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23 December 23rd, 2010 AMC’s Jacob Young on Annie, Marissa, Scott & all things Chandler!

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In a new interview from, Jacob Young talks about all the latest plights and relationships facing his alter-ego JR Chandler. From the return of Scott (now being played by Daniel Cosgrove), to JR’s plot to get joint custody of little AJ with Marissa, to his tumultuous relationship with Annie, Jacob touches upon it all.

Here is an excerpt on Jacob’s thoughts on Annie being not-to-thrilled on how he is planning to keep his son, by getting closer to Marissa, and her spinning out of control because of it!  Jacob Young: “Well, you know, Annie’s unpredictable. She’s a ticking bomb at times, so to keep her under control is an understatement. I don’t think he really has full control over her. He’s caught up with the situation, but she can’t understand it. He’s trying, he’s making an attempt at all of it.”

So do you want JR with Annie or Marissa, or someone new? Let us know.

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  1. sudsybee says:

    Jannie is definitely the money couple on this show right now. We’ve seen the dynamic b/w Jarissa and it doesn’t matter that there’s a new actress. J.R. Chandler shouldn’t be with a milquetoast character like Marissa. J.R. has embraced his Chandler side and viewers don’t want to see a return of J.R. Martin. Marissa doesn’t have any place in J.R.’s life at this point besides being the “mother” of his child.

    Unlike the miserably failed pairing of Jarissa, Jannie is so fiery and combustible on their own that they don’t need a rehash of Jarissa to make them compelling. Their angst can come from multiple sources. TPTB on this show have certainly made some funny choices when it comes to couples in the past, but let’s hope they see the writing on the wall with this one and don’t demolish one of the best things about this show in Jannie so that they can force a Jarissa pairing that absolutely no one asked for.



  2. Marley says:

    JR belongs with Annie.
    Of course they will be messy and dare I say dysfunctional but they bring the drama and nothing can rival MCE and JY’s chemistry which is explosive.

    JR and Marissa were dull and boring and void of any actual chemistry. I’ll accept the travesty that JR has to co-parent HIS son with Marissa but if they ever decide to revisit Jr and Marissa’s “oh so epic romance” *snark* AMC has lost this viewer.

    You don’t mess with a good thing and Jr and Annie is the best thing AMC’s got going for them.


  3. rachel says:

    Love JR and Annie. They are dysfunctional when put together but hey that’s why we all love soap operas. They are drama and fun. If it’s wrong to love JR and Annie together, then I rather be wrong than right.

    I hope AMC gives them a chance to become officially a couple in PV.

    If we are lucky enough maybe 2011 will be JAnnie year !

    Team Annie and JR :)


  4. Debbie says:

    I definitely want him with Annie. Jacob Young & Melissa Egan have the most combustible chemistry I have seen in ages!! And that’s any show (Daytime or Primetime). All My Children hit a goldmine with the JR/Annie pairing. It totally drew me back in to watching and is the ONLY reason I continue to watch the show.
    I don’t think JR ever loved Marissa. I think he cared about her but it was mostly gratitude, wanting to replace Babe and wanting a mother figure for AJ. Not to mention needing someone to take care of him when he was dying of cancer. As viewers, we’ve watched JR fall in love with Annie since about April and to expect me to believe anything less now would be an insult to my intelligence. JR & Annie just “work”…JR & Marissa simply DO NOT.


  5. diane says:

    JR belongs with Annie, and not just in the short-term. Jacob and Melissa have the most combustible, searing chemistry in daytime right now — it would be foolish to waste it by pairing JR with Marissa a second time. JR and Annie are the only reason I started watching (and taping) AMC regularly and if they are split up, there will be no more reason to watch! Their story is interesting, compelling and addicting. Watching the old-school storyline arc from hatred to love has been nothing short of magical with Jacob Young and Melissa Claire Egan playing the parts. And it has been evident since July that this couple is not just about the sex — they truly began to care for each other and their emotional connection was overpowering for both of them. The acting duo bring out the best in each other, as I’ve never seen either of them give performances that are of higher caliber before they were paired together. AMC has a goldmine here and they should use it to their full advantage!

