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4 May 23rd, 2013 All My Children & One Life to Live First Three Weeks Recap Videos! – Which Is Your Favorite?


To help fans get caught up on all the action in Llanview and Pine Valley, The Online Network (TOLN) has plans in place to provide viewers with several opportunities to catch up on recent episodes of the All My Children and One Life to Live, which made their historic online debut on April 29th.

These newly-produced recaps bring fans up to date on key storyline developments that took place during the first three weeks of episodes are now available on the free service and to subscribers of Hulu Plus!

In the two recaps episodes you will note that the stories were broken down by characters and stories, to help new fans follow along with the stories and existing fans to take a look at what has transpired over the first three weeks of the returns of their favorite soaps.

We won’t spoil them for you, but we want to know, after reviewing each recap episode, which did you connect with more? All My Children? One Life to Live? Or, both equally?  Now watch the recap episodes after the jump!

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  1. Johnny says:

    Uh, the re-cap shows, as A.J. might say, suck.
    We want more shows aired – I’m not crazy about the whole thing, sorry, I’m just not. I have posted many times that I am a long LONG time fan of ALL MY CHILDREN and this twice a week jazz, sandwiched in between what I still consider to be too many commercials is really for the birds.


  2. Nancy says:

    I’m really a huge OLTL fan and so far am really disappointed in the writing of the show. I really hate to say it but it is really boring. There is more to that show than the characters showing off their bodies and swearing. Please PP we’ve waited for these shows to come back and I know you’ve invested a lot of time and money in bringing them back. The writing stinks-please find some new writers so the show don’t tank again. Please just constructive criticism from a life long fan.


    Johnny replied

    Well Nancy, I guess your Wish is their command – right after you posted this, they hired new Head writers. I agree with you 100%, the writing STINKS – and evidently, many others feel the same way. I should say, however, I am more of an AMC fan that OLTL, but have been watching both shows. AMC is good (they need to quickly wrap up this Cassandra kidnap story with those two actors doing barely passable Russian accents) but could use improvement and I’m sorry but One Life really needs help – they need to get rid of those inane “Shelter” scenes and get away from those idiotic teen antics. The writing doesn’t seem to “go” anywhere, I think that’s part of the problem.


    Nancy replied

    I agree totally and am grateful they are changing writers.

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