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49 November 11th, 2013 AMC’s Debbi Morgan Clarifies Previous Tweets Stating: “Yea, We’ve Been Canceled!”


This evening in a series of tweets, Daytime Emmy winner, Debbi Morgan (Angie Hubbard), who early on Saturday, took to Twitter to send a message to her loving fans that she is just a disappointed as they are of the status of season two of All My Children ending with “Thanks for the memories”,  clarified further on Sunday when prompted by fans inquiries as to what she meant exactly since no official announcement came from Prospect Park on if the soap opera was definitely not coming back at this time.

Morgan was asked,  Does this mean they finally gave u confirmation that it won’t be back? Not surprised, but why can’t they just tell us?”  Debbi revealed,  “Yes, my manager was given the news by PP’s lawyer…”   And as to how everyone was doing involved with AMC, Debbi added, “Well, we’re all pretty much sad now for real since we’ve definitely been told that’s a wrap!”

Another of her twitter followers then asked, “So does this mean the web series got canceled? I haven’t read anything about it online. :( “  To which Debbi responded, “Yea, we’ve been canceled.”

As you can see, once Morgan made the tweets, they spread like wild-fire being re-tweeted by many fans following the situation as to the status of All My Children, and those who thanked Morgan for clarifying and  sharing their sadness about Pine Valley.

All My Children ran on ABC till September 2011, and then was revived online by Prospect Park when it debuted on April 29th of this year!

So, what do you think of Debbi Morgan’s responses/tweets that All My Children is not returning?  Share your thoughts below!


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  1. Alex says:

    I think it’s very kind of her to be honest and let us know. She is a class act. She deserves to win an Emmy for her performance on the AMC reboot. I hope she gets it. I wish her all the best.


  2. su0000 says:

    Thursday, November 7, 2013 @ 3:52 PM

    Robin Strasser on Possible End of AMC/OLTL:
    ‘‘Prospect Park Believed and Invested In Us and Deserve Respect For That!’’

    When pressed for comment on any plans for a formal announcement on the future of either soap, a Prospect Park representative stated, “No announcement planned.”

    IF, PP is not ready to make an ”it’s over” announcement then they are still working on it, hopefully..
    I feel PP dose not want to give up their dream and will silently keep trying until the last drop of sweat falls..
    From past years and what we’ve all witnessed- PP are not quitter’s !!!!!
    )PP could be silently fighting to keep the soaps going, mostly AMC, they have silently done so before(

    Anyways; I bow to PP for doing what no person had done before, bringing the tv soaps to the internet..They are the forefather’s of the journey..
    PP gave us 110% and I thank PP and all involved for the blood sweat and tears of their efforts and their fight!!!
    Thank you Prospect Park, and the actors, the best to you all !


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Honestly, i wish you were right…i wasnt 100% into the revivals but OLTL was improving near the end…On the bright side at least we got to see them again even for a short time and we should all be thankful for that…


  3. Daisy says:

    Prospect Park : guttless show business weasles!


    jaybird369 replied

    Daisy…MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY!!!!! ABC are weasels, also. ABC REALLY stands for Arrogant Backstabbing Cowards. Inept Assholes!!!!!


  4. Anita says:

    What a bust. PP hurry get Hulu or Hulu Plus.. They should have let it die with ABC.


  5. vik says:

    Think I kind of Knew it , but still was hoping it wasnt true. SAD for both my soaps. I still thank PP for trying to do SOMETHING to save them, but wish they would have told us! #AMC #OLTL


  6. ethel says:

    prospect park could have at least made a public announcement……………………smh


  7. Joanne says:

    Very disappointing news………but I have to say, it wasn’t the same when it came back online. I tried to get in to it, but I just couldn’t. So it’s not that much of a surprise to me, I had a feeling.
    I will certainly miss “my kids”….but I’ve gotten used to not seeing them. A large part of my life is missing now.