    Marissa doesn’t belong in their storyline. I understand couples need angst, but having JR even a little conflicted over his feelings for Marissa would be totally out of character at this point. He’s been clearly falling in love with Annie since that first cottage scene — having him regress by longing after a relationship that brought no passion would be a monumental mistake on the writer’s part. The fans tune in to watch JR and Annie in all their glory — fighting, sparring, making up and loving each other — most of us are completely uninterested in reuniting Marissa & JR in any capacity.


  6. Claire says:

    It’s JR and Annie, Marissa shouldn’t be nowhere near this at this point. JR belongs w/ Annie. And Annie belongs w/ JR.


  7. theressa411 says:

    I AM a JY fan, have been from the start, that being said iam also a MCE fan have been sinse she came to PV, and to have these two amazing charaters together is just the cherry on my it pains me to say this but i will, i ACTUALLY could not watch the JR/MARISSA storyline i did try but when he was parired with this charater something was always MISSING from the charater of JR that i KNEW AND LOVED, he was somewhat BORING, i love the CANCER SL they did for JR, but would have rather seen him with a STRONGER FEMALE LEAD, and that IMO was MCE, now AMC granted me a dream come true with JANNIE and they are the MAIN reason iam still holding on to this SHOW, to me JANNIE are FLAWED and i LOVE that about them, i will root for them faster than i will the goddy-two-shoes of the show, the ones that are always right and always come out smelling like a rose kinda of charaters anyday of the week……..JMO Thanks for you time,


  8. felicity says:

    Based on this interview, and last week’s AMC episodes, I think the writers are once again toying with the idea of putting a wrench in the JR/Annie relationship by having JR have conflicting feelings for Marissa. Basically, this is to provide Jannie with more angst, but primarily to give this new actress (Sarah Glendening as Marissa) a shot. They’re also toying with the idea of ending Jannie, at least for the time being, once the relationship makes one or both self-destruct.

    I can’t express how much I hate both potential story arcs — they are completely wrong for both JR and Annie, and are not making either one of them rootable.

    To have JR develop feelings, even slightly romantic/nostalgic feelings for Marissa is just hogwash. He never had romantic/passionate feelings for her to begin with, which is why he was so drawn to Annie. To have JR not admit, realize that he LOVES Annie is also completely untenable, and is not consistent with the way JY has portrayed JR since the cottage scenes.

    If you can watch 8-11′s episode at the cottage, where JR says to Annie, “Tell Scott he’s a lucky man” as his eyes well up with tears, and tell me that this man has NOT fallen in love, than I would call that person delusional. Everything about JY’s face, his eyes, his mannerisms, his gestures suggested — no screamed– that JR had fallen in love. He couldn’t get her out of his head, and the images that were popping into his head were NOT just the sex scenes, but more the LAST cottage scene, where they bonded, and he finally found out who Annie truly was.

    And to confirm this love, all you need to see is the confession on 10-6 — how could a man NOT love a woman when he tells her that watching her marry another man ‘PRACTICALLY KILLED” him?

    It’s just implausible on EVERY level, and is not written true to character. JR is not just ‘infatuated,’ he is head over heels in love. And to have him doubt his feelings for Annie now, and not to realize that he truly loves her, is a kick in the face to all the fans that have been following this hate to love storyline from day one.

    I also don’t like what they’ve done to Annie lately — making her a simpering, jealous, desperate ninny instead of the strong, feisty, confident, sassy woman JR has slowly fallen for. Annie was NEVER truly jealous of Marissa, even when she was married to JR — why should she start now?

    I can only hope that the writers will abandon this trajectory very soon, as soon as they get some fan reaction and backlash. I wonder if they truly understand or know how WILDLY POPULAR this couple has become.

    On a Soap Opera Central poll, they’re trouncing EVERY single couple in a chemistry poll, including Zach & Kendall, which has a larger fanbase…I don’t think fans are going to stick around and watch if the writers truly end Jannie. I hope they are only testing the idea, and that they will quickly dump it when they get the fans’ reactions…


  9. ellyn says:

    Merry Christmas, Michael! Thank you for giving viewers the chance to respond.

