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2 July 28th, 2010 AMC’s Susan Lucci set to write real-life memoirs!

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The Associated Press a few hours ago broke that the news that Susan Lucci (Erica, All My Children) will be writing her first book…her memoirs.  The publishing entity It Books, which is an imprint of Harper Collins, has said that Lucci’s memoirs are slated to be released next year in 2011.

Lucci’s memoirs are currently untitled,  but will be focused on her years of playing Erica Kane, and her year as a stage performers.  And yes, she will talk about winning the Lead Actress Emmy in 1999 after years of being nominated that it became the main draw of the Daytime Emmy Telecast year after year.  Would Susan win, or lose again?

So what do you think Susan’s memoirs should be titled?  Let us know.

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  1. Keith says:

    I think her memoir should be titled RAISING KANE. I really think her book could make for a great read, IF she is willing to committ and go there, tell many backstage stories. However, if she delivers a tome that is so clean and sanitized you know there is no dish in there, it will flop. Not saying she should do an expose on the soap industry, but she needs to deliver some suds. She could not work in this field, this long and NOT have some great stories to share.


  2. Kirk says:

    Why not “All My Marriages, Lovers and Enemies”…Thanks for all the memories Susan. I was a diehard fan from 1975 through college graduation from UNC-CH in 1984. Don’t forget Larry Keith, Charles Frank, Nick Benedict and Richard Shoberg in those memoirs .Those guys were fun to watch with you. Erica’s marriage to Tom is my favorite because Erica put him through so much hell and he still was so in love with her. You’re one terrific lady, actress and human being!!! And by the way, you’ll always be my favorite Baby-Boomer!!!


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