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9 May 21st, 2013 AMC Cast Members In New Video To Introduce TOLN SOAPS You Tube Channel!


Now, here’s a hilarious and cute video ditty to make fans of All My Children and One Life to Live have knowledge of all the cool extras, including video interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, bonus clips, all of the TOLN promos, viral videos an weekly wrap-up shows and more on the TOLN Soaps You Tube Channel and how to subscribe to it!  On-Air On-Soaps Michael Fairman’s Hang 30 Google Hang Out Chats, and AMC and OLTL Red Carpet Premiere videos are also located on the the TOLN Soaps Channel.

Watch All My Children’s Thorsten Kaye, Cady McClain, Darnell Williams, Heather Roop, and Rob Scott Wilson tell you how easy it to subscribe to the TOLN Soaps You Tube Channel!

Cady gets a little bit carried away with Rob Scott Wilson during the video … you will have to see just how! Watch the video after the jump, and make sure you subscribe!

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  1. su0000 says:

    Ahhhh looks like a fun place to check into to..
    TOLN YouTube channel will be put in my favorites :)
    and often watched ..

    PP is doing everything they possibly can to keep our soaps alive, and for that I am grateful.. that someone actually cares.


  2. Beacon says:

    Cady is so funny! I LOVE her!!! Would it be too much to want Cady and Petey to have hot heavy sex for real?


  3. ron says:

    Cady and Rob rolling around had me in stitches!


  4. josh says:

    i love cady mcclain. she is always straight to the point. no bs with cady. she is a great actress and wow she is 43 years old. she is smokin hot. lol


  5. Derek says:

    Too bad Pete and Dixie can’t get together on screen!


  6. Val says:

    Well, if PP wants to be “edgy,” they could go with “kissing cousins” Pete and Dix, LOL!


    Derek replied

    Wow, that would make Dixie the ultimate white trash. Kissing her cousin who is also her fiance’s brother. LOL.


    kim replied

    Id rather have Dixie served some of those ‘killer’ pancakes…lol


    Derek replied

    No! That I.don’t want!

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