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1 December 22nd, 2010 AMC’s Rebecca Budig wins “Skating with the Stars” competition!


Living her childhood dream to be a figure skater, and skate in pairs competition, All My Children’s, Rebecca Budig (Greenlee Smythe) was officially crowned the winner of ABC’s Skating with the Stars competition on last night’s finale!  Budig and her fantastic skating partner, Fred Palascak (who Budig said after her win on the live show was the best partner any girl could have and that she owed this all to him) scored a perfect 60 points, getting 10′s in both the technical and artistic impressions for their redo of their skating program to Katy Perry’s, Hot N Cold. For the finals, Budig and her finale competition, Reality star, Bethenny Frankel were asked to improve upon a skating program they had performed earlier in the competition.

Budig in her final performance went all-out to win, and even attempted the same move that caused injury to her wrist several weeks prior.  She did that perfectly!  Budig told co-hosts Tabith Belbin upon receiving the competitions only perfect score, “It feels great.  I know it’s only a TV show, but it feels great.”  Later, Budig was given the trophy at the end of the evening which was shaped like two golden ice-skates which she lifted proudly above her head upon victory!


Bethenny Frankel who has done some trash talking during their competition seemed to take Budig’s victory graciously, knowing that Budig was clearly the true and deserved victor, especially when Frankel said during her concession speech, “Rebecca could be a real skater”  Frankel and her skating partner, Ethan Burgess, also received two 10′s from the judges on artistic impression on their final skate.

Watch Rebecca and Fred’s final winning performance below!

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  1. mmc says:

    Rebecca and her partner deserved the win.they were a joy to watch!


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