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3 November 29th, 2013 All My Children’s Jordan Lane Price Shares Kiss On Date With Macaulay Culkin!

Photo Crefit: Vantagenewsco.UK

All My Children’s Jordan Lane Price (Celia) is now becoming tabloid famous thanks to photos snapped by and posted on the U.K. website, The Daily Mail!

According to the Daily Mail, Jordan was in a Parisian Bar this week with none other than Macaulay Culkin!  The site is calling Jordan a “Mila Kunis look-alike!” Kunis is Macaulay’s ex!

The report stated,Leaning in they (Jordan and Macaulay) shared a series of passionate kisses. And as the two popped outside for a cigarette, it was clear from their smiles and body language that they couldn’t be more happy to be together.  It certainly seems that three years after the end of his nine year relationship with Black Swan star Mila, 33-year-old Macaulay has well and truly moved on.  The bearded star looked rather dapper for the romantic sojourn in a pair of dark grey jeans and a black cashmere sweater which he wore with a grey scarf around his neck. Us Weekly identified his new love as a young woman from New York named Jordan Lane Price.”

Two questions come to mind for us:  What do you think about the reports and images in the story of Jordan hanging out with Macaulay?  What do you also think how mainstream press outlets rarely know soap stars, so they have to go to other outlets to ID them?   Comment below!

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  1. marrakeş says:

    all i want is culkin’s happiness. so i hope that jordan girl brings him happiness and they last. i hope that she is not using him in order to get some attention and jump next level on business. macaulay culkin is one of the rare former child stars i really like. he isnot attention hooker and seems a decent guy. and has a lovely face, i dont think he is ugly. he is different and has a thing. i dunno sth attractive about him. wish him all happiness and love which all of us need. in my opinion he deserves it. and jordan is really beautiful. they look like a cute couple, very cute.


  2. Mo says:

    Let them have some privacy! Good grief!


  3. Troy Parkins says:

    Who the heck cares.


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