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2 July 22nd, 2011 AMC’s Alicia Minshew clears the air on exit rumors when show moves online!


Alicia Minshew (Kendall Hart Slater) of All My Children spoke exclusively with Soap Opera Digest to clear up online rumors that said she is not going to join AMC when it moves online!

Minshew told SOD, “I have made absolutely no decision about appearing on All My Children after its last TV episode because I know nothing! I have not been spoken to at all [by the show's new owners, Prospect Park] and I have not told anyone that I am leaving.  I don’t know where that came from. The same story said that I’m tired of commuting between New York and L.A.  For the record, I am not tired of commuting because I have never commuted — I live in Los Angeles now! I really do appreciate that people are taking an interest in me and Kendall and the future of the show.” But if they want to know, they should ask me!”

Once again, it is become very apparent that the actors have had little to no discussion at this time with Prospect Park to even make an intelligent decision on their futures past the September 23rd finale on ABC.

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  1. Skyla says:

    Yeah I figured it was just a rumor seeing as how other cast members have said no one has spoken to the yet… right now the cast seems to be in limbo but seeing as PP just recently inked a deal with some of the writers, it makes sense that they have to get that done before the cast.


  2. Sonja says:

    All the panic I’m seeing about how PP hasn’t started talking to the actors yet seems a little premature. Let’s not forget that it’s only been 16 days since the news broke that PP has acquired the rights to AMC and OLTL, and that for nine of those days, both sets were dark and all the actors were on vacation. With a 24 hours news cycle these days, I know it seems like a long time since we heard about the deal, but it really hasn’t been.

    As Skyla wrote, the first thing for PP to do was get the writers and producers set, and they’ve done that. Which actors were going to sign on to do the shows without knowing who was running or writing them? Now that PP has done that, I’m sure they’ll talk to the actors.

    Everyone needs to just calm down. The actors are under contract until August 31. There’s plenty of time to work out deals with them. Yeah, maybe some will get other gigs in the meantime, but let’s face it, there are a lot of actors about to be out of work and not so many jobs available. If PP still hasn’t signed anyone by the second half of August, then I’ll start to worry. Until then, let’s all just take a deep breath.


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