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12 June 18th, 2013 All My Children’s Eden Riegel Announces She Is Pregnant!


When people were all abuzz about one of the stars of All My Children being pregnant, there was much speculation!  But that ended over Daytime Emmy weekend, when Daytime Emmy winner, Eden Riegel (Bianca) announced via her Twitter page that she is indeed pregnant for the second time!

Riegel revealed,  “I’m thrilled to announce today, on Father’s Day, that I’m going to make @MillerLoLife, the greatest dad I know, a father all over again!”  Of course, Eden is referring to her husband Andrew Miller.

Eden’s long time All My Children co-star and on-screen sister, Alicia Minshew (Kendall) also jumped into the preggars announcement by exclaiming:  “Yaaaaaaayyyy! Congrats my friends! So happy for you both! A new Miller to squeeze!!”

So what do you think of the news of Eden and Andrew about to have their second child?  Share your thoughts and well wishes here!

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  1. BTripp says:

    Congrats to her. I wonder if this was the actress who AMC said was pregnant who was in the middle of a new romance. Maybe that has not aired yet and they were hooking her up with Jane or someone new on the show. I was hoping for more of ER and not less. I am happy for her and her family though.


    AJ replied

    Before the show started airing again, they said Riegel was only there for a story arc.. which made it sound like she’d do this for a while and leave indefinitely. Given the shooting schedule and the lack of anything to do in LA, don’t see why Riegel can’t continue on AMC for the forseeable future. David Canary(Adam) hasn’t been on in weeks, and he lives in the area.. maybe Riegel can get a come n’ go as she pleases deal too. Speaking of which, Alicia Minshew has an awful lot of free time to tweet.. why doesn’t she fill that free time and fill the role of Kendall Hart!


    BTripp replied

    Agreed about Alicia! Kendall is one of the characters that is really missed. I don’t buy Zach with this Latino girl FBI agent. There is zero chemistry. I want my Zendall back. I hope ER can have a flexible deal with the show too.

    AbbyS. replied

    I’m with you about Alicia. But she’s still Kendall Hart Slater to me. Divorce or no divorce, she’s the love of Zach’s life and I’m not going to call Kendall by her maiden name, no way and no how.

    TS replied

    Alicia Minshew will be on AMC…not sure how long but I believe it’s July 11th. But not sure if that is the air date or film date but either way even if it’s temporary it will be good to see her again :)

  2. Mo says:

    Don’t care.


  3. Johnny says:

    Happy for her – and as for Bianca Montgomery, her character, well it doesn’t seem like she has much to do on AMC anyway ~ she had that one blow up scene against J.R. Chandler, and really, that was about it. So, if Eden needs some Maternity leave, they can either ‘write around’ her character for a while, or have a substitute Bianca temporarily if there are scenes already written.


  4. AbbyS. says:

    I’m very happy for Eden, but she’s not the actress who was the subject of the pregnancy rumors. Eden herself actually tweeted that she hadn’t revealed the news to AMC, so no one could have been speculating about her or “changing course” in story, as another soap reporter had said was happening. The other pregnant actress, who has admitted it, is the one who plays Leah, the world’s most clueless FBI agent. LOL


  5. Diane Schroeter says:

    Good for you, Congtrats. “Kids are beautiful”


  6. Lin says:

    Congrats to Eden. Time to bring Reese back from France, have them get back together and have them go to a sperm bank.


  7. Llanviewer717 says:



  8. Ashley H says:

    Congratulations to Eden and her husband. She is a great actress and love her as Bianca just wish they wouldn’t of killed off Marissa. I am also pregnant and its awesome to know that she is as well however this is her 2nd child this is my 1st. Congrats to the happy couple and many blessings to come!


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