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14 April 10th, 2013 All My Children TEASERS Released For Premiere Week April 29th!

Photo Credit: Chapman Baehler/TOLN

The Online Network has released the first week of teasers for the historic return of the iconic soap, All My Children! Pine Valley is back with all new episodes beginning on April 29th!

As previously reported,  be on the lookout for four new episodes each week featuring many of the characters you have come to love, and many newcomers that you hopefully will fall in love with.  All new episodes can be seen via the following digital platforms, HuluPlus and iTunes!    Here are the first week teasers of All My Children below!

Monday, 4/29:
A Pine Valley resident vows vengeance. Jesse plans a surprise. As a fast car takes a son home, Pete spots something that will change everything.

Tuesday, 4/30:
A Pine Valley legend returns. Who learns something has gone terribly wrong? Dixie sits vigil.
Wednesday, 5/1:
An ex-con learns who helped him. Jesse gets big news. Cara fears the truth will come out.

Thursday, 5/2:
AJ helps Miranda out of a tight situation. After a year and half, we finally learn the answer to an age-old question: Which character dies today?

All new episodes can be seen via the following digital platforms, HuluPlus and iTunes!

OK AMC fans, do some detective work and let us know from the teasers, what you think is about to happen in Pine Valley when all new episodes begin?

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  1. jimh says:

    Erica is the returning legend. Dixie sits vigil, then a character dies…sounds like goodby Tad? Sorry, the teasers mentioned doesnt draw me back to the show! OLTL sounds more exciting! I could be wrong but i dont think AMC is going to be a big hit…it needs new writers stat..but i might still take a peek to c if i might like it anyway!


    Joliefan Forever replied

    Actually they said that Dixie sits Vigil at Jr’s bedside, he is supposedly in a coma….


    jimh replied

    …and i just read that about J.R. not too long ago. AMC sounds ok to me and i still plan to check it out but OLTL sounds soooo much better!!! Thanks 4 the reply!

  2. su0000 says:

    WOW .. AMC is really picking up the pace and giving us real drama..!!
    About time AMC had a 21st century makeover, its last years were sorta awful..
    Now, there is a chance the Dead Dixie character will be killed during the first month and go back to being dead.. (fingers crossed) ..


  3. jas says:

    su0000, I agree. Amen…Dixie dead at last. I can go with that one!!! My mother always told me to beware of the ‘sweet’ ones. They are the devils out there. Just coated in sugar. I think she is that way on AMC and in real life!!!


    su0000 replied

    heyyy!! another one who see’s what I see in the Dead Dixie character..
    That honey is way too thick/trouble maker of the highest and a sucky character..
    LOL she is a Zombie she has been dead too many times and she should simply remain dead..
    Maybe they could transfer Dead Dixie to the ‘Walking Dead’ TV series… lol


    jas replied

    I don’t know su0000. Once dead, maybe leave her dead. This re-cycling. Art imitating life. Just like our politics. Same old, same old (and some are reallllly old!). But to clarify, so many of the ‘oldies’, like Opal, David, Vincent, they really keep the show alive. When they are around there is a real pulse and it draws you in and makes you want more and more. When Dixie appears (same with Brooke), you just groan. In my case, it calls for getting up for a glass of water or a trip to the loo, knowing I won’t miss much. The newer ones, desperate for the work (like Jordi and his on-air sis) are dead-enders. There’s no talent to speak of and not very interesting characters. I just don’t see this thing becoming anything terribly successful. But for the sake of the people I do care about, I hope they succeed and are able to make a living at it.

    BTripp replied

    How can you be a fan of AMC and not like Dixie? She and Tad are one of the best couples from the shows history. She was killed by writer Megan McTavish with poisoned pancakes. That goes down in soap history as the stupidest way to kill a character off. Lorraine Broderick and Agnes Nixon were smart to come up with a way to bring her (and a few others) back from the dead.


    Joliefan Forever replied

    Great post Tripp!!

    Johnny replied

    I have to agree…..Dixie may be a nice character but I won’t be having Breakfast with her anytime soon…just sayin’…..

    I also agree that killing her off with Poisoned pancakes was astonishingly inane. How do we know it wasn’t something in the Maple syrup that killed
    her. Death by Mrs. Butterworth’s.

  4. David says:

    JR is the ex-con, David vows vengeance because it his daughter who JR shot (the one who was Babe’s sister). Those are my guesses. Oh and maybe David Canary is only back as one twin this time Stuart.


  5. Iakovos says:

    What is the deal with all this Dixie dislike?

    I do not think there would have been resurrections — a plot point I loathe — if AMC had not been cancelled. It was a gift to longtime fans )like me) to see favorites and have happy endings… well… sort of…

    AMC will have to be reborn with compelling actors and characters. We will have to try to accept womeof that, too. I am hoping and giving it the biggest chance I can. Same for OLTL!

    I only wish AS THE WORLD TURNS was blessed with a second chance.


  6. Melissa says:

    Personally, I think that Dixie is such a good person. She’s been through a lot.

    As for the show’s relaunch, I think it’s wonderful, and the story lines look great! Looking forward to watching! I’m on the edge of my seat just wondering what’s going to happen!


  7. Joliefan Forever says:

    I can not wait for AMC and OLTL! I can’t wait to see Dixie and Opal and Zack and Adam and all of the Pine Valley residents…..the 29th can not come fast enough!


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