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11 June 5th, 2013 AMC and OLTL New Writing Teams Doing Some Rewrites! Another Big Name Will Return!


According to soap journo, Carolyn Hinsey at AMC Producer’s Sonia Blangiardo’s Tainted Dreams website at NYC Brand Productions, there are some upcoming changes that fans should be happy to hear about!

Hinsey reports:  “The recent announcement that AMC and OLTL will cut back from posting four episodes a week online to two gives the new writers time to refocus the shows on stories that fans want to see…. both new teams are rewriting major story, as well as changing course with a budding AMC couple due to an actress’s real-life pregnancy. And look for another big name to return.”

AMC’s supervising producer Sonia Blangiardo, who is  also the creator and Executive Producer of Tainted Dreams, filming this summer in New York.) related on the viewing schedule change,  “We got feedback that 62% of our viewers are new, and we made changes. According to data collected from Hulu and iTunes, four hours a week is too much programming for new viewers. So we said, ‘If they’re only watching two hours, let’s give them two hours.’ We’re reinventing the wheel here; merging different genres. It’s all new.”

So AMC and OLTL fans, what do you think about the change in writers?  Who do you think is another big name coming to the canvas?  Whose pregnancy will change the course of an AMC couple? Weigh-in!

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  1. jimh says:

    Tad or Erica…either one ill tune back in to see! I will give both shows another chance again. Hopefully the writers will pay attention to history. And on OLTL will they ever reveal who Todd really shot and who is in Victors grave or was Victors death faked by this tatoo organization and there was never any body in Victors grave? Was Victor really shot?


  2. su0000 says:

    I think it will be Cara/LH who is real life pregnant and leaving, but just a guess..
    Also. 62% are new viewers, as research reports, that is very good..

    As soon as all the bumps on the road of this journey get cleared I see a great feature for the soaps..


    Mo replied

    Who’s the father? I thought she was getting divorced.


    Penny Friday replied

    I am not sure I believe that 62% are new viewers. I agree there are a lot of new viewers; but am convinced that my age group (51 yrs old) and ones in their 40′s are a huge majority of watching AMC. Granted some of the older fans who are not computer / online savvy are probably not watching.
    I am still hearing people say they are not willing to pay to watch! Even my niece (20 yrs old) thought she had to pay. I convinced her you do not! She is tickled pink and has just started watching from the beginning (April 29th).


  3. Penny Friday says:

    I have been an ALL MY CHILDREN fan for over 40 years!!!
    I believe the actress who portrays Cara is pregnant in real life. Is the man who portrayed the Jake before this last one coming back? Not the last Jake (when it was still on tv; but the one before that).
    I believe the “big name” coming back is Kendall & the boys will come to see Zach (before he sleeps with the FBI agent). No need to spoil Zach & Kendall’s love by a one night stand.
    Thanks Prospect Park


    AbbyS. replied

    I hope you’re right and that Kendall and the boys are going to show up. That’s the one return that makes the most sense, with Alicia Minshew living on the east coast and being ready, willing and able to show up now that her movie has been cancelled. I gotta say that AMC didn’t make me feel good with how they wrote the Slaters’ situation. They should never have divorced, and the FBI agent should stick to solving crimes.


  4. carla says:

    Lets face it just be happy as fans we are able to watch amc period..


  5. Penny Friday says:

    Poor David Hayward (AMC). I would love to see him find someone he can trust and develop a FRIENDSHIP with. Angie is great! But not to go any farther than that. Hey maybe another lady to friend David would be Jane (Jane’s Addiction café). She seems like she is strong, has a great sense of humor.
    Who was the brunette back in the 90′s that was a nurse and one of his “friends”. I cannot think of her name. Bring her back


  6. Vivian says:

    I would love to have Kendall (Alicia M.) back with the boys.. at the age they are now..Zach and this dull as dish water Lap Dancer/ FBI agent are a joke.


  7. Scott says:

    I really hope they don’t bring back Kendal or Greenlee or Erica……the show focused too much on these awful characters….the stories are going great right now with the exception of Petey and Celia……they are both horrible actors and need to be sent back to California and focus more story on the older characters that can actually act….Jessie, Angie, David, Brooke and Adam…..also not liking the “new” Colby…….she had grown up a lot when AMC was on ABC…now she’s a spoiled acting little snobby beotch….hope the writers change her character back….


  8. Christy says:

    PP says it has 40 episodes in the can to last until the end of the hiatus… so when is this re-written material suppose to be filmed? Is this something they already did and just releasing the info, or is this something that will be used in September when they start to film again (maybe – hearing they may uproot and start over elsewhere).

    I really think that cut down to 2 episodes a week was more for their benefit than viewers fault of not being able to watch 4 short episodes a week… like if they kept up 4 a week, they’d run out of shows to air before their hiatus will be over.


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