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38 September 14th, 2014 All New THE VIEW Premieres Monday! Will Rosie, Rosie, Nicolle and Whoopi Click With The Audience?

Photo Credit: ABC

The revamped and retooled The View has its season premiere on Monday morning, September 15th,  on ABC.  With a new executive producer in tow, a new studio home, a new look, and a brand new mash-up of co-hosts, can The View return to glory and enchant the viewers?

Whoopi Goldberg is the only remaining co-host from last season, and she will be joined by the returning Rosie O’Donnell, and first time panelists; Rosie Perez and Nicolle Wallace!  Just the other day the first group photo of the new The View gals was released (pictured here).

As well in some recent electronic press interviews, O’Donnell revealed one of her reasons to returning to the fold: “What drew me back was the opportunity to work with Whoopi Goldberg.  I have admired her since I saw her in her first one-woman show, back when we were both younger and less gray.”  Rosie also offered up  who’s trulu the brains of the new panel: “Nicolle is much smarter I ever will be.  She probably would kick my ass on the SATs.”

Nicolle Wallace offered up: “I’d love to hear what my co-hosts think about this country maybe having to do something to protect ourselves from these new terrorists Isis.  I think people want to hear what Rosie O’Donnell and Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie Perez think about things.”

So are you interested in hearing what the four ladies have to say about numerous topics each morning? Do you think this configuration will be a success?   Are you going to check the revamped line-up? Let us know!

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  1. su0000 says:

    I have watched the view for about 10 minutes at different times..
    It is noisy lol … they just talk about nonsense stuff.. ..
    It was a bit horrible when they all laugh once at at each other.. LOUD!
    I do not like it .. It is meaningless ..

    I’m sure others enjoy it, but not for me ..


  2. Harry says:

    Rosie looks great! I will give it a chance as I have not watched this show in years.


  3. Amanda says:

    This show is heading down the tubes and lost its freshness long ago. It seems like this is sort of a last ditch effort to save it. Honestly, how many times can the panelists, who always talk at the same time over each other, be changed on this show before most people are turned off of it?

    Rosie O’Donnell, again? No thanks. I couldn’t care less what that overbearing loudmouth thinks about anything. She wore out her welcome years ago on her former daytime talk show.


    Tony Polar replied

    Agreed – she’s totally obnoxious -
    this show has had it – if ABC had half a brain they would bring back
    a combo of ONE LIFE TO LIVE with overtones of ALL MY CHILDREN -
    That’s what they should do, not this crap -


  4. Jamesj75 says:

    Why on earth they would rehire Rosie O’Donnell is beyond me! The way she acted in that infamous show of her argument with Elisabeth Hasselbeck should have closed the View door to any return ever!

    I also expect her to butt heads with Whoopie. When Rosie was on previously, she was the moderator (in control of the conversation); she won’t want to take a backseat to Whoopie. I’m no fan of Whoopie either. Whoopie always makes sure Whoopie gets her points across and routinely cuts off the other panelists, particularly if they disagree with her. Whoopie also loves to play devil’s advocate and often promotes bizarre reasoning. Rosie won’t stand for this. I can see the split screens now…


    Harry replied

    The way Rosie acted? Listen, it’s TPTB from ABC who split the screen who are the real culprits here. They exploited the heck out of the fight between those two women while playing it for it is worth.
    Rosie is great, she looks great after losing the weight and today she seemed like she was trying real hard to tone it down. Whoopi also looked great and is always a sight for sore eyes. They paid a very touching homage to Joan Rivers and spoke of Robin Williams.
    I don’t watch The View but will try and tune in from time to time because I really adore both Whoopi and Rosie.


    rebecca1 replied

    Anyone who argues with Elizabeth Hasselbeck is okay by me. Go Rosie!


  5. CeeCee says:

    Hi, James. I get what you are saying, but everyone deserves a second chance. As you have indicated, O’Donnell had a ‘beef’ with Elizabeth. They never did mesh. I like Rosie O and also like Rosie P. So, it remains to be seen…I hope it is all for the good.
    I am beyond happy to see Whoopi stay put. I love her so much…what a delight to listen to her no-nonsense comments….she is both honest and diplomatic…..and, lest I forget; her humor never gets old or mundane. If anyone can keep order in ‘the court’ that is the view, it is Whoopi. I will always be, along with my Mom and Gran, a loyal fan…..I love you, Whoopi.
    I am embarrassed to say that I have never heard of Nicole Wallace. Should I have? I wish her and all the ladies the best VIEW season ever.


