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0 January 26th, 2010 AMC plans James Mitchell memorial tribute to air in spring

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All My Children has announced that they will be gearing up for a moving tribute to James Mitchell (Palmer), who passed away last Friday. Soap Opera Digest reports that their source reveals, “The memorial won’t air until the spring. The show wants to wait until newly appointed head writers Donna Swajeski and David Kreizman have started, and can do the actor and character justice. “The memorial will be really beautiful,” promises the insider.

Various cast members have spoken on their beloved cast mates passing over the past few days including Vince Irizarry,  Susan Lucci and Darnell Williams.  Irizarry on his facebook page said that he was “saddened and sorry to say goodbye to a dear soul, Mr. James Mitchell … AMC has lost one of its most precious children, indeed. The man was a true gentleman and wonderful talent. I feel honored and grateful to have had the opportunity to work beside him and to be his friend. Light up the heavens as you did the world you walked upon these many years, beautiful man!”

Susan Lucci, who has been with AMC since it;s humble beginnings, spoke to her memories of James, “I have so many wonderful memories of James, it’s hard to just tell one. There was this one day, we were both on set, waiting to do our scene. There was some kind of delay and so he came up to me, put his arms around me and we started to dance, right there on set. It was such a special moment. I kept thinking, ‘Oh, my goodness. I am actually dancing with Jimmy Mitchell.’ He was such a special person. He lit up the room with his warmth, thoughtfulness and charm. He was truly authentic.”  Darnell Williams shared his thoughts on Mitchell’s remarkable talent. “He was gifted with a generosity toward his acting partner that most of us can only dream of. He’ll be sorely missed by us all.”

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