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0 June 30th, 2009 “AMC’s” Beth Ehlers comes on Stardish Radio to make statement before JR Martinez interview!

jMartinez.jpgBrot of  “AMC”, JR Martinez did appear last night on blogtalkradio’s Stardish Radio with host Jo Ann, but at the beginning of the show, Beth Ehlers (Taylor of “AMC”) came on to clarify previous statements made in a broadcast of the online radio show on her co-star.

From We Love Soaps, this statement from Ehlers was said on the broadcast; “If I say something, and my friend tells me I’ve hurt him, I take that seriously. I don’t need people who don’t know us to get involved. It got really mean. I kind of heard about it a little bit last week after J.R. had texted me. I misspoke and didn’t have a chance to qualify it because the woman who was talking jumped in and interrupted me mid-sentence. I felt terrible and said I give him a few days we’ll talk. But then all this happened and when we spoke today we were both kind of like, ‘Damn,’ that really got out of hand. And it got mean and nasty and people who don’t know us were saying nasty things about both of us. We just wanted an opportunity to say we love each other, we’re friends, stop, stop, enough, you’ve made your point.”

ehlers1.jpg – to listen to the episode click on the link!

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