    I think Lorraine Broderick made a genius move in starting this pairing and I would hate for this writing staff to end it. Personally speaking, if the writers make the error of ending JR and Annie, they should be punished:) There aren’t too many pairings to root for on this show, JR and Annie are one of the strongest. Jacob and Melissa (whom I’d love if you could interview together- I know you did when David Canary was leaving when they got to LA, but I mean about their story) work fabulously opposite each other. they compliment each other with all of their strengths, and I think JR and Annie have met their match. the humor, the dysfunction, the chemistry, JR and Annie have it all, they’re interesting, they’re sexy and fun, none of which JR and marissa are. Jacob noted they probably wouldn’t last- well, that’s realistic, in daytime, not to mention this show, but I’m hoping the fans who have been invested in this for so long, are permitted to enjoy this pairing before anything is messed with. I just want JR to have his son, and then JR and Annie can be official. With regard to marissa as well, this whole custody story is making me crazy, because JR shouldn’t have to go through this. It’s dragged out much too long and I loved the part of Jacob’s interview where he addresses that AJ should be with JR.

    thank you


  10. Cheryle says:

    Annie and jr belong together. They have amazing chemstry and passion for each other. Jannie is the only reason that i’m watchng amc. If amc destroys them, i won’t be coming back. I thnk amc will lose alot of viewers.


  11. LISA FOX says:

    I love JR AND ANNIE together only reason i’m watching amc and if amc destroys them i’m done with this show .


    jules replied

    I totally agree.. JR and Annie are the only reason I watch too, please writers put them together already and don’t break them up!!!


  12. Kathy says:

    To be honest, I don’t want Jr. Chandler with neither Annie nor Marrisa. I pefer the writer bring back recast of Babe that was Jr’s True and only Love of his Life and son’s real Mother. Jr need to stay away from Annie, so she can be with someone else and the Writers need to write that Marrisa isn’t legally AJ adopted Mother which I hate very much like alot of Viewer don’t like either. The show need to find a Recast of Babe in Style Performance Between of Alexa Havins and Amanda Bake Form if they can’t get Alexa Havins back. I will not root for Jr to be with Annie or Marrisa


  13. Marley says:

    I have no interest in seeing the character of JR destroyed again as he was when paired with Babe just so that TPTB could prop her up.

    Jabe should’ve ended after Babe had kiddiepool sex with Josh because big bad JR was too proccupied worrying about his sister lost at sea and not focusing on Babe for 12 hours.

    There’s dysfunction and then there’s character destruction and Jabe was all about destroying JR so that Babe could come out smelling like roses.


  14. Cath says:

    I don’t know whose bright idea it was to have JR have feelings of gratitude/nostalgia/whatever for Marissa who was, not even two weeks ago, hellbent on taking AJ away from him.

    JR has been in love with Annie since this summer, that’s how JY has been consistently playing it and the writing was consistently supporting it until two weeks ago.

    JR & Annie have been the show’s most popular pairing in the fan polls for a while now and have the potential to bring in more viewers if they were more advertised so why try to fix something that ain’t broken?

    Does AMC have a death wish or something? Frons should be fired and Lorraine Broderick should gain back full creative control of the show.


  15. Rachel says:

    I agree, Marley. Babe was a poison to JR’s life. I’m glad she is dead.

    I just want JR free from the Carreys i.e Krystal and Marissa and I want for him to embrace his Chandler inner instead of trying to morphing himself into a boring JR Martin only to please Tad who betrayed him when he helped Krystal and Babe kidnapping AJ.

    That’s why I’m rooting for JR to be with Annie. Annie won’t ask him to be someone else, she will take him with his qualities and imperfections unlike Marissa or Babe or Tad or Krystal who always act or acted as if they were better than JR, when they aren’t.


  16. semaj says:

    jannie belong together they are two of a kind they have amazing chemistry made for the next amc supercouple jannie endgame


  17. Luv2travel says:

    I stopped watching AMC about 10 years ago and was reintroduced last March by a friend. Once I saw the chemistry between JY and MCE I was hooked. I for one can say that they are the only reason I watch this soap. If the writers decide to destroy this story line in the next couple if weeks, I for one will cease watching this soap!! As far as I can tell AMC is hanging by a thread and need every fan out there. They have hit a jackpot with these two actors and story line, minus Marissa and Scott!


