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48 April 29th, 2013 All My Children’s Premiere Episode! – What Was Your Reaction?


Today is a fantastic day for soap fans around the world, who have fought valiantly to resurrect All My Children and One Life to Live.  And early this morning, posted the first new episodes of the online versions of the iconic series from The Online Network and Prospect Park.

We are not going to this early in the day, give a blow-by-blow or shall we say, play-by-play description of the events that unfolded in the premiere episode, as many of our beloved soapers may have not had the opportunity to watch it yet.  But, we will be bringing you continuing coverage throughout the day and this evening.

So All My Children fans, if you have watched the first episode of the return of Pine Valley, share your reactions, first impressions, and what you loved, or didn’t love from the episode.

The following actors were seen in the premiere episode: Julia Barr as Brooke English, David Canary as Adam Chandler, Lindsay Hartley as Cara Martin, Vincent Irizarry as Dr. David Hayward,  Francesca James as Evelyn Johnson, Jordan Lane Price as Celia Fitzgerald, Jill Larson as Opal Cortlandt, Cady McClain as Dixie Cooney, Debbi Morgan as Dr. Angela Hubbard, Eric Nelsen as AJ Chandler, Denyse Tontz as Miranda Montgomery, Jordi Vilasuso as Griffin Castillo, Darnell Williams as Jesse Hubbard, and Rob Scott Wilson as Pete “Petey” Cortlandt.

If you have not watched the episode via Hulu you can watch here below. Then, weigh-in on your thoughts on the return of AMC!


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  1. ron says:

    I loved it! I thought the newbies mixed in well with the vets and have a lot of potential.


    Max replied

    Very beautifully done – A really nice blend of the characters who have been the foundation of the show – Adam, Brooke, David, Angie, Jesse, newer characters before ABC made the decision to pull the plug, along with new ones introduced by Prospect Park.

    I think the show will have a very broad appeal. The fresh start it’s getting off to couldn’t be better. This will be a great success!


  2. ethel says:

    amc could not have been put together any better – it was just awesome to be able to watch this show again…………….


  3. Bonnie says:

    I would give OLTL a “B” and AMC “B+”
    We all know that we do not love every it is a soap.

    I would say that AMC was done with a bit more class, more of a reminder why we love certain characters. The new characters could be intriguing Evelyn and Celia, but seeing Jessie, Angie, Zach, Brooke, Adam and Dixie made it for me.

    OLTL, was too young for me. I did not care for the nightclub scenes, and seeing Destiny with a midriff, Dani stoned out. But seeing Vicky, Dorian, and David, Nigel, and the surprise at the end was what made this episode for me.


  4. Dinah says:

    Glad have my soaps back


  5. Robert says:

    It was good. I hope the writers are going to get better at developing the stories. To be honest, the first episode seemed forced, disconnected and didn’t really leave you begging for more. Glad AMC is back, writers please do a better job!


  6. clh says:

    Got up and watched both shows on my internet Tv this morning before work. Soooo good, especially OLTL. Very first episode ended with an awesome cliff hanger. Love it!!!


  7. El Rizzo says:

    Amc felt like the amc that got me hooked in the first place. Back in the 80s with Jenny and Greg,but with an updated vibe…the kids did an awesome job! Here’s to another 40+


  8. Cr8z13 says:

    Frankly, my only complaint so far is that it was too short. The episode just flew by! I’m liking the newbies so far, Miranda is a real stand-out for sure. Denyse Tontz is just adorable! Loved seeing all the vets, especially Adam and David.


  9. heidi says:

    I liked it!!!

    I haven’t watched AMC for many years… but I thought even with the years apart it was a very good premier episode. It was like an introduction to all of those characters and I didn’t feel like I missed out on what had happened before because they made it feel like they were starting from that point and would tell me what I needed to know about what happened in the past. I liked the sense of more to come and yet at that moment in time things were familar and hopefull of fun stories coming.

    I loved seein Francesca James again and that is a huge driver in wanting to see more!
    Love that she said there were lots of mysteries to come in your interview Michael!!!


