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7 January 15th, 2011 AMC’s Debbi Morgan reveals she has Lyme disease!

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Fans of All My Children who have been wondering what took Debbi Morgan (Angie Hubbard) off the soap for “personal reasons” and have voiced their concern since the actress made an unexpected exit from the show last month, now have some answers.

Recently, during Morgan’s visit on The Tom Joyner Morning Show, she admitted it was because she was diagnosed with Lyme disease.  According to Soap,  Morgan stated, “I had to take a leave of absence because I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. It’s nothing fatal. Lyme disease is an infection caused by the Borrelia bacteria from a tick. It’s a chronic condition and I’ve had it in my system for over 15 years. I had two pit bulls when I lived up in the hills of L.A. and could’ve gotten [bit] from [a tick on] them.”

Morgan assured fans that she was on the mend, and revealed that her All My Children return is imminent. Morgan is said to be reporting back to the AMC Studios in Los Angeles around the second week in February.

Good news, now maybe finally Angie can get her sight back?

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  1. martha mcdade says:

    May god bless you Debbie Morgan and heal your body fully . Love you , you are truly a great actress hurry back. I was thrilled when you reprise your role as Angie Hubbard i grew up wathching you and Jessie.


    jerseygurl replied

    Lyme Disease truly sucks. I have had chronic Lyme for 10 years now..they need to do more research and educate the primary doctors because they’re misdiagnosing entirely too many people and its truly a shame. I have to drive 2 hours to my “Lyme Literate” doctor because most physicians treat Chronic Lyme as if you just got bit but faarrrr from the reality. You cannoot treat Chronic Lyme with one dose of Doxycycline. Lyme is an epidemic. Spread the word.


    eve henley replied

    I did not no u were ill ,but thank god you’re alright Ijust can’t see u without jesse, why can’t he go with u to yand r.Who will I watch if they decide to keep the show on,
    I hope u be one off the sane one the y and r. its so much happing on that story.


  2. Dorreatha Ford says:

    I wanna wish you well and may God bless u i adore your acting roles. I have Lupus and theirs no cure for that also it’s weird how things lay dormat for your they you have an incurable disease so from your to another rest you have too and please take your meds. God will do the rest for us. Have a blessful life. Reese Cupp


  3. sherrry smith says:

    Debbie. I have had Lyme Disease since 1995, I know what your going thru! At least you have a good job and I pray my day will come too. God Bless us all Lyme patients. I pray to have a home built where people can go and get care when they are sick. Thats my prayer!


  4. Karen says:

    Hi, I suffer & battle Lyme & it`s co-infections daily. So I feel so for you to try to be on screen that you are fine. Pretending takes so much en-gerny. No 1 knows that part. I do why better by myself do not have pretend.
    You could make good voice for us. Lyme is fastest growing epidemic in WORLD. People are in dark due to cover-ups. Jesse Ventura on his program finally let all out bag.
    Pres. Bush had but lied about can look up on net. Why people did not see him his final year. He got treatment & Many of us as myself can`t unless they go out country as Cher & Montel do to get correct help. Those illnesses all linked. So is FM/CFIDS /ME/MS/ALS/Parkinson`s++. Drs. are researching auto immune just may be Lyme or co–infect,many, more than 3 they are sure of.
    I am not talking of top hat this will all come out 1 day. As FM & MS was once just all in head.
    Have won 2 scholarships, voted into Cambridge Who-Who for all my work. Was to ill to even get to Calif. for awards. Arghhhhh. What`s new. I am at point need help. Many people are in wheelchairs or nursing homes from. People do die of side effects such as heart & other organs besides brain it sets in & attacks, yet do not say died of Lyme which what real disease was. Years ago did same thing everyone died pneumonia when really had cancer or some other illness just that was last of it.
    I feel for you I know was jock,owned businesses, now a blob, lucky to have just fairly good day. Brain makes all these plans, Body say NO. Sure you know. Horrible NO 1 really gets it…… Unless you have good doc. which you must if he is helping you. My pain is so bad, effects heart, big time fatigue++++++Much more best stop this enough for now. Let me hear about YOU?????OK. See what we can do more to help others & next generation, I work on. Huggggsssss, To all In need. Please Help US……Lord knows 1,000`s need it.


  5. eve henley says:

    I wish debbie morgen well,be cause u moved to a neither soap still be that loving person Ino u to be i’m going to miss u with jesse.


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