  8. Richard says:

    Said it from the beginning……….there was no way for Prospect Park to make any money. The core audience for soaps is not tech savvy and will not learn about computers to watch it online……


  9. Kate says:

    Well, it is Y&R for me. Hope to see more AMC actors start there. David needs to go to Y&R. David, Cara, and Oliver could all go to Y&R. I hope ABC daytime continues to fail. I hope all talk shows fail. It is time to let go and hope our favorite actors get added to an existing soap except for GH. I will never forget the fun I had watching AMC. Thanks, Agnes. Thanks for trying PP. It has been a long time coming but I have actually become interested in Y&R. I like watching shows online but some of the scenes go way too far for me. I don’t enjoy actually watching people in the bedroom. Is there a soap online that is on the conservative side and puts story first ?


    GB replied

    well, i’m sure to tell you, then, that GH is doing better than it has done in years and even the much-reviled The Chew has hit the 3-million mark (not saying i’m happy about this or understand it, but it’s true) for the first time. ABC daytime is in great shape and nowhere near failing.


  10. Tina Gray says:

    We never should have let up on ABC/Disney, Soap Warriors!!!!! It’s time to step it up again!!!!!


  11. moshane58 says:

    Not surprised, What makes me so damn mad they said they are involved in a lawsuit with ABC but they are making a series for ABC. You know they can’t shelved them and still pay ABC millions every year. So they have to be back in ABC’s hand. But we will hear all kinds of lies they are not. My hopes that Frank and Ron will do something with them. Michael hope you can gets some answers for us regarding Ron and Frank.


  12. Liz Arnold says:

    I’m too sad for words.


  13. Diane Dunn says:

    Ok, so my lighthearted post from yesterday sounds like I don’t care… but I really do. This stinks. Without knowing all the facts it is impossible to comment any further than – I am really sad to hear of this, sad to see our actors, crew, writers etc out of work again, and mad that PP didn’t clue us in on this at all.


  14. Alicia says:

    I love Debbi Morgan but something about this just rings false…sorry it does…there has been NO MENTION of it from other people that includes OLTL people…and was it cancelled or shelved….which as i have stated before means two different things… personally i believe PP is just trying to get the lawsuit settled befpre making any rash decisions…and people wont even let them do that….the lack of support from fans is mindblowing…they brought them back…yeah it took a year but they did bring them back and showed more respect to the soap opera then ABC ever did…I really doubt they cancelled either soap… why would they shelve out money for websites and advertisement if they were going to cancel them…sorry fans but sometimes i think u screwed the soaps this time around…


  15. BTripp says:

    What a let down. Everyone involved did everything they could to make these shows work and now they are gone again. More jobs lost again. Now I kinda wonder if Michael E Knight, Susan Lucci, and Alicia Minshew were smart not investing their time in the reboot because they saw the writing on the wall. Oh well it was fun while it lasted. RIP again AMC and OLTL.


  16. Rod says:

    This is RIDICULOUS!! Thanks PP for keeping our hopes up, only to crush them yet again!!!! I knew we couldn’t count on them to continue on!!!! Thanks for ruining the characters of Todd, Star & John as well on OLTL!! ABC & PP REALLY REALLY SUCK!!!! It’s amazing how NBC & CBS STAND BEHIND & SUPPORT their remaining soaps!!!!


  17. Alex says:

    I guess it´s time to put R.I.P. back on.

    I just feel sad for the staff losing their jobs (AGAIN) and I feel sorry for the fans of both shows.
    For the SECOND time PP screwed all those people over, they made them hope (TWICE) and took it all away….. Do the execs still have their jobs?


  18. Lisa J. says:

    What a giant mess ABC and PP made of this entire thing. Very sad. I was enjoying the re-load. Now what about OLTL? Will that suffer the same fate? Too bad ABC could not just admit they made a huge mistake and bring them both back. Heartbreaking for millions of fans.


  19. Sue says:

    Wow I really do not understand


  20. peg says:

    I hope oltl is cameing back
    it is a great soap


  21. Brett says:

    Prospect Park are pathetic. Thanks Debbie for your honesty!


