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7 August 31st, 2011 AMC Creator, Agnes Nixon reveals a big cliffhanger ahead as show moves to the web!

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In an interview out today with the Chicago Tribune, All My Children, creator Agnes Nixon discusses her life in soaps, her two guest appearances in Pine Valley starting today reprising the role of Agnes Eckhardt, and the series upcoming move to the web via Prospect Park!  Nixon confirms she will remain a consultant with the series when it move online, and she had some very interesting things to say about how the show will tie up its story!  Here are a few excerpts below:

Nixon on staying with the show when it moves to the Internet: “Yes, I’ll be the creative consultant. Sometimes there are writers who don’t want my help, but for the most part I have the big ideas. We’re going to have a hiatus, you know, for three months. And the head of Prospect Park (the production company taking over the shows) said, “We’ve got to have a big cliffhanger for that three months.” And so I came up with one which I can’t tell you. But they loved it.”

Nixon on AMC being replaced by a talk show called “The Chew”: (Nixon starts laughing before the question has been fully asked and keeps chuckling as she answers.) “I know.  It seems an odd choice. I think the name is — what are they chewing?”

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  1. Ceridwyn2 says:

    Love that Agnes will continue with #AMC. Her appearance on the show today was all kinds of awesome! :)


  2. Kimberly says:

    Agnes is one classy and talented lady. AMC has been 1,000% better with her and Loraine doing the writing rather than the old GL team. Love her comment about “The Chew”- too funny.


  3. Brian T says:

    What to you want to bet that Ricky isn’t really dead and he comes back at the end and Jack and Erica are finally getting married and everyone in town is there. Maybe he will set a bomb off and we won’t know who lives or who dies until January.


  4. kay killgore says:

    Since I have not watched AMC since the 80′s I hope it works out for all of you AMC fans but I am sorry this Dr. Hayward resurecting everyone from the dead well all I can say is REALLY!


  5. Carol Graffeo says:

    Agnes I watched from day 1 when AMC came on tv. Of course they didn’t have vcrs, tito, dvrs in those days so I could only watch when I was on vacation or on a sick day. I love AMC and all the cast members. I just hope that most of the cast will go to Prospect Parks show. If not AMC will be in my heart forever and thats for creating such a wonderful show. AMC FOREVER!!!


  6. Antoine Tramble says:

    I will not be watching anything on ABC after “All My Children” ends. I am sick of moronic reality shows, etc. written to meet the dumbing down of society. Furthermore, I am considering cutting off cable TV and just watching DVDs.


  7. Kirk says:

    This show has so much gas left in the Tank. Agnes really needs to pull some skeletons out of the closet …specifically from the past. Why not bring Margo back from the Caribbean (she married a Banana Baron) with Claudette’ s twin (Paulette) ? Margo could fill the Phoebe void and Paulette could be Erica’s new rival. Cast Terri Ivens as Paulette daughter for multi generational cat fights.


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