  6. Lou Piikes says:

    The View is so bland now. Hot topics is so annoying, it sounds like a public service announcement.


    Harry replied

    They’re just trying out their sea legs, Lou. It felt a little awkward but they’ll get there.
    I think Whoopi is very sad about losing her very dear friend Robin Williams and she is just trying to hold it together. It can’t be easy for her.


    CeeCee replied

    Bland? Is that why a certain ‘TALK’ show mimics it?…. Down to the number of hosts (originally 5) to sitting at ‘THE’ table.
    At least, there is always one panelist with a little more education than the school of Black Sabbath.


  7. tyler says:

    These talk shows are full of narcissistic hypocrites who pretend their behavior and lives are much fuller and honest than the people they’re gossiping about. I’ll stick with Oprah, at least I know she’s coming from a good place.


    Jared replied

    The only place Oprah comes from is narcissism. She’s the worst of them all.


    tyler replied

    Oprah is an open book and far from narcissistic. There’s nothing wrong with having pride in your accomplishments, she went from nothing to a self made billionaire without stepping on any toes and she has always treated people with the upmost respect. These talk shows, news shows and radio shows believe humiliating people, gossiping, talking over one another and making assumptions about someone’s personal life based on tabloid rumors is entertainment.

    CeeCee replied

    Tyler…it is called entertainment…some of us like it, some of us don ‘t. That ‘s not to say I don’t miss Oprah…I love her to the hilt. But, she’s one of a kind and she is hard to compare to any other. There are a chosen few in this world….she is one of them.
    I LOVE THE VIEW. By the same token, you are entitled to your opinion……let’s not call the kettle black….who is narcissistic ?


  8. Charday says:

    A bunch of cackling hens talking over each other. I will only watch (on you tube) for the inevitable bitch-fight between Rosie O and Whoopi. You know it’s coming!


  9. nancy says:

    I watched for awhile and then had to stop.There is no chemistry anymore.I felt so bad for whoppi.The show is horrible.


  10. Elite Advisors says:

    Well I just finished watching it, as I taped it only for curiosity… it was dull and boring. A lot of forced happy smiles… I absolutely cannot imagine this show going past this year.

    They called it the new view, and the craziest thing was it opened by kissing Barbara Walters hand as she was seated in a throne, as the Queen. It was absolutely ridiculous! Whoopis face during that was hilarious, you gotta watch that just for the laugh! Can you even imagine? LOL!

    ABC better get ready to find another replacement.

    On another note, I also taped the first 2 shows of Meredith V’s new show and found it very lackluster. I liked Meredith, I think she is a genuine good hearted person, but I don’t think she will carry a show. I know it is still new and I don’t think it’s fair to prejudge, but I watched 2 shows last week ( hello DVR) and won’t be tuning in again.

    I like to put these shows on while I am making dinner after work but I was not at all engaged, just noise. Sorry Meredith. :(


  11. Shelly says:

    Quit watching Years ago. All they would ever do is scream and talk over each other. Plus I can NOT stand Rosie Odonnel! I got grass to watch grow instead of watch that!


  12. Jared says:

    We live in a world where Rosie O’Donnell is on abc daytime and Erika Slezak is not. That’s sad.


  13. Patrick says:

    they need to get hack to the around the table… like adults and talk it out

    that seating setup was too much posturing…. staid… polite… and formal

    I don’t expect to see cat fights…..

    all the producers have to do is watch the talk.. and get that their 4 personalities manage quite well around the table in a close knit fit

    Whoopie, Rose P., and Rosie O… have wonderful personalities to share….

    just cut to the chase and leap forward

    I also thought the set was too bright and colorful…

    if that’s the case… go with it…. enliven spar… shared whit… and just enjoying how easy it would be to enjoy their personalities…..


    rebecca1 replied

    I like The Talk. That’s an example of four women with sometimes differing opinions/perspectives who manage to discuss it while being fun, funny and entertaining. For the most part a very feel-good show.

    By contrast, I detested The View…opinionated, judemental, sometimes racist, sometimes anti-semitic…very combative.