  22. Llanviewer717 says:

    This is heartbreaking news. We have lost our beloved shows once again. I have loved OLTL since it first aired on TV and have truly enjoyed the online version of AMC. I’m sure there will be a great deal of anger directed at PP. Perhaps it is deserved. I don’t know. From my stand point, I am grateful they tried after the owners of the shows threw them away along with us fans. I have to thank everyone who tried to make this work. Thank you to PP and the casts and crews who worked so hard to keep out shows alive.

    I still believe online entertainment is the wave of the future. Broadcast television has become so bad that it is unwatchable. I spend hours online or reading books each day. I spend minutes watching television. I am sure I am not alone.


  23. Mary SF says:

    I get that PP had to inform all the actors and crew first, but in this day and age of social media it is unfortunate the news gets out before PP can give an official statement to the fans. After so many supported their attempt to bring these soaps back to life, there should have been a more respectful way of ending things–


  24. Lawrence says:

    So the idiots at pp sued Abc. This altered Gh storytellings. So are still holding a ridiculous lawsuit for a show they could not keep on the air for 6 months. Oh well my Abc will get back the rights.


  25. boes says:

    It is beyond sad to lose AMC and OLTL once again.

    But I’m very grateful to PP for bringing them back, even though it appears not to have worked out for the long term. Without PP, we wouldn’t have seen either show again.

    And although at times the reboots were uneven, I thought the heart of both shows was there, and we got the chance to see some old “friends” again, and we also got to see some pretty good new talent.

    And, for me, the PP reboot of AMC in particular was so much better than the show had been while on ABC over the past decade or so. The heart of Pine Valley was back, and that was so evident.

    I’m sad to hear this, for the viewers, of course, but even more so for the cast and crew, and for Agnes Nixon. But I thank PP for the chance to see Pine Valley and Llanview one more time.

    The villians of this piece are the ABC execs.


    Llanviewer717 replied

    “The villians of this piece are the ABC execs.”

    Amen!!!!!!!!!! I have not and will not forget that fact. And I pray that millions of other fans remember that fact as well. I have not and will not knowingly support anything produced by or associated with the alphabet network or the mouse company.

    I know there are thousands of other people who do the work, “make it happen”, and I have nothing against any of them. But, their bosses caused this mess and I will have nothing to do with either company. I strongly hope other viewers take the same stand.


    Barbara t loves One life to live replied

    I feel the same way, PP tried they are the only ones that did, for that I am grateful, I will always blame Abc and I won’t have anything to do with the rat network again, Other then GH, I hope they have to have new Talk shows till the ends of time having to cancel every one of them, They had a wonderful afternoon line-up and because of greed they killed the best afternoon they will ever have, The Chew is so painfully stupid, Having to watch a minute at the end waiting for GH to come on makes me wonder who shows up to watch that crap, All they do is EAT, Seriously doesn’t that garbage belong on the food network? I want LOVE in the afternoon, mystery, adventure, family, and stories that go on forever. Llanviewer717, I agree with you.

    B.J. replied

    Thanks, boes… you’ve summed up my feelings so well.

    I will so miss these shows, and I’m grateful for PP’s efforts to save them.

    ABC is dead to me.


  26. SUSAN M. says:

    Not happy about it and I guess the same goes for OLTL..PP is such a disappointment.. They got our hopes up once more only to be shot down again.. I think our soaps weren’t in capable hands. I think PP didn’t know which end was up. I my opinion I think these two soaps would have done much better on another cable channel on the t.v. Not a happy camper about this at all!


  27. Bryon says:

    Well, I’m not surprised to hear this news. We all can assume that OLTL has been cancelled as well. I feel that Prospect Park had no idea what they were doing. This is unfortunate for all the fans who fought so hard to get the shows back. They didn’t uphold the same level of integrity and quality of writing we’ve been used to when they were on ABC. I’m also upset that they made GH change the three OLTL characters to new characters and the shows aren’t even returning. I’ve gotten use to their new characters now. Well, maybe ABC may pick the shows back up and they can be half hour shows. Until then, I’ll be watching GH, it’s on fire. Thanks Prospect Park for your efforts, but you’ve disappointed the fans, yet again!


