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14 April 15th, 2011 AMC & OLTL stars blindsided by shows cancellations!

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FOXnews has a report out today that several of the series regulars of One Life to Live and All My Children were blindsided yesterday by the news of the cancellation of the two ABC Daytime dramas in one big swoop.

According to the item, ”Despite what ABC claims were their best efforts to tell the cast and crew of  AMC and OLTL some of the actors and crew of the two canceled soap operas say they felt blindsided by the cancellation of the long running daytime dramas on Thursday. “If you weren’t there for the morning meeting, you found out through a third party,” one cast member of AMC told FOX411. Several members of the cast were called at 10am for a meeting announcing the cancellation, but were told so late they couldn’t get there in time. Network execs claim a program-wide message was sent to the staff of both shows earlier in the week telling them a big announcement was coming on Thursday at 11 am Pacific time. “

“Brian Frons, the president of daytime, went physically in person to that set to tell the cast the news and had it set up as a video link to One Life to Live’in New York and he personally informed the cast and crew,” said ABC spokeswoman Jori Petersen. “We took great effort to tell the cast crew and production staff.”

Still, being fired over video simulcast feels a little like being broken up with over text message, and no one was happy.

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  1. sondra says:

    I hope Brian Frons gets a text message saying YOU ARE FIRED!


    Kara Morgan replied

    ME TOO!!!!!!!!!


  2. eiwcakeff says:

    This doesn’t surprise me one iota they could have broken it to them in a more timely manner. So much for the loving, caring Disney Co. we all knew as we grew up. BF will forever be the guy who killed soaps–good going.


  3. Rob says:

    I cant wait until “The Chew” tanks.


  4. Susan says:

    The reason both casts and crews from AMC and OLTL were blindsided; was because they were lied to by ABC. When anyone from eather show asked if cancelation was possible, ABC lied to them. Told both shows they were safe from cancelation. When in reality this was set in motion a long time ago.


  5. ally says:

    The Chew? Sounds like a bad rip-off of the already pathetic “The View”. ABC fails.


    Carol Fowler replied

    Sure does and sounds stupid to me.


  6. Sue says:

    They hung Susan Lucci out to dry. She was on her book tour saying she had her schedule for the year. It’s obvious that someone lied to her about the cancelation rumors.

    Sad to have two soaps go under. Also, being replaced with The Chew? How aweful!


  7. Karen says:

    what’s bad about this is that this will shake the confidence in the remaining soaps & it can go either way. some will rally around & start watching them more or will just give up watching them since they’ll figure “why bother, they’ll just get cancelled too & i don’t want to waste my time getting invested in it”

    ABC should of been honest with their employees but they were probably afraid that they would leak the info before ABC could do the mass firing on their terms. I just hope that AMC & OLTL will wrap up their storylines in a better way than ATWT did, it still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth how badly they ended the show.


  8. Brian Greene says:

    This is a crappy way to do business!


  9. Loretta Jamar says:

    how in the world do they expect these new shows to be successful when so many people are being fired and burnt in the process. Not one show, two shows AT ONCE, this is the worst move ABC has ever made. Maybe less to produce these new shows but it will COST ABC dearly.


  10. Days says:

    AMC is here till 9-11
    OLTL till 1-12
    so we can injoy them till then.


  11. jeffrey moree says:

    I wonder why they moved AMC to LA and moved OLTL into the old AMC studios just to cancel them both. I remember that the apparent liar Frons said then that it was because “we are committed to these two shows” He sure has outed himself as a liar that is for sure. I think long time fans will just tune out of abc daytime altogether. Frons was also saying to tell people to tell their freinds to watch GH. If i worked on it i wouldn’t lull myself thinking i had job security sounds like to me that GH will be the next to go that is a fact because now it is the last one on ABC. I want to be entertained by good writing and good actors i don’t want more reality/talk shows on self improvement.


  12. Loretta Jamar says:

    AMC is here til 9-11 ? Isn’t that date sad enough?


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