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17 February 23rd, 2013 All My Children’s Returning Eden Riegel Tweets: “I guess I better follow my on-screen daughter!”

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Daytime Emmy winner, Eden Riegel who is set to return to All My Children for a guest arc as Bianca Montgomery took to Twitter today to share her enthusiasm with the fans on reprising her role for Prospect Park’s reboot of the series!

Riegel tweeted, “Thank you all for the outpouring of support today. I am thrilled to be returning as Bianca! So I guess I better follow my… ahem… daughter: @JordanLanePrice Gabby, you’re still to young for twitter. I hope.”

So soapers, can you envision Bianca being a mom to a teenager?  Looks Like Jordan Lane Price will be part of the upcoming teen scene of Pine Valley High!

So getting more excited about the return of All My Children?


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  1. Rachel Elisabeth says:

    That is quite a SORAS isn’t it? So glad Eden will be back as Bianca!


    Ruby C. replied

    I liked Heather best as Vail Bloom who played the first Heather on Young and the restless. This actress was better at AMC


    toscanti replied

    ER was always better on AMC, VB was a great Heather.

  2. Matt says:

    Any chance can Melissa C. Egan who plays Chelsea on Y&R that used to be on AMC going back there? I hope so because I am NOT a fan of Chelsea on Y&R.


    toscanti replied

    Romor has it Chelsea is staying on Y&R. Perhaps they could share the actress much like DOOL and Y&R are planning to do with Eileen Davidson (Kristen/Ashley).


    Chris replied

    Unfortunatley Matt, she tweeted on her twitter account that she’s not going back to AMC as Annie, but is very supportive of its revival online and will watch the show online when it premieres this spring! MCE is still under contract as Chelsea on Y&R!


    Mitchell1660 replied

    Good. Annie was a HOT MESS.

  3. jim says:

    Its going to seem strange seeing Bianca having a teenager when she kinda still looks like one herself but i can overlook all that since this has happen b4 on soaps with the actor playing the parent was really a few years older than the actor playing their child. Wow, Erica could end up being a great grandmother! Time sure flys! lol. Im just thrilled Bianca and AMC is coming back.


  4. bc says:

    amc’s move to create a short story arc for lgbt char bianca is going to help it get some more publicity bec the entertainment press prefers more lgbt representation as compared to racial diversity. take “necessary roughness” as an example. that rather racially diverse primetime soap opera never really got any attention from entertainment press until it created a storyline abt a professional football athlete come out of the closet. of course that gay char has to be white. forbes research poll ranked denzel washington as most popular academy award nominee among all the actors. he beat all the white actors like ferret face cooper and sally field and horrid “singers” jackman and amanda what’s her name alum from amc and even de niro. would this encourage hollywood to give more opportunities to racial minority actors? probably not given hollywood’s attitudes towards racial diversity. shonda rimes is best known for her racially diverse primetime soaps. she mentioned that she doesn’t take pride that her shows are racially diverse. shonda thinks it’s “creepy” that racial diversity is still an issue for hollywood and that there are not more people of color from hollywood tv shows. she complained abt the “assumption” of whiteness on tv. shonda called it “ridiculous” that networks don’t demand for more racial diversity. it’s great that shonda mentioned that she gets asked abt the lack of racial diversity on tv and yet sowrunners w/ all white chars on their tv shows don’t get asked! typical hollywood lacks racial diversity from films and primetime soaps and daytime soaps.


  5. david jones says:

    Christina Lind ‏@ChristinaBLind
    @edenriegel So incredibly excited for you to carry the torch you so courageously lit! Long live Binx! #shewasntshot!


    The_HugoBoss replied

    how funny. #SheWasntShot ha. And sweet.


    Troy Turner replied

    classy move by CBL


  6. Kathy says:

    Wonderful news!


  7. Patrick says:

    wouldn’t it be something… if a network… and or SOAP…. just did it…

    had two Lesbians carrying a show….

    Bianca and Marissa….


  8. The_HugoBoss says:

    Jordan is definitely pretty! I’m excited to see her and Erica in scenes. I wonder how they’ll bypass using the term grandma now with a teenager in the role. lol.


  9. mo says:

    How bizarre!


  10. Patrick says:

    I’m torn…..and it’s WISHING Bianca and Marissa were on full-time.

    reason… i so got to loving CBL and the actress who played Marissa…. these two were golden…..

    as fans, were used to seeing eden riegel come and go as bianca… and she deserves to be on AMC.


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