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0 January 13th, 2010 AMC’s Julie Hanan Carruthers, “New Head Writing Team annoucement soon”

Julie Hanan Carruthers


Yesterday, All My Children’s executive producer Julie Hanan Carruthers told reporters at ABC’s Winter 2010 TCA Press Tour to expect an announcement regarding the show’s new head writer shortly.  “Right now we have a fabulous transition team filled with writers that know the foundation and history of the show,”  she said.  “And within a few weeks, I think we’ll be ready to announce the head writing team.”   

AMC Creator Agnes Nixon shared what her thoughts on the AMC writing team during the panel discussion for the press: “ I don’t think I have to give advice to the new writing team because the new writing team are still very seasoned writers.  And my position now is — first of all, I still have a very good memory, so I’m sort of the historian.  And I think my forté is the complexities of people and the stories they cause by their own good and bad traits, and so I’m a consultant. I think that’s my title.  Julie Carruthers chimed in, “We actually rely on Agnes a great deal.  She’s very much a part of what we do, and she’s involved in our story meetings on a weekly basis.”


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