  14. mgb357 says:

    Why is this story even on this soap related website. I don’t care…

    BUT — it would have been nice if ABC would have spent actual advertising dollars on the soaps. Maybe the audience wouldn’t have disappeared.. Just wish this show would vanish…


  15. rebecca1 says:

    As mentioned above I watched The View on off hours years ago. Started off good…degenerated quickly. I tuned in to see the new panel and for me, it’s not working. It’s uncomfortable…they’re trying so hard to not argue that it’s awkward. However, I saw a glimpse of what’s to come and I don’t like it. Example:

    The woman with the Republican point of view, Nicole Wallace, said she felt Joe Biden worked well with others because he genuinely liked people. Obama didn’t work well with others because she feels he doesn’t like people.

    Rosie O’Donnell’s response? (And I’m paraphrasing…)

    “So when Kanye West said that Bush didn’t like black people that became an international incident. Why is it okay for you to say Obama doesn’t like people?”

    Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy make the Wallace statement a race issue!? She didn’t say Pres. Obama didn’t like white people…she said people. Instead of digging a little further to hear why she felt that way…Rose throws the race card out and then they cut to another topic.

    I find that kind of “discussion” infuriating. Won’t be tuning in…not even during insomniac nights OnDemand…


    CeeCee replied

    It is just as bad when a certain panelist on THE TALK makes cultural slurs against Italians. My mother-in-law, who is Italian-born was so upset, she called the network in California. Of course, nothing was done about it because Julie Chen’s husband is the producer of that show.
    I live in Suffolk County, NY….which includes Southampton…..a lot of gossip circulates in these small communities.I had already stopped watching when Leah Remini and Holly Robinson were fired…..two reasons why I started watching in the first place….all because of behind-the-scenes politics.
    My point? It is the same anywhere and everywhere. I have yet to hear anything untoward come out of Whoopi’s mouth. I love her and respect her and I will keep watching.


    rebecca1 replied

    I turned off Whoopi on several occasions: one when she resented non smokers having a problem with her smoking in her apartment building. I can tell you…smoke travels. She was quite selfish about it…also didn’t like the fact that smokers couldn’t smoke in restaurants, etc. I am ADAMANTLY against smoking…and I thought it was great when the law went into effect that smokers couldn’t smoke in the workplace, restaurants, bars, etc. It is the right of people to breathe healthy air; if smokers want to inhale cancer-causing substances they should gather together and live in the same building, go to the same restaurants, etc…and smoke each other out. NOW that she stopped smoking…she supposedly doesn’t like smoke.

    She defended Mel Gibson’s anti-semitic film and rants. I’m not sure she would have felt the same way had he made racially charged statements and a film.

    Lost a lot of my respect for her then. On top of that, each time someone speaks and she doesn’t agree she puts her eyes up in her head and gives a look to the audience…and shouts anyone down as if her wise opinion is the only correct one.

    Shame; have always loved her films. Great actress/comedienne. Too opinionated for my taste.

    CeeCee replied

    Of course I agree with you, rebecca. No one in my family smokes. Well, I need to back up……my sister and her husband started puffing on these ‘fake’ things….drives me up the wall….not cool. So, I understand, albeit Whoopi has stopped smoking, or so she says. She makes me laugh, and honestly I needed that….I went to hell and back during my pregnancy…I thank God for a healthy baby.
    The other stuff, I seem to be oblivious to it. I have never heard Whoopi support Mel Gibson…..surprising, since I think he’s not all there. I did not watch much TV (usually caught up at night). I was on bed rest for almost my entire pregnancy….so, I became addicted to TV, mainly daytime …..I was so bored…my Mom spoils me…..I am the baby…lol…I normally live a pretty busy life…, home, family….soon I will get back to that. Maternity leave is almost over…..
    To be honest, I am very surprised about Whoopi. She sounds so altruistic and fair on THE VIEW.
    But, as I said, I would rather watch THE VIEW than the hypocrisy and bloated egos congregating on THE TALK. There is so much I would like to say about a certain Brit, but, I must hold my tongue, n’est-ce pas?

    rebecca1 replied

    Hi CeeCee…so funny running into you “here” instead of over “there.” LOL!

    So sorry you had a difficult pregnancy and congratulations on your baby!

    I’m surprised at your impressions of The Talk. I didn’t notice anything offensive…but we all notice different things depending on our sensitivities.