  10. Gillian says:

    I liked the AMC premiere much more than the OLTL in part because it captured the soul of the original show. I don’t think it was shocking per se because you got a good idea of what went down 5 years ago. Safe to say Marissa was killed by JR and David took revenge upon JR. My guess is that he ended up killing Tad. It will be interesting to see it play out.


    clh replied

    I agree with you about Marissa, but since we know JR is in a coma I would say that David put him there and that’s why he was in jail.


  11. Becky Z says:

    It was great! High class production and lots of intrigue to watch to find out what happened 5 years ago. Good mix of known vs. unknown stars and characters. When I tried to watch via this link, it got stuck, with only the audio playing. So I went to Hulu and it started part way in. There may be some glitches that way, but I sure hope they do well so they’re able to keep going. Now to go check out One Life to Live.


  12. carla rodriguez says:

    Enjoyed it for the most part. Im expecting it to get better and better as storylines develop. Im hooked.


  13. Linda says:

    AMC did the cover up thing not really telling what happened 5 yrs ago, may throw some off. The younger ones did great. I see their potential. As for OLTL seeing Danni doing the drug thing really shook me up, but it does make sense why being Tea is off thinking about the baby she lost, and the supposed loss of her husband Victor Lord. Regardless to say we need some info on what happened not just its past lets move on.


  14. Kelly says:

    I think everyone is just so happy to see these shows/characters back that they are willing to forgive a lot. I’m going to reserve my opinion for a couple of weeks to give it time to gel. Will be curious to see if people stay tuned in. I heard that they have to have at least 500,000 views per day to break even. Let’s hope they can get those #s.


  15. phyllis duncan says:

    All My Children Episode 1 was really good,imo! Simply cannot wait for the showing tomorrow.
    It’s looking to be quite exciting,the way it use to be! Thanks PP and TOLN.
    You’ve made a lot of people happy!
    WOW! Almost forgot to thank HULU! Thanks to Hulu….. :-)


  16. Llanviewer717 says:

    I have not been a regular AMC viewer in over 20 years but I loved what I saw. All the regulars looked terrific. It was so great to see Angie and Jesse, Adam and Brooke and of course Opal. And all the young people look great too. I am very anxious to see where everything we were introduced to goes in the future.


    lipstickcat replied

    I’ve been watching since the beginning but can’t now! No internet at home like many other viewers. Canadians get it on T.V. & we can’t ? Where’s the fairness there?


    Pat replied

    I read that in September Prospect Park will be able to shop AMC and OLTL to broadcast tv. The episodes would air on a one week delay from their Hulu premiere. I would still watch online to see the shows uncut but this will be great for those who can’t currently watch online.

  17. Bill says:

    Both were well done. The writing and direction (such as one character having problems keeping his towel on; another conversation about the daughter of a lesbian being a “vagitarean” or does she “like meat”; the online format allowed these writers to let their creative juices explode – a less than subtle middle finger to network censors!) The pace and story lines were great (AMC may have been a little too cheesey in the dialogue, but they have to explain the last 5 years in that dialogue). The end of the first OLTL was BRILLIANT! If this continues to develop; it may make other soap producers to take notice – “what the hell do we need the networks for???”


  18. Pat says:

    Just watched the first episode of AMC on my cell phone via Hulu Plus. The people who didn’t think Prospect Park could pull this off couldn’t have been more wrong. The show looks great and more importantly it feels great. Can’t wait for the next episode. ANC is backk in a big way!!


  19. Bryon B says:

    I haven’t watched the show in many years, but did watched the finale. I can say that I was impressed and loved both shows. I am very impressed at the high quality HD and the appearance of the sets. So far, both AMC & OLTL are in the Top 5 on Hulu and I-Tunes. I know this will be a success and very confident both shows will be on TV in no time. I thought it was going to be a little over 20 mintues of content, when in fact, both shows had close to 30 minutes of content, with only 2 minutes of commercials. Very impressive, compared to an hour format, which is only 36 minutes of content after commercials. Can’t wait to see both shows tomorrow!! Great job Prospect Park, keep up the good work.


