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14 March 30th, 2013 AMC and OLTL Cast Countdowns Begin With Corbin Bleu & Cady McClain!


The Online Network is counting down to the online premieres of All My Children and One Life to Live on their new destination and platform,! Or, you can watch each episode on Hulu.Plus or iTunes! As of today soap fans, we are just 30 days and counting when the return of the soaps you fought for come back from the dead with all new episodes!

Today,  on their official social media pages including Twitter and Facebook, the countdown began, and each day someone from the cast of All My Children and One Life to Live will be part of the festivities in photos!

To kick things off from One Life to Live at #30 is Corbin Bleu, who plays Jeffrey King, and kicking things off for All My Children at #30 is the one and only Cady McClain, who you know as Dixie Martin! 


What do you think of the first pics? Who do you think will be #1 from both shows? Weigh-in!

Make sure to follow @allmychildren and @onelifetolive on Twitter to find out, or go to the official show facebook pages of AMC and OLTL!


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  1. jim says:

    OLTLs no 1 will be Erika Sleazak and AMCs no 1 will be Jill Larson! By the way i think there should be a promo with the cast of both shows singing ‘We are all in this together!’ with Corbin in the lead! lol!


    Edwin replied

    That would be really dumb. Just saying . . .


    jim replied

    It would be but i was just joking around…lol

    Vicki replied

    I think it would be cute. I love cornball stuff like that and would fit in with OLTL’s great sense of humor about themselves (soap within a soap, Blair having a flashback with her original portrayor’s face….)


  2. Brandi Bridges says:

    For One Life to Live, no one other than Erika Slezak could present #1!! She’s definitely #1 on my list – such a fabulous actress! Besides, what’s Llandview without Viki??


    susan M. replied

    I agree 100% with you ! I feel the same way!


  3. Elhu says:

    Pics are cute, and a clever idea to highlight the anticipation. Number 1 for One Life to Live will be the wonderful Erika Slezak and Number 1 for All My Children could be David Canary, but I am not as sure of that choice as I am of Erika for One Life to Live. Either way, I look forward to both returns!!!


  4. ricardo says:

    erika slezak is a classy sassy woman. she is so straight to the point. thats why we love her


    susan M. replied

    Triple DITTO!


  5. Joliefan Forever says:

    Can you believe it? We said goodbye to these 2 Iconic shows and we grieved like family had died…..Now it is like it was all a dream and we are counting down to the family reunion……April 29th can not come fast enough!


  6. Val says:

    I think Debbi Morgan will be AMC’s #1! :)


  7. Scott says:

    Perhaps Susan Lucci will work something out by the end of next month!


  8. susan M. says:

    Erika Slezak #1 She is the heart and soul of OLTL! She’s The BEST IN MY BOOK!
    That beautiful smile! She is the whole package!


  9. Alex says:

    It should be Erika Slezak, of course. But it would be funny if Robin Strasser, Dorian, was also shown stealing it and had her tied up. Just sayn. LOL ;-)


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