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4 September 13th, 2010 AMC’s Budig on Hayward murder, Irizarry exit, and GH!

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All My Children’s Rebecca Budig (Greenlee) caught up with TV Guide to discuss the intriguing mystery of not only who “killed” David Hayward, but what on earth is the real story on if Vincent Irizarry is once and for all truly finished as the dastardly Dr. David H!  Here are a few juicy excerpts below:

Budig on if she is certain that Greenlee is innocent of the crime: “I don’t absolutely know for sure. I really don’t think she did it. Then again, I could read the next script and it’ll say she’s guilty. Right now she thinks Ryan did it and she’s protecting him because she cares about him and doesn’t want him to go to jail. That’s why she forged the letters.  She thinks that if people believe David committed suicide then everyone will be better off for it. There aren’t a lot of David fans in town, and even the people who did care about him will have some peace. I think that’s her intention anyway. I’m anxious to see how they work it out. I’m glad they’re not forgetting about the relationship Greenlee had with David, that she’s not just pooh-poohing his memories, because I think she did love him. We start shooting the trial pretty soon and I’ve been nervous about that. Are they really going to kill Greenlee now? Are they going to send her away?”

Budig on all the Irizarry drama… if he is gone for good, or not!:  “I don’t know! He was very mum about everything on the set. I didn’t even know he was leaving until I read it in a script and I’m like, “Vincent…?” And he said, “Yeah, babe, I’m gone.” And that’s all he’d say. I was really taken by surprise and I’m sure everyone else at the show was, too. I’m amazed it stayed a secret as long as it did.”

Budig on if she were to lose her gig on AMC, would she try and go to Y&R?:  “I don’t know if they’d have me.  I think I’d try to get on General Hospital before I’d go to Y&R. [Laughs] I might go picket outside the GH studio until they cast me. I want to be one of Sonny’s chicks!”

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  1. Charles says:

    If Vincent leaves AMC, OLTL should pick him up. He would make a great Eddie Ford. He has the good looks that would make it believable to be the Ford dad. Plus, we have seen him play evil so well, so it would be perfect casting. Can’t you see he and Dorian mixing things up? I think he would a nice distraction for her while David is in jail. You know Dorian being intrigued by this mysterious man who turns out to be a con man, which of course she discovers only after getting close to him.

    Back to AMC: Hope Ryan did it and is found guilty and sent away, if even for a short time. I am so sick of AMC being the Ryan show, and the LAST thing I want to see is Ryan and Greenlee as a couple YET AGAIN.


  2. Michael says:

    Gee Rebecca, tell us how YOU REALLY feel about Y&R huh?! If you end up losing your job at AMC and GH, DOOL, or B&B don’t pick you up, you’ll just have shot yourself in the foot. Take note Y&R producers and casting……….don’t hire Rebecca if she’s going to diss my favorite show! Oh, and she was horrible on GL too.

    Sorry Becca, but you’ve just PO’ed one Y&R fan who hopes you never find work on that show or any other show again should AMC ever let your skanky ass go!


  3. nicole bowles says:

    I don’t think that their just going to kill (David)off like that! I mean seriously then who is going to be the bad guy in Pine Valley? There truely isn’t anybody better at playing the bad guy lke him. But i would like to see who’s got the guts to try and do it and make it look and feel as good as Irzarry did.


  4. cd says:

    didn’t care for the OLD dianes——–can’t wait to see what maura brings. please let it include phyliss.


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