    As for Mrs. O…I do believe you can say whatever you want about Sharon…I won’t tell. ;)

    I find her very blunt, crude yet entertaining. She’s also a hypocrite. I remember how she made dreadful fun of Susan Boyle. Do you know who she is? She won Britain’s Got Talent…very beautiful opera-type voice but unfortunately not very physically attractive. Mrs. O was on a radio show and proceeded to make fun of her looks…oh my gawd…she was ragging on her and laughing hilariously with the male dj’s at poor Susan’s expense…

    Kicker is…Sharon’s had a lot of plastic surgery and used to be very overweight. Of all people she should have been sensitive to Susan. But I’m thinking it came from insecurity. She’s so happy with how she looks now…and was reveling in being accepted by the dj’s…that it made her feel good…I can almost understand it psychologically and think she didn’t even do it with malicious intent…but still, it was disgraceful and I haven’t forgotten that when I see her. Moreso…because on The Talk she acts so appalled if someone puts down another woman, etc…as if she never said what she said.

    But I digress…never heard her say anthing about Italians. The show seems so goodnatured to me and they never talk about race or religion; if sensitive subjects come up it’s handled very well and without anger/accusations/antagonism…

    And no, I don’t think you need to hold your tongue on such matters! Speak away!!! ;)

    jaybird369 replied

    Hi CeeCee,

    I just wanted to CONGRATULATE YOU on your recent bundle of joy…Ga Ga Goo Goo!!!!! Sorry…the BIG KID IN ME couldn’t resist…LOL!!!!! And I hope that your baby is happy, healthy and smiling. Yes. Again…CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!

    Take care, CeeCee. Peace.

    CeeCee replied

    @jaybird…thank you for your well wishes….peace out, right back ‘atcha’.

  16. Patrick says:

    The “View” : had it’s BEST season premiere ratings : in 8 years

    thank you….. and thank you…. fans of

    two Rosie’s

    and I love them both
    along with Whoopie

    I’m just smiling… that Rosie Perez is ON an every day basis

    she’s spitfire, present, adorable, and cute as a button


  17. Laurie says:

    Thank you, Rebecca1! In regard to Whoopi and her eye-rolling looks of disgust, my friends thought I was exaggerating. Some of it was during interviews on the couch w/guests as well, which is double rude. I couldn’t find anything wrong w/Sherri or Jenny’so line of questioning or conversations w/guests, I concluded it might be a control for individual air -time, a power trip, or backstage chaos. For years now the tension between the hosts on that set has seemed so palpable to me. Yikes! That must such for the guests.

    Meredith Vieira and Joy Behar were my favorites. I didn’t see those power trips from Meredith. I’m not going to watch anymore anyway, so my last comment about the new panel is that I wish they had hired a twenty-something instead of having 2 just 2 years of apart in age like the 2 Roses are.


    rebecca1 replied

    Hi Laurie. You’re welcome! LOL…I don’t know how your friends could have missed the eye rolling (if they watched the show)…she did it every episode!

    Have to disagree with you though on Sherri and Jenny…and don’t even get me started on Elizabeth!!! Couldn’t stand any of them.

    Liked Sherri at the beginning. (Saw her in a few movies as well as DWTS and liked her as an entertainer.) But the more she talked about her religion and her son the more I couldn’t bear her. And anything racial was a very heated topic with her.

    Jenny? Once you make a stupid comment like The Jews know how to make money…and don’t see anything wrong with that comment…ya lost me. And…she seems a bit full of herself. I love Dancing With The Stars (commented about that on another post) and I believe when she was asked to do it she replied that it was for has-beens and not for people of her celebrity…something to that effect.

    Elizabeth? The most pompous, self-righteous know-it-all…and again…one of many stupid statements:

    An Italian Catholic actor was on…can’t think of his name now…and she asked him if it “bothered” him that people thought he was Jewish. (As you might tell…anti-semitism doesn’t sit well with me, to put it mildly.) I think both Elizabeth and Sherri turned it into a show about their kids and their religion. Very off-putting and polarizing.

    The View started out as a great show: I agree with you. Meredith was great…I do like Joy…I think Lisa Ling is very intelligent and likeable….

    I hear what you’re saying about age…Nicole Wallace is the youngest. I think she’s 42; Rosie Perez is 50, O’Donnell 52, Goldberg 58.