  18. KIM says:

    I tuned back in when the JR/ANNIE pairing really started, i saw chemistry between them when ANNIE frist moved into the chandler mansion, and she was friends with Babe, MCE/JY imo had smoking hawt chem even then, i knew the writers would not pair them unless Babe was gone,,and now i get my wish, now they are the REASON i watch, there are a few charaters on the show i still LIKE, Amanda, Liza, but the ones that hold me glued to the tv are JANNIE, if AMC keep trying to force JR/MARISSA down my thoart i will trun the channel so fast it will make their heads spin, they really should check the polls and ratings when JAnnie are on and see the FACTS, and that is JANNIE are THE IT COUPLE…….you can’t force CHEMISTRY like those two HAVE, so why fix something that is not BROKEN,,,,,,,, just WRITE for them STORYLINES that are WORTHY of them, and not THINGS like custody battles that should not be happening in the frist place..i understand that couples need ANGST, just make it ANGST we can belive .this that they are throwing at JANNIE is imo LAUGHABLE at best,,,…..This is kidde stuff, come AMC follow GH, AND Y/R they are on top of THERI GAME…….so what is STOPPING YOU………Thanks. a JANNIE FAN…….


  19. Clarissa says:

    I honestly don’t know what AMC is pulling here, they do realize they are on the same time slot as Y&R right? a show that gives fans what they want. I see JR and Annie who’s SL I admit I didn’t want to follow but it pulled me in. I didn’t think the Chandlers could be reborn or reconfigured, but they are. But then we have this custody battle and the continuous IDK when JY’s JR can finally move on from the “special” Marissa. A character that I have grown to loathe. I couldn’t watch his cancer SL b/c I couldn’t stand this Marissa character and the writing of JR into this good boy, it was literally the death of JR Chandler, he became FFWD material and I never have done that w/ him.

    Annie and JR have everything it takes to be a supercouple but AMC wants to continue this game, All My Children you have no, I repeat nothing! you are risking losing more viewers, you want us to buy JR as this next powerful young man yet you regress him all by your own doing. At this point they deserve to lose viewers, you rope them for 8-10 mths. only to go this route? hey I can easily say 2011 I might start flipping to Y&R b/c I’m not watching the Ryan and Greenlee show as they get to be the only couple no one wants to see live happily ever after while everything else we like is burried. So yeh thanks for the lump of coal in my christmas stocking.

    Whether or not they attempt to fix whatever they are doing here..hey believe it or not I have my limits.


  20. jules says:

    The writers SHOULD NOT pair JR with Marissa again..because I will stop watching the show. Jr and Annie provide heat, passion, excitement, and so much electricity..I’ve been watching soaps for 15 years, and in all honesty, I’ve never seen a couple like JR and Annie who provide so much chemistry and thrill like they do!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JR and Annie all the way baby!!!!!!!!!!


  21. drenee says:

    I want Jannie, to fip the script right now is garbage. The kind of writing going on right now is what is wrong w/AMC


  22. DIANNE says:

    Hello jannie fan here, just wanted to say how much iam loving these two flawed charaters, they are real to me, they have more fire than any couple on AMC right now. IMO i just wish the writers would write for them meaty SL like they used to do for these types of couples back in the day. why don’t they do those anymore, is it to hard for them? i would like to know. instead they give us the same old tired repeats they always do, are they just LAZY? why do they never follow up on the things they write, instead they leave us wondering, what happened,? these are just some of the questions i ask when watching AMC as of late, take the JANNIE sl, this CUSTODY BATTLE for AJ has been done to DEATH and back, it makes me dislike the charater of Marissa even more, she acts like she is the MOTHER of THE YEAR to this child, yet all she did was use him as a BARGING chip against JR , imo the only thing that the writers are doing by keeping her in JRs and AJs orbit, is make me see her as a MAMA FIGURE to JR, always nagging, telling whom he can see, what he can do, and a NANNY to AJ, cause i will never veiw her as anything else….so i hope they do so re-writes soon. cause this is not WORKING for them. or the Charater of Marissa,,, JMO Thanks for your time……


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