  20. Carrie says:

    #AMC will take me more time to get used too. New characters, new town. It looks like they will be doing lots of location shots..always a plus. I think they held some main characters for future episodes. I’m just so happy to see my long lost friends!


  21. Sharon says:

    AMC is back, it is like family coming home.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you Prospect Park.


  22. Kathy says:

    So far, I like it. I wish it was longer . It would really be great if Erika, Tad, JR, Jack, and Annie would come back.. It was so wonderful seeing so many familiar faces. The only scene that I did not like was AJ and Miranda. That scene was just weird. Unfortunately, there is no fast forward on Hulu. That said, can’t wait to see what David is going to do! I think Prospect Park and Agnes Nixon did an excellent job on the revival of AMC!


  23. Asphyxia says:

    So far, this is a great opening. It will take getting used to, as with all the new faces-I am thrilled our soap families are home. I hope that as time goes on, we welcome many more faces back. (Amc-Erica, Annie, Jake, Jamie, Jackson, ect and oltl-john, starr, christian, oliver, fish, ect). One life to life had the mystery, which it has always had more of-and amc has that homey feeling.


  24. janet says:

    Watched them both. Liked AMC not so much OL.AMC was very recognizable. All the faces we knew and Mirander actually looks like her mother.. So far so good. I did recognize the fire escape on both shows. TPTB are doing a very good job and I just may watch AMC .OL to many new youngsters and to many stupid women. Dani on drugs That was awful.


  25. Scott says:



  26. Carol says:

    I enjoyed AMC so much. It was so great to finally have my soap back but wish it was an hour but that’s okay. It’s back! It was so wonderful seeing as many great actors from previous and meeting the new actors. They blend well together. Can’t wait till tomorrow!


  27. Terry says:

    I enjoyed both shows, and believe they were well written. I just hope Tad is not dead on amc. And Victor raises hell on OLTL. I also notice joe is in the credits, but no Ruth. Perhaps Ruth was the one killed. And as for people saying the shows were not short, did any of you watch the shows on the ABC website without commercials? Each episode was about 35-38 minutes in length. In reality, you only lost about 5-8 minutes. If you don’t believe me, watch an episode of GH on the ABC website, and see exactly how long the soap is with out the ads and commercials.


    Bryon B replied

    Thanks for mentioning this. So many fans don’t realize this, and when I saw both episodes this morning, I realized not too much is lost. Very glad both shows are back and off to a great start.


    Jovin replied

    I watch GH daily on Youtube with NO commercials. With the opening and the end “On the next GH…” the running time is always about 36 minutes. In reality, we are losing NO time from an hour long show. Don’t tell the actors that though, or they’ll demand more money and the shows will go out of business. LOL.


    Terry replied

    So i should have never emailed my friend Jane Elliott, and let her know this fact?

    Jovin replied

    Why would that matter? LOL…She’d be happy if you told her. The actors on AMC and OLTL are the ones I was referring to. They are the ones who could say “Hey, we’re being paid as if we are a half hour show, when in reality, we are only a few minutes behind the supposed hour long shows.” Your friend Jane hardly has anything to worry about…she has 35 years of history with GH and it is an hour long show.

  28. Amber says:

    LOVED the first episode! Watched AMC first, then OLTL. Gotta say OLTL had a better cliff hanger ending (!!!!) and a faster paced episode, but AMC is doing what it has always done best… pulled at the heartstrings. Family storylines were front and center and that’s what I’ve always loved about AMC. Can’t wait to see more. Couldn’t be happier to have my soaps back. I’ve been smiling about it all day! Thank you, Prospect Park.