    They started out wanting to represent women of all ages with different points of view…they left that to focus on diverse race and politics.


    jaybird369 replied

    Hi rebecca1,

    1. RIGHT ON about Meredith Vieira, Lisa Ling and Joy Behar!!!!! Meredith will always be my ALL-TIME FAVE!!!!!
    2. I have been such a BIG FAN of Joy’s ever since her stand-up comedy days.
    3. More and more, I L-O-V-E to watch Lisa on her current show Our America…which airs on OWN. I usually watch it on OWN On-Demand. Rebecca, if you haven’t seen it, here’s a brief rundown and all: Every week, Lisa Ling travels from state and state and all to do realistic and hard-hitting interviews. But, Lisa does this with A LOT of intelligence, sensitivity and understanding!!!!! Girlfriend, if you want to, you ought to check it out. Trust me…Lisa’s Our America show is that A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!!!
    4. Rebecca…h-o-n-e-y…EVEN MORE RIGHT ON ABOUT Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Jenny McCarthy!!!!! And…I am adding that INSUFFERABLE D-I-V-A Star Jones (Remember her?) to my DISLIKE LIST.
    5. The more that Elisabeth CONSTANTLY TALKED every week on The View…that’s how EVEN MORE SO that I kept rooting for Elisabeth’s O-F-F button…LOL!!!!! Yep. And, I think that Elisabeth’s husband Tim (that football player dude) is just as DORKY as Elisabeth is. Yep.
    6. I think that ABC messed up BIG-TIME when they subjected us to that Jenny airhead. Thank God that Jenny is no longer on there aka GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!!
    7. Rebecca dear, if you disagree with me about Star Jones…that’s COOL with me. Understandable. But I gotta say…I CANNOT STAND Star!!!!! 3 reasons why: (1) When Star married her (now) ex-husband Al Reynolds, she (for some reason) was BEYOND OBSESSED with getting tons and tons of FREE STUFF for her wedding…which PISSED OFF A L-O-T of people associated with the planning and all of Star’s wedding. (2) IMO, Star acts like such an arrogant, bullying and condescending know-it-all. I CANNOT STAND people like that!!!!! And…of the 3…I H-A-T-E bullying/bullies the most!!!!! (3) IMO Part 2, Star will EMOTIONALLY RUN OVER A-N-Y-O-N-E to get what she wants. Bottom Line Here: Star Jones D-I-G-U-S-T-S me!!!!!
    8. Lastly…Rebecca, thank you for listening. More and more, you’re A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!!! Thanks a bunch.

    Take care, Rebecca. XOXOXOXOXO

    rebecca1 replied

    Hi Jaybird369…

    LOL…I’ve read some of your posts. To quote an old “groovy” expression…you’re a trip! ;)

    Thanks for your response and yes…I agree with everything you said!


    jaybird369 replied

    Hey there Rebecca1,

    My dear…more and more, your posts are PERFECTLY SPOT-ON!!!!! And…as far as I’m concerned, you REFUSE to hold back. Thank You. Girlfriend, personality-wise, you are A-C-E-S all the way!!!!! Not to get too personal or whatever, but, if you have a husband or a boyfriend…I hope that your fella knows how VERY LUCKY he is to have you in his life. Yes.

    Rebecca, as I’m closing for now, as me and my people/peeps VERY RESPECTFULLY say back in Louisiana aka Cajun Country…LATER GATOR!!!!!


    rebecca1 replied

    Once again, jaybird369, you put a smile on my face! Thanks for the compliments…back at ya! Cajun County…I loved New Orleans…but spicy food, how shall I put this mildly (no pun intended…well…pun should be intended…kinda works!) burns my face off!!!! But those beignets and funky music…heaven!

    jaybird369 replied


    Hello, dah’ling!!!!! Emotionally speaking, you flatter me. Suddenly…I’m blushing…LOL!!!!! Anyway, at age 46, I STILL L-O-V-E spicy food!!!!! And, emotionally speaking…I CANNOT get W-I-L-D if my food is MILD!!!!! Oh, I am too much…LOL!!!!! Ah, yes…New Orleans. New Orleans aka my deceased mom’s (Rest In Peace, Ma.) hometown. Oh, the memories!!!!!

    Have a good one, Rebecca. XOXOXOXOXO

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