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0 February 23rd, 2010 AMC EP Julie Hanan Carruthers on David Canary’s exit!


The upcoming retirement of David Canary (Adam Chandler, AMC) and how it is going to be handled in terms of storyline has been teased in recent interviews with Jacob Young (JR Chandler) at On-Air On-Soaps, and others.  Now the series executive producer, Julie Hanan Carruthers speaks to David and Adam’s departure from Pine Valley to TV Guide Magazine.  Here are some excerpts below!

Carruthers on David’s retirement from AMC:  “We keep David so busy that he really hasn’t had a life outside our show.He’s been very loyal to AMC—and very grateful to [creator] Agnes Nixon—but every time his contract has come up in recent years, he asks himself ‘Is it time for me to go? When do I get time for my life?’ Well, this time his contract came up and it was the right time. This has been in the works for a while. He really wanted to retire and I think, after 27 years, he’s earned that right.”

Carruthers on how Adam and Canary will exit the series and when: “David will continue shooting AMC into April, then Carruthers will use the recent death of James Mitchell (who played Palmer) as impetus for Adam to leave town. Everyone in Pine Valley will be greatly affected by the loss of Palmer, especially Adam. It will force him to face his own mortality, something that’s very rare for such a Type A personality. That’s not to say he’ll be going in peace.  If Adam’s no longer the king, who gets the crown? here will be a struggle for power with the son, the daughter, the stepmother, the daughter in law, and all the other people who surround Adam. You’ll get a little taste of the Borgias, and it’s going to provide us with great story for a long time to come.”

So it looks like Adam C. and David C will both get some R&R!  We hope!

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