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14 March 11th, 2013 All My Children Official New Cast Photo Revealed!

Photo Credit: Chapman Baehler

And just as One Life to Live gathered for their reunion and cast photo shoot a few weeks ago in Sleepy Hollow, New York, so did the entire cast of All My Children.

Check out their official new photo taken by noted photographer Chapman Baehler and styled by E’s Fashion Police, George Kotsiopoulos! Featured in the cast photo: Top row (L-R) - Heather Roop (Jane McIntyre), Jordi Vilasuso (Griffin), Darnell Williams (Jesse), Eric Nelson (AJ), Cady McClain (Dixie), Vincent Irizarry (David), Denyse Tontz (Miranda), Sal Stowers (Cassandra), Robert Scott Wilson (Pete), Jordan Lane Price (Celia Fitzgerald)  Middle row (L-R)Ray MacDonnell (Joe), Francesca James (Evelyn Johnson) , Debbi Morgan (Angie), Jill Larson (Opal), David Canary (Adam), Thorten Kaye (Zach), Ryan Bittle (JR)  Bottom row (L-R) Lindsay Hartley (Cara), Julia Barr (Brooke), and Eden Riegel (Bianca).

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What do you think of the stylish All My Children cast photo? Do you like the look? Excited to see the return of Pine Valley?  Let us know!

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  1. John says:

    I am hoping this show takes make Chelsea from Y&R I can’t stand her on my show


    David Jones replied

    I wish Melissa Claire Egan could come back to AMC as Annie..loved her. Besides being contracted to Y&R, she’s not even interested. Plus she wanted off AMC before the show was even canceled.


  2. RUBY C. says:

    Did they get Ericia Kane back? While they are at it please take crazy Annie back because she is usless on Young and The Restless


    su0000 replied

    I believe they tried very hard to get Erica back..
    You would have to Susan why she sis not come back, and not put it on PP .. :)


    su0000 replied

    lol why she is not coming back/correction ..

  3. chrissy says:

    I’m floored that this board isn’t slammed………..I am so happy that the Soaps are coming back. It is quite a new adventure, kind of like when radio went to T.V. I am sure that a lot of people were certain the idea was not a great one…………LOL, so much for them! I SALUTE EVERYONE FROM FANS TO PP AND OUR BELOVED ACTORS! HERE, HERE!


  4. jim says:

    Just like finding a lost family portrait. Your happy it wasnt lost 4 ever.


  5. su0000 says:

    Dixie is the only blonde..
    All the women are brunettes..
    Brunettes are always the mysterious ones, they are strong and sensual..
    Blondes look weak and fake sexy ………………….. imo and others lol

    So having what seems to be all brunettes in AMC, and one blonde, I like that ..


  6. Michael says:

    Sorry, you can give it any title you want, but it’s just not All My Kids without Susan Lucci. Period. If PP wants to really bring attention to their soap saving project, they need to move heaven and earth to get Lucci on board. Not as a one time event, but as the pivotal central, everyday every episode Erica Cane. Period.


  7. Mitchell1660 says:

    Uh, why no mention of Thorsten Kaye sitting right next to David Canary????


  8. Scott says:

    Give them time Erica will be home before you know it.They have to get the show started.


  9. bc says:

    How odd that they cast sal stowers bec physically she isn’t dark skinned like the actors who portray her father and mother. Is her char biologically their child? hollywood’s casting directors prefer casting racial minorities who are ethnically ambiguous looking and light skinned. That’s advantageous to sal stowers. hollywood casting is the epitome of pigmentocracy. It’s a term from trinidad and tobego where white colonizers put white skin at the apex. Then it gradually goes down to darker skin tones. It’s shadeism and there’s obviously a lotta that flourishing from hollywood. The more an actor moves further down from a white appearance means the further down their social scale they are w/ regards to acting opportunities. There are more opportunities for racial minority actors who are lighter skinned bec they conform to white standards of beauty. Most actors of color are often made to look not like people of color by “tolerant” hollywood w/c of course gives the most acting opportunities to white actors. It’s practically the norm for hollywood to cast “ethnically ambiguous” actors when casting for racial minorities. Is the male model from the price is right still modeling for that cbs game show? He was cast on b&b and amc. That’s 3 hollywood gigs for him. That’s hollywood casting. White actors get the most opportunities from tolerant hollywood.


  10. mo says:

    You left out Thorsten. Is that his name?

    Nicely done.


    mo replied

    I meant nice pic, not nice that Thorsten was left out of the caption above.


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