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4 July 12th, 2011 All My Children’s kick-ass week of stories – Watch the Promo!

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If you have begun to tune back in or are long-time followers of All My Children this week many stories collide and secrets and revelations come to light!  First, Marissa admits to JR she has feelings for Bianca! David and Jane get closer and we see David knows where Dixie is! Amanda decides to come clean with Jake about her affair with JR! And that is just for starters.

Looks like Lorraine Broderick and Agnes Nixon are in high-gear with just a few months left of air shows to give AMC fans an exciting conclusion on ABC come September 23rd, and then hopefully kick it up a notch further as the show departs network television and lands on the Internet in their new home.

Watch this week’s All My Children promo after the jump and let us know how you feel about these stories, and what you would still like to see happen to the folks in Pine Valley before it wraps on network television!

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  1. titbug says:

    Maybe I am a cynic but would Amanda really get a haircut in the midst of anguishing over STDs, potential cancer and cheating on Jake? I think not. Also: not flattering. In better news, I am not surprised David is linked to the Dixie story but still excited about it.


  2. Sonja says:

    I have to say that I’m very surprised at how quickly they’re moving forward with the Bianca/Marissa pairing. I thought they’d drag that out until September.

    I was also pleasantly surprised that David is involved with the Dixie storyline. That should be fun.


  3. sarah says:

    I came back to AMC a month ago due to the Minx story and I haven’t been disappointed yet. If they can keep up this steady, but not too quick pace, and keep it complex and character driven, I will be pleased. That goes for the show as a whole too. Well done Agnes and Lorraine!


  4. Ceridwyn2 says:

    I quite like Amanda’s haircut; it suits her.

    Love Bianca and Marissa. Glad it’s progressing well rather than drag it out. Not much time left on broadcast.

    Also looking forward to Dixie being back. Ramifications for Tad, Cara, JR, AJ, David and others on the periphery. Glad for Broderick & Nixon’s return to the helm.


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