  28. Dennis says:

    This is one of the fastest crash and burns I’ve ever seen. The shows premiere at the end of April, get cut back in mid-May and go on hiatus in June. Those in charge were seasoned television executives who supposedly know how to plan and budget. The tell-all on this one will be a must-read. Who will get the exclusive?


    JeffyJC replied

    Has more to do with the fact that they were not getting the views needed to pay for the show. They thought they would get it, but they didn’t. I don’t know how many posts I have read with AMC/OLTL fans saying that they are not watching it, ans complaining about the show (just like they did when it was on ABC)


    Dennis replied

    That’s my point. PP supposedly budgeted (and announced) 160 episodes per season per show. They actually produced around 40 of each. You need time to (re) build an audience. It’s obvious NOW that they were totally underfunded and should not have proceeded at this time. They over promised and under delivered.

    The real heroes are the cast and crew who came back on the cheap to deliver for the fans. I salute them!

  29. JeffyJC says:

    Sad that it was not able to continue. The thing with Hulu (and other websites) they know every IP address that goes to their site. They know how long you stay and how many times you watch a particular show. (What they don’t know is how many people from that IP address are watching) I watched episode 22 of both show last night. And when I went their it was all set up at episode 22, like it knew I watched episode 21 a few weeks ago.

    If it was getting the views that it needed to pay for the still expensive shows they would still be on


  30. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    PP shouldve done revival movies of both soaps…at least 3 a year…then they couldve made money by renting out their studio/sets when not using them to other entertainment companies to use for commercials ect. AT LEAST THEY TRIED…LETS BE GRATEFUL FOR THAT!!!


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Now can the OLTL characters come back to GH…plus GH should bring David Hayward( AMCs Vincent izzary?) to the series and make him a new love interest for Laura(if we get Genie back) then after Laura marries him he turns out to be a Cassidine no one knew existed!!!


  31. Tony Polar says:

    THANK you to Debbi Morgan who is the only one who stepped up to the Plate and gave us the said news that most certainly SHOULD have emanated from Prospect Park!


  32. Mk says:

    They should have kept to oltl characters on gh, that kept oltl alive. With katie canceled. Would to see both shows back on abc.


  33. johnny says:

    Prospect park are pathetic flakes. They are a bunch of clowns. Abc will never bring back amc and Oltl. Abc will never admit their mistake. debbi morgan at least, you were honest. we. All love you for your honesty.


  34. jp says:

    I am hoping that PP can still make this happen and bring back OLTL and AMC. After we all thought it was over when OLTL went off the air, PP continously kept on trying to figure out how to get them on the net. And they did.

    Unfortunately, they bit off more than they could chew. They were trying to fit this daytime media into 4 days a week for a half hour. Then quickly changed to 2 days a week for 30 minutes. That’s like watching a nighttime program in one sitting. These shows were fighting an uphill battle from the beginning because that’s not how the stories were written in that pacing format.

    Its a shame. Once again, I am devasted that my OLTL is gone. I give PP credit for not giving up and trying to make this work. It just seems the business world these days doesn’t know how to run a business anymore. There is just too many outlets to get information or satisfy everyone’s viewing habits.

    As I said, I’m hoping PP can make this work. If not, I thank them for bringing back my OLTL for a short while. Maybe ABC can see there is still a daytime audience out there and bring back OLTL and AMC for 13 week cycle in a season format. OLTL as the fall show and AMC for the spring. I would take it anyway I could.

    Thank you to all involved at OLTL and AMC. I hope to see you real soon.


