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22 March 10th, 2013 AMC’s Julia Barr On Bringing Pine Valley Back To Life, Brooke & Adam and JR’s Gun Shot!


Daytime Emmy winner Julia Barr (Brooke English), along with many other beloved performers from the original All My Children have been getting their feet wet over the past few weeks in the iconic soaps new home and studio, through the efforts of Prospect Park to bring the fictional town of Pine Valley back to life!

In a new interview with TV Line, Barr spoke of the new sets, new production schedule, whom she has worked with thus far and that all important question; what happened to Brooke and Adam (David Canary), and the others, after JR fired a shot from a gun on the final ABC episode of AMC?  Here are a few interesting excerpts from Julia!

Julia on how when AMC fans last saw Brooke, life was good as Adam proposed to her, and then a shot rang out:  “That’s right. And it knocked a big old vase off the mantelpiece. (Laughs) I’m kidding. I’m sorry, I’m not at liberty to discuss what happened but it’s actually a great opening script that lets you know a certain amount of things that happened and who they happened to. It’s really good. It’s approximately five years in the future as far as [the show] wanting to age some of the kids. Of course, the adults did not age, and I’m so glad. (Laughs)”

Julia on how the first few days of taping went, and what can she tease about Adam and Brooke:   “Actually, not bad… But I have to tell you, Ginger Smith, who’s our executive producer… has pulled together a fantastic group of people… There’ll be some surprises. I was even surprised yesterday to hear about somebody that I’ll be working with on Thursday. She’s pulled together this group of not only directors we all know but camera people, production people… It’s really great. To step into something that is familiar and yet completely unfamiliar in a way, it’s great to have this going forward as a group… Adam and Brooke are engaged and still very much in love, so we’ll see what happens. And there’s a lot of intrigue about what actually happened at Adam and Brooke’s engagement party five years ago!”

So what do you think about Julia’s comments about what happened since we last saw Brooke and Adam and the characters of AMC?  How do you think the story will pick-up five years later after the JR incident?  Weigh-in!

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  1. Brinard says:

    The Five Year Engagement?


    abby replied

    i’m with you lol…dont you think after 5 years they would be married already…i mean they arent teenagers lol


    BrookenAdamChandler replied

    JR is in a coma. I knew that it would play out they delayed getting married. And I’m happy because I deserve to SEE the wedding I’ve waited decades for in its entireity.

    jim replied

    If you think 5 years is long to be engaged…my late uncle and his girlfriend took a little over 30 years b4 they tied the knot!!!

    BrookenAdamChandler replied

    Oh and this: “Adam and Brooke are engaged and still very much in love”

    EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! Julia’s greatest quote since “Well, he always did love me best, anyways … ” On Brooke taking Adam away from Annie in 2010.

    My babies.


    Ina replied

    Wow! I didn’t know she said that , but I totally agree. He’s never loved anyone as much as Brooke! I can’t wait for the show!

  2. Scott says:

    So the vase got it.NICE!!!!
    Cliffhanger finally solved.


  3. Joliefan Forever says:

    Yea they are jumping 5 years ahead so they could age some of the kids of the show like Pete Courtland, Miranda, and AJ Chandler.


  4. Patrick says:

    “…And it’s really lovely because it envelops you in this comfort level, … ”

    Julia Barr… speaking volumes…. etc: about, mixing it up with the newbies and veterans….

    and, if I may…. ditto… I share her “thoughts” if you will…..

    FANS have supported them ALL along the way….. adore Brooke and Ms. Julia.


    Joliefan Forever replied

    I agree Patrick!


  5. su0000 says:

    I’m getting sooo excited !!

    I wish there were a count down clock; counting the days until launch!!!

    That would be exciting watching the count down..


  6. jim says:

    No matter how its coming back, its still coming back.


  7. vik says:

    Wonder if Hulus web page will crash, with all of us fans RUNNING to watch these shows! : )


  8. SteveS says:

    I hope they reveal soon when this show is coming back! I’m really glad that Julia Barr was asked to return after how unfairly ABC dismissed her. As Phoebe’s niece and Erica’s chief rival, I always thought Brooke was just as integral to AMC as Tad or Erica.


    Patrick replied

    geez! there’s so many levels… and/or layers…. hopefully, the writing gives…. Brooke….

    we all know she has the acting chops… to bitch, diva, command, roast, rule, femme, mother, etc….

    stand back Erica…. Brooke’s Home.


  9. MarkInFLA says:

    Have they annouced the first webcast date?


    Kit replied

    Have read April 29th starting at noon.


  10. Barbara t loves One life to live says:

    Can’t wait till the abc now PP soaps are back. I will be watching.


  11. Johnny says:

    When we last saw Brooke, Adam had proposed to her and she accepted. Now, it’s five years later and they are STILL engaged? Well, they’ve only (the characters) known each other for thirty years, I guess they didn’t want to rush into anything.
    Just kidding, I think she is great, one of the truly fine actresses in Daytime Dramas – or whatever they will be called now, since our viewing won’t be strictly daytime. For years (and I mean YEARS) I recorded the shows and would watch them at night, due to work constraints, obviously. I’m glad that it really won’t be necessary to “tape” or “record” the shows for night-time viewing, we can just stream the shows at whatever time we want. I wonder though, will there be a window of time when we can watch the shows or will their view-time be expired?


    Patrick replied

    it’s my understanding… that if you choose to pay… ie: $ 7.99 @ month… for you have all the time to watch…

    whereas…. FREE, you have minimal time… so… that mean’s – for me – i’m going to have to keep up….

    i heard that you may have within or up to a week? to watch current episodes..


    Rose replied

    It is basically up to the channel how long they keep it on Hulu and how many episodes they can keep on the site.

    Patrick replied

    thanks rose….

    which means for me…

    stop dilly dallying…. my mind wanders…. and keep up w/ AMC.

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