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0 March 6th, 2010 AMC’s Jill Larson writes on her Scorsese “Shutter Island” experience!

We love our Opal, and its always great to see one of daytime’s gems in other projects, because Jill Larson is one actress who can do it all!  Now, All My Children’s Jill writes of her experience on her small role in Martin Scorsese’s newest film, Shutter Island starrig Leonardo DiCaprio on

Larson on when her agent called her about Scorsese remembering her and requesting her for the part in his film: Her Agent said to Jill, “He’s been trying to cast it locally, but he doesn’t like anyone they’ve brought him, says he keeps thinking of that woman on the audition tape last fall.

Jill responded: “ME? Scorsese was thinking of ME??… and DiCaprio!?? ” Agent: “So finally he told the casting director, ‘Let’s just spend the money and bring up that woman rom New York, Jill Larson,’ so it’s an offer, just scale plus ten, but you’d go     up to Boston, they’d put you up, if you’re interested.”  Jill exclaimed: “Well yeah, of course, I mean it is Scorsese,” My God … Scorsese remembered ME! “Why wouldn’t I be interested, even if it is small. What is it?”   For more with Jill on A Day With Scorsese read her feature in it’s entirety!

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