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6 September 21st, 2011 AMC POLL: What Character Will You Miss the Most?


It is almost time to say goodbye to the citizens we love from Pine Valley and All My Children. So, now its time to think, “What character will you miss the most when AMC ends its network television run this Friday?” So, we have provided you with a chance to let your voice be heard. Vote in our AMC poll now through Thursday night, September 22, 2011 11PM PST. And remember, you can only vote once from one IP address, so make it count!

We have offered you some choices of some of the show mainstays, but we have also offered you an “other” option, in case your favorite is not on our list. You can go ahead and write he or she in! Remember, this poll is for current characters in the 2011 cast, not those who have just returned to the show for a week, a day, or a month. We will announce the results on Friday morning!

After the jump, go to the ballot and begin!

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  1. Heavenly says:

    I love watching AMC and OLTL been tuning in for years. Many years. Watched in my younger years with my mom. Very talented group of actors and actresses. They all make the programs what they are as a team. I think ABC made a huge mistake with taking them off the air. Many people have enjoyed and enjoyed both these soaps. I think the ratings have always been there, why the soaps continued on the way they have. To take them off now is just not right. Unfair to the loyal people who have tuned in over time. Would have continued. It was fun entertainment that people enjoyed getting caught up in . Great cast and writing. It wont be the same watching online. I hope they change their minds to right by their many viewers,


  2. Torrey says:

    Today’s episode showed me just how much I missed the original Babe. She was always one of my favorites. I still believe that she might be alive. I think that both Babe and Leo are alive. If I remember correctly, Greenlee and JR were both injected with some drug, before they say their respective loved ones…, maybe it’s some kind of hallucinogen that caused them to see who they wanted to see, but their minds won’t truly let them believe that their true loves are alive, so that’s why they were given the impression that they are still dead…..but I’m gonna keep hope alive that they are still among the living.


  3. Jillian says:

    I’ll miss Greenlee the most. (LOVE Rebecca Budig.) I missed Leo (Josh Duhamel) too and always will. They were for me, AMC’s greatest couple and I was very disappointed that Leo’s return only turned out to be a dream. I really, REALLY wanted to see Greenlee find an “alive” Leo out there so that she could have her “happily-ever-after” with him. That is one wrong that AMC did not make right in the end. Because of that, Greenlee has been written into a corner and has become almost invisible the last few months. I seriously doubt that anything online will change this once GREAT character. I have no desire to watch AMC after Sept. 23rd. But I’ll miss the old Greenlee, the one who was an equally “bad girl” to Leo’s “bad boy” and then fell in love with him….


  4. dotsonrox says:

    I also wished Leo would come back,& Jillian for Ryan that would have been a very happy send off for new show .Leo & Greenlee were true love,Ryan & Jillian were so different they were a very good match.


  5. Ceridwyn2 says:

    Gosh, there are so many. I will ALWAYS love Tad & Dixie. Long time favourites, but I’ll also really miss Bianca & Marissa.


  6. M Kydd says:

    I will miss my sole reason for watching………Zach Slater!!!


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