  29. jas says:

    OMG…what are you people drinking? This is so bad that I am actually at a loss for words. And to think that Hulu Plus wants what? $7.95/mo for this. Ha, my toilet is a better investment for that money. Where did they get Miranda and AJ. AJ is a farkel and a bad actor and Miranda, well, whoever told this rather homely girl she could act. I still love David Canary, Darnell Williams, Debbie Morgan, Vincent Inizarry and, of course, Jill Larson. The rest need to find new careers. This totally stinks!!! And I am being kind in saying that. I said I would give it a try and I did. It did not disappoint. The rest of you who love it, well, GET A LIFE. This is even too bad for mandatory shut-in’s. I am truly speechless after what I have just both seen and said. Good bye, farewell, and I’m positive, in my heart of hearts, you should all start pounding the proverbial pavement again!!!


  30. David Evan Smith says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed AMC’s return!

    Liked the younger cast, for sure. Pete, Celia, Miranda, AJ all held their own so far. GREAT seeing Opal and that she has a home!

    The sets look fantastic! Loved Jesse and Angie’s apt with the patio. The Chandler mansion looked familiar. Cortlandt Manor also looked familiar, considering we hadn’t seen it in YEARS.

    Glad with their choice to do location work and it fits with what I’d expect Pine Valley to look like.

    Happy that they are letting the details of the finale slowly unfold, effects on Brooke, Adam, AJ, Miranda, Bianca, David, Cara, etc. I don’t need to know in the first episode what happened. The patient in the bed? The headstone David visited? Dixie and Opal’s emotions over Tad? This leaves me with plenty of questions I want answers to.

    Then the new mystery of what’s happened to Cassandra and why it’s tied to Zach and his casino.

    There are a lot of glaring missing characters: Frankie/Randi, Jake/Amanda, Erica, Kendall, Jackson, Scott/Madison, Ryan/Greenlee. Half of them I don’t miss, and half of them I think could contribute a great deal to the drama going on.

    The music choices were pretty funny, “Internet killed the video star” playing in Pete’s car in the beginning, all of Pete’s comments about technology. Obviously they’re taking digs at TV being old school and the internet being the future.

    Good start! Can’t wait to see the rest of the week!


  31. Jovin says:

    First of all…let’s all give a hearty shout out that our shows are back! We have to watch them differently, some favourites are no longer here, and characters are able to curse liberally now, but our shows back, so let’s focus on what is actually happening!

    The opening sequence was good to feature Brooke and Adam, two of the show’s most iconic and recognizable characters after Erica. We got most of our favourites first, like Opal, and Jesse and Angie as well. It was a fairly lackluster opening, but one that felt like just another day in Pine Valley, which was okay too.

    The dialogue in many places came off as forced, stilted, and awkward. We know that there is a mystery dating from five years ago. But why, on this random day 5 years later, would everyone in town be cryptically referring to “that day/incident/tragedy 5 years ago.” It just seems there is a more subtle, less heavy-handed way to reference whatever happened. It also better be something EARTH-SHATTERING and consequential the way people are talking about it.

    I LOVED the location shooting! I hope they do some of that regularly. It really made
    Pine Valley look and feel like the community we grew to love over the years. I wish it wouldn’t have been wasted on newcomers who had a meet-cute. It would have been nice to see Brooke walking out of the newspaper office, and Adam walking out of Chandler Enterprises and seeing THEM walk around the town. Or…seeing Opal meeting her son Pete as he came zooming into downtown Pine Valley. The newbies and location shoots HAVE to be anchored by the veterans and solid writing if we are to care.

    The teen set looks promising, although again…dialogue. Soap writers rarely ever get teen dialogue right. Instead of trying to be hip and modern, they just need to write them as REAL people. I also find this new trend of tweens/teens seeing each other naked or in compromising positions very disturbing. General Hospital did it with Molly seeing Rafe in a towel, and it happened again here with Miranda and Ace. These teen actors are charismatic and given a good story, could soar. I say let the writers watch some episodes of the original BEVERLY HILLS 90210. The characters were all about their school functions, and dating, and exams, and dances, and hanging out…they weren’t just horned up, messed-up, angst-filled pregnancies waiting to happen. They were REAL teens with TEENAGE concerns.

    The new Pete Cortlandt is promising. I wish they had brought back Colby for his romantic interest. They could reconnect after years apart…they are both legacy characters whose romance got short-shrift then premature termination on the old AMC. It will be nice having him and Opal in the thick of things.

    And good ol’ David Hayward…fresh out of jail with vengeance on his mind. The more things change, the more they stay the same. LOL.

    It was a first episode, and while far from perfect, it feels like All My Children. As time goes on, and the stories crystallize, and more favourites return, it will get better and better! Let’s all keep faithfully watching and keep our shows on the airwaves, any airwaves, where they belong!


  32. Pat says:

    Loved it! I am so thrilled All My Children is back. Loved seeing the younger kids older. And the actress that plays Miranda is spot on. Thank you so much.


  33. David says:

    I was disappointed in this. It wasn’t so horrible I hated it but was missing so many things. All My Children without Susan Lucci was already a big minus

    I didn’t dislike the new characters and like that they tied them to core families. However maybe with time I will feel more invested in them.

    Out of the 2 I’d say I enjoyed One Life To Live more because I felt it had more happening and went faster. This seemed a bit slow.

    However it is only day 1 so still time to decide on liking or disliking the online reboots


  34. Cathy says:

    I thought it was great, but I think I ‘m going to have a hard time with how short it is. I watched on I tunes and it was less than 30 minutes. Regardless , I’m a lifetime fan, I just want more to watch :)


  35. Lawrence says:

    I love that the cast is energetic and the sets are beautiful but the writing disappointed me.


  36. Johnny says:

    I watched ALL MY CHILDREN episode one and all I can say right now is—have to give it a chance to really gain momentum. The first new episode seemed a little uneven and disjointed. I love Angie and Jesse Hubbard, but how many obligatory references do we need to the word “Big”? “I’ve got a big surprise for you, something big is coming your way, I’ll be in the shower waiting for something big” , etc. Okay, Okay we get it, they are allowed to do more on the Internet but c’mon write something more substantial than this. Don’t get me wrong I am truly THRILLED to have the show back and I know this isn’t your grandma’s “all my children” but I am hoping they don’t stray too far from the original premise. Also, I have to admit that I miss Michael Knight as Tad Martin and it would be great if Susan Lucci could come back as Erica Kane if just to annoy Brooke and Adam a little bit – all in all I love the show and understand that storylines take time to unfold and develop.


  37. Mark F. says:

    I LOVED the first episode of AMC. It feels like the AMC that I once knew and loved. Yes, this episode did have a lot of newbies, but they’re tied to characters I care about so it works perfectly. The teen characters act and talk like real teens and I like how social media was brought into the mix. It felt very realistic.

    I loved that the show opened with Brooke and Adam and I’m very intrigued by the shocking events that took place five years ago. I wanna know who David shot! Is it tied to the incident Brooke has nightmares about? I can’t wait to find out. And where’s Cassandra? What happened to her? I look forward to finding out.

    What threw me off a little bit were the two bad words used in the episode, but I knew that was coming and it’s not like I was shocked by that. Most teens nowadays curse so that felt realistic as well. The Cara and David scene was risque, which I don’t think I’ve seen anything like that on a soap for quite some time.

    Didn’t like the opening credits, but I’ll overlook that. Perhaps it’ll grow on me. I’m just glad that AMC is BAAAAACK!! Long live ALL MY CHILDREN!!!


  38. James McDonald says:

    Susan Lucci was missed. I guess she is the one in the coma. They have left a door open to her for her to return when she is through with Devious Maids. Glad to see Lindsay Hartley back on the show. Would be nice if Carol Burnett made an appearance someday.


  39. Holly says:

    I was disappointed that they didn’t really answer the question that everyone has been waiting to get answered for nearly two years. I had more questions after watching it. That was disappointing. I thought they could have done better for the first episode.


  40. BD says:

    I had not watched AMC regularly in many years, but I was curious to see the online version of the show. Although didn’t know some of the characters, it was nice to see veterans that I did know in the forefront of the action. I think I’ll watch again when Susan Lucci returns…AMC is not AMC without Erica Kane! And for those who say the episode was too short, I think the broadcast episodes were only 35 min. minus commercials, so the 28 min. online is not much of a difference.


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