomof3 says:

    Loving my soaps on Hulu. Congrats & thanks to all involved in the reboot!


  26. carol says:

    All My Children ROCKS! Thankyou to all the faithful actors who stuck by this vision with HuLu and made AMC a success. How could you not with the appearances of Dr. Joe Martin (The Matriarch)Adam Chandler (icon) Brooke (ol’ faithful) sweet Dixie, ageless Angie, Villon David, and my favorite – the hilarious Opal. You all look as great as ever! If we as fans continue watching and supporting our favorite soap AMC, this will be in the History books! ABC eat your hearts out. I for one never watched the other shows that replaced our beloved AMC and must admit, became a Days of Our Lives fan instead. But I’m back and I hope Petee makes Mama proud!


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