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17 September 1st, 2011 AMC’s Ricky Paull Goldin heartbreaking account of the final tape day, “It was like a crime scene!”

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All My Children’s Ricky Paull Goldin (Jake Martin) was present at the final tape day of the series network television run this past Tuesday. And as Goldin reveals exclusively to the New York Post, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

An emotional Goldin said of the devastating experience of watching the end of Pine Valley as we know it, “I can’t even begin to tell you how many tears there were — more than your average soap. Everyone was crying. At one point, I was taking people on a little tour of the set on the final day — I wasn’t allowed to do that, but I forgot — so I snuck ‘em through the sets and I started to get very emotional.  I saw some of our sets coming down and ‘my’ loft, Jake’s loft, was gone and the Martin living room [set] was scaled down and Tad’s living room was stripped down and some of the other sets had tape across them.  It was like a crime scene! I turned around and saw the sets as they were and got choked up and emotional, really for the first time, since it hit me that this was really happening.”

“When we did our last scene for the show forever, after they said ‘Cut!’ on that scene we all got together for a photograph of the entire cast and crew,” says Goldin. “We all got together in Erica Kane’s penthouse and took the cast photo — including all the multiple kids in the show — and I went to the top of that sweeping staircase and looked out at everybody. It was very surreal, very Fellini. Everything just went in slow motion. It just broke my heart.”

However on the flip side, Goldin revealed that he has a new web-series for Disney called CeReality set to launch next month, which is a soap-spoof/reality series! Ricky describes the show as ”a-high-concept, over-the-top comedy.”

“Last year I would’ve said, ‘An Internet comedy? I’m not interested.’ But what’s happening is, I’ve got a newborn son, Kai, who’s 10 months old and by the time he’s 5 or 10, it’s all going to be blended. You’re going to walk up to a flat-screen TV, touch a button and watch what you want. It’s happening already.”

What do you think of Ricky’s account of the final tape day of AMC? Heartbreaking, yes?  And, are you intrigued by his new web soap spoof? Let us know your thoughts.

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  1. ML Burks says:

    I am absolutely heartbroken. This is losing a whole family of dearly beloved. I am crying and cannot imagine life without AMC & OLTL. I will search out all shows with my beloved and follow them forever. They have brought joy to my life for decades. Thank you Ricky and please tell my love and thank yous to your cast members. I will never forget you.


  2. Rebecca Haynes says:

    It was the scene of a crime. Of ABC killing our soap. I am glad that you will be on internet, and I hope cable. Once our soaps are gone on ABC so are the fans. Love you Jake, stay with Amanda.


  3. Carole says:

    It’s too bad he’s going to work for “Disney the evil soap-killing company.”


    marva replied

    I won’t be watching any Disney Crap….sorry


  4. Fran says:

    I cry just thinking about it. 41 years with my soap opera family is a hard breakup. It’s like going to a funeral I thought about all of them on Tuesday and l although I am not an actor I could see the tears of everyone and the job losses for those who really need to work. I am so heart broken that All My Children is gone. Will it really come back and how will it succeed?. These last few months the show has been outstanding and
    I am not looking forward to September 23rd when the lights go out on ABC in my home.. I hope Prospect Park will come through and find a cable network to take it over rather than going viral. God bless all of the cast an crew – you will truly be missed.


  5. Kim Anderzak says:

    Even as they were “wrapping” things up, millions of fans across the nation were feeling the heartbreak in their own homes. With such emotional scenes that were aired that same day, I don’t think there was a dry eye in ANY of our homes.

    AMC’s actors, writers, producers, directors, & crew have given us 4+ decades of OUTSTANDING entertainment…and, I’m so PROUD to call them “FAMILY”!!

    I will miss you all, but I plan on returning to Pine Valley in a few months…I hope to see each and every one of you there!!

    For now…See Ya Later!! So much love going out to you all!! (sniff, sniff…:(


  6. Mona Prager says:

    I am just heartbroken hearing of Ricky Paul Goldin’s account of the final day at ABC. My thoughts were with the cast all day. I can just imagine how heartwrenching it must have been, especially for dear Susan Lucci.

    I feel shocked and surprised that Ricky Paul Goldin would accept an offer with the devil who killed off AMC! Why wouldn’t he accept an offer with Prospect Park and continue on AMC in January? Since this new show he’s going to be on is on the internet, this makes absolutely NO SENSE to me. He could at least start there and then return to AMC in January. Where is his loyalty?


    Linda replied

    RPG announced in May that heis “retiring” from daytime soaps after spending 20+ years in the genre. He wants to try new and different acting and directing opportunites. Which is exactly what he is doing with this on-linecomedy venture and I wish him ALL the best!


    Deb replied

    I wish all the cast and crew well. I am happy that Ricky will be seen again. I;’m looking forward to seeing this very much.

  7. Karen Severino says:

    You have to know the fans are crying too…we hate to see such talented people be at the end of an era. You all have so much to be proud of and the hard work you have given your fans, as well as ABC. The thought of such sadness makes all our hearts sad with you. However, come September 23, when that last show you taped airs…the tears from the fans will surpass the floods from Irene. I will drink a toast to all of you on that day and pray for better things to come to each and every one of you!!!


  8. Nancy Wizner says:

    How very very sad. I can well imagine the emotions that day. All these years and it stops just like that. Just because ABC says. Not what the fans wanted, but ABC? They wanted it. So important to put yet another stupid reality show on. ABC didn’t even have the decency to wait until a day or two later to begin taking down the sets. How uncaring! Well the fans of all these soaps are also uncaring (for ABC) and we will be the first ones to shout for joy when The Chew flops on its a**! Their fans will NEVER compare to the soap fans, and that’s a fact!


  9. Chris Smith says:

    i was with him until he said he signed on with DISNEY to do a web series…like Ron Carlivati anyone connected with AMC or OLTL that continues on with ABC is a traitor in my eyes! they cancel two of the most beloved shows in soap history to put on garbage like The Chew with a big queen in orange crocs? Disgusting! OK Ricky you enjoy more time with the evil mouse but I want nothing to do with them or you anymore!


  10. Judy says:

    Very very sad! It’s like losing family…. This should have never happened!!!!!


  11. Carol says:

    My heart is breaking and I can’t stand the thought that All my Children will be gone, This is just wrong to treat fans this way but I feel mostly for the wonderful actors who gave their hearts and souls with their dedication. I hope all return in January to Prospect Park. We love you!


  12. Karen says:

    I remember Michael Park talking about ATWT last day on the Emmys. He said much the same and hoped “no one else ever had to go through it”…
    Sad, sad. I think the online soaps will look very different from our soaps. Not that that’s a bad thing, just different. *sigh*


  13. ethel says:

    i have got tears in my eyes just reading what ricky said………………..
    this is so devastating for me because i have watched amc since the beginning……….smh


  14. Tammy Kreiss says:

    While I do love RPG and he grew up next door to my best friend, I can NOT watch his new show, as I am boycotting ABC/ Disney, and anything related to them. I am outraged at the gall of SERIAL KILLER BRIAN FRONZ to put more food shows (that belong on the Food Network) in place of our beloved soaps we sat down and watched with our grandparents. Just bc the Tivo’s, DVR’s and Hulu/ABC.go don’t register exactly how many watch, or maybe an office that many people watch, they think nobody watches anymore. BS!!! They did this for money, a lower budget! Let’s hit them in their wallet when none of us watch their shows at all!!!!! Sorry RPG, hope to see you when Prospect Park puts us online and hopefully cable!!!!


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