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11 October 27th, 2011 AMC’s Cameron Mathison reveals Prospect Park still in talks with Susan Lucci & Rebecca Budig!

Courtesy: Steven Bergman

Cameron Mathison who is visiting the Big Apple for the final date of A Tribute to Pine Valley personal appearance series tonight stopped into TV’s studios to discuss the latest on Prospect Park and how he would like to see All My Children going forward online.

During the video segment, Mathison reveals that his long time on-screen love interest, Rebecca Budig (Greenlee) is open to … possibilities, in terms of Prospect Park and Cameron encourages,  “I would say to the fans to try to be patient.”

Cameron also says that the reports that Susan Lucci is not joining All My Children online is not a done deal, and that Prospect Park and Susan are still in contact.

One of the more interesting things in the interview is that Mathison had a idea that when AMC premieres online it should jump the story five years ahead from where it was left on network TV.

So what do you think soapers? Would it be cool to fast forward Pine Valley five years when its online? Let us know! For now watch the video segment with Cam!

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  1. DavidsMuse says:

    No to five years into AMC’s future. I want to see every moment of Baby Dara’s progress, along with the blossoming of David and Cara intro true love! :)


    Linda Stone replied

    i would love to see that also!


  2. Torrey says:

    I’m starting not to care anymore…. It’s two months until January, and we the fans still have no clue of what’s going on with AMC. I know I should be patient, but it’s getting harder and harder to accomplish that. This whole not knowing who is signing on and who isn’t, doesn’t build intrigue….it just makes me furious. I’m mad that AMC was cancelled in the first place, but this not knowing is just making it worse. Get on the ball PP and get us informed!!!


  3. Linda Stone says:

    thanks so much cameron…you are doing so much to keep all my children alive…i have watched it since day one…i used to cut 10th grade class to come home and watch it with my mom…after my dad died i moved back in with my mom…every day when i came home she would say “wait until you watch amc” … i would say dont tell me…the night before she passed away she said the same thing to me…it was nice to know that at least she had that to watch…i love you and love your character ryan…keep up the great work!!


  4. Nancy Wizner says:

    Don’t think I agree on the 5 year jump. We left a great cliffhanger. We want to see what happened with the shot AND Cara’s baby. Also want to see David find happiness with Cara and baby Cara/David. Ohhh I just can’t wait to see it period! I miss AMC!


  5. Brian says:

    I love Cameron and I am happy that he did this interview. I know most people don’t care for Greenlee and Ryan but I loved both of them under the right writers. I really want to hear more actors signing on, especially Susan Lucci.


  6. Linda says:

    Duh big no to 5 yr jump. We need our soap to continue as promised in the most recognizable way with the majority of the current cast and story lines. These story lines were not wrapped up period. Jr who did he shoot? Cara/David falling in love? Baby on way what will happen David continue on good side or slide back as usual to Dr. of Doom. Regardless a 3 mth waiting period and then a 5 yr jump would be way too much of a transition for AMC. The fans want to recognize and need to re-connect with this beloved show in the worst way. A big jump will in no way do this and will further distance everyone from this iconic show. That should not be PP’s goal at all.


  7. Linda says:

    And what about David’s other secret save besides Stuart? The woman who was in the room with Dixie wearing the bracelet with a B on it? We have to know who else was saved by Orpheus!!! Again we want our soap back and recognizable as possible. We have already been cheated out of 3mths of viewing bring it back as close to the day it left as possible!


  8. JM says:

    No, a five-year jump is a really bad idea. I sincerely hope they continue from the point of the cliffhanger and that they retain as many original actors as possible. AMC needs to shift as seamlessly as possible, without gimmicks. I will definitely be watching.


  9. Franny says:

    No jump ahead! I want it to follow up right from where it ended with the gunshot. I also want to see David & Cara’s romance develop & have David end up delivering their beautiful little bundle of joy. I hope we’ll soon be hearing about more developments such as all the other actors being signed on or at least most of them.


  10. Sandy Moss says:

    I have watch amc since I was young back in 1970 or so, I cant believe ABC cancelled it. through the years I recorded it after I came home from work it as all I wanted to do was jump on the bed and put on the vhs on that I recorded daily . That was my time .Years went by and then my Mom had to moved in with me , which she was so wrapped up on the soaps to and I had to take care of her and she was as bad as I was about her soaps she loved Amc and then she was bed re din and the soap AMC and OLTL were her life and that was all she had . I thank God she did die doing what the only thing she had left in her life that brought her any kind of joy . I Loved my Mom and we sheared so much and we sheared our soaps!! I miss her so much, and I miss my soapsmto!!



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