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3 October 30th, 2010 AMC Bianca & Reese Flowchart! Do you want them reunited on AMC?


The dynamic duo of Pratt Falls, Ellen and Portia are at it again!  This time they have created a flow chart of the saga of All My Children and daytime television’s only current lesbian character, Bianca Montgomery (Christina Bennett Lind) and the recent rumors; false, true, or otherwise, that the show is considering bringing back the character of Reese, last played by Tamara Braun.

With a current lack of  a same-sex on-screen love interest for Bianca, and currently not showing the nucleus of the gals family with their children, Ellen and Portia have created this hilarious and enlightening flow-chart with two shall we say,  sides to it.  But,  in the end the chart directs itself to the fans to call the ABC comment line and write to ABC Daytime higher-ups, if you want a revisiting of Reese and Bianca sans Chuck Pratt’s maligned writing of the duo.

View the AMC Reese & Bianca Flowchart after the jump!

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  1. QUINN says:

    Yes. “AMC” has the only gay/lesbian character onscreen right now, and it has the rare opportunity to showcase a lesbian marriage. The show should jump on this because not only will it bring justice to “Bianca”and “Reese” as a normal sexual beings, but it make the ratings go up and that is all they care about anyway.


  2. semaj says:

    i want a bianca and madison pairing they would be hot together


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