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0 November 24th, 2009 AMC’s exiting Daniel Kennedy sounds off on Chuck Pratt’s send-off of Petey!



Daniel Kennedy the exiting Petey Courtlandt of All My Children spoke to Melissa Parker of Our Prattville on the recent developments of AMC head writer, Chuck Pratt being shown the front door, and his own character’ demise.  Daniel had already taped his last episodes of AMC and spoke up of his less-than character send-off:

‘I really don’t know who is responsible for having Pete gone … I’m assuming Chuck Pratt … leaving Pete without any official goodbye. I had requested, once I found out about Pete leaving town … I requested that there be at least a few episodes leading up to his goodbye.



As you know, Pete’s character is basically defined by his love for Colby, so I thought it was completely out of character for him (after pining after Colby this last year and a half) just to skip town. So, I said, “Mr. Pratt doesn’t normally care about character integrity (laughs) … he’s more into storylines, but I think we owe it to the fans to at least have a goodbye episode if Pete does indeed leave.” But, that wasn’t granted.  Chuck Pratt wrote me leaving Pine Valley … or something to that effect … without any goodbye episode, without anything like that. I’m sure that’s standard with characters on soap operas.”

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