  35. Andrew says:

    What a huge mess.
    Yes, Mk, the biggest problem in this for me -aside from the multiple cancellations – is that the cross over characters. GH was just really starting to integrate some of the better characters and I have no doubt that a couple AMC characters would have found their way to Port Charles eventually too. I suppose that once PP officially cancels the shows and ABC and PP settle whatever their legal issues are (it always seemed to be much ado about absolutely nothing), that FrankenTodd could become Todd again and I’d prefer Starr over Kiki but if any of that happens, I’d rather have Silas over John any day. Probably wishful thinking all the way around. :)


  36. Patrick says:

    “this is a sad day, for now”


  37. Jared says:

    I personally didn’t enjoy the production quality or stories of the new online versions, and I quickly tuned out, because I wanted to remember these two great shows as they once were, not shells of their former selves. However, having said that, I’m sad for the people whose livelihoods have been adversely affected by all of this. All of the time and energy these writers and actors and production staff put out to try to resurrect these two great shows! Now, the Llanview 3 debacle seems so much more irritating because we could be enjoying our favorite ONE LIFE characters on GH, like originally planned.


  38. Lin says:

    I could not be angrier at Prospect Park. They could have asked for fans’ support ot help them, or at least been honest with us and communicated. I absolutely loved the new All My Children. I was hoping OLTL would improve, a little too much aimed at the young 20s and teens watching, but I loyally viewed. I am crying now. Also, PP could have been more honest with everyone so that Starr ad gang would be on GH. I felt ABC was in the wrong, but this loses us 3 characters we loved. I’m sick, just sick about this.


  39. Rodd says:

    I never really watched AMC, but I followed it in the press and occasionally tuned in. My show was OLTL. I was as sad for the faithful fans of AMC as I was for fellow-OLTL watchers when the shows were given the ax by ABC. Likewise, I was heartened when PP announced that, indeed, the shows were coming back via the internet. I overlooked many glitches because this was a bold experiment that no one else was willing to try and pull off. At times, it was painful to watch, but I loved my show and believed, that given time, it would improve. Well, if PP had pulled the plug, I am sad for all involved with both shows and us, the fans. I applaud PP for their efforts, regardless of how I wished they had been better. And I will think of the ending of OLTL as it was when it went off the air on ABC. At least there, I had some happy closure moments for most of the storylines via Ron and Frank. And, as I’ve said before, I will think of PP’s reincarnation as fan fic that made it onto air. Best wishes to all who were involved in PP’s version of AMC and OLTL! We will miss you!


  40. Charles says:

    The facts, and numbers speak for themselves. PP relaunch of AMC and OLTL and the reality is that numbers don’t lie. ABC role in the demise of the relaunch, or their attempts, efforts behind the scenes or in the “air waves of the twitter sphere, etc…..”will have to now be determined in a legal manner,that the fans have no friend of the court briefs. Get real people!!!!!The relaunch was a disaster! !If it aint on the page it aint on the stage!!!!!!Despite having the best people in daytime, the beginning shows spelled doom, for me. AMC had David Canary back in the opening, and he simply disappeared ????He and Julia Barr were stiff, uncomfortable to watch, maybe it was the stage????
    Susan Lucci, was right not to have joined this mess of a revamp. The swearing was awful, uncomfortable to hear especially coming from such “pretty people” i.e. Pete Cortland, Palmer Cortland, was a man of class, the writers forgot that when they gave his son such a potty mouth,and the inability to keep his zipper up!!!! The best actin of the entire relaunch of OLTL came from 6 people, and it was in the final two episodes of the show, Erika S, Robert Woods, Ron Raines the “man behind the evil in town”, Robin S. Corbin B., and Jerry veDorn. and Kassie D. I regret that i wont know what happened next, but I wont use or care about this misstep a year from now, it wont be my television memory of two great shows. ABC daytime, executives know that they made a mistake, and their new shows,and recent failures have shown the fans that they were right all along: Katie Couric the new Oprah, ratings and show a disaster, The CHEW, silly food show, nothing memorable about the show, oh did we also mention the REVOLUTION, with the forgettable host????canceled!!!!! I will never buy a Disney product or go to a theme park again for their role in